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Chapter 250: Poison of Fire and Ice

Han Shuo’s punch had contained magical yuan, along with the punch’s own astounding destructive ability. The senior swordsman, who’d been jeering earlier, not only had the blood vessels and meridians of his right arm completely torn apart, but his bones had been shattered as well. That arm was next to useless from then on.

Han Shuo’s lips curved into a cruel smile as he said coldly, “If you still dare to be boorish, then you can leave your life here today!”

The senior swordsman bled uncontrollably from his mouth. He looked at Han Shuo, horrified. He couldn’t even finish a whimper and had been completely owned by the latter.

A vicious looking space archmage was standing next to Cameron. He wore a brown magic robe, his face riddled with pockmarks. His eyes flashed as he looked at Cameron. Backed up by this man, Cameron nodded slightly, as if agreeing to something.

The space archmage with the pockmarked face was the most powerful person in Cameron’s gang. When he saw Cameron nod his head, the archmage slightly moved his lips and quickly chanted out a magic spell.

It was as if waves of water had suddenly risen up in the air. Magical elements violently shuddered through the air, bringing with them a powerful binding force. The whole space seemed to be constricted, and no one could move their hands or feet.

The vicious looking space archmage once again chanted another magic spell. The still space seemed to be sliced by a glass-like blade expanding from Cameron at its center. The space cuts also included Cameron’s people. The invaders regained their ability to move after a few sparkling white lights.

“Refusing a toast only to be forced to drink to a forfeit. It is you who sought your own death!” The archmage looked sinisterly at Han Shuo’s group and screeched in a voice that sounded like a tool scratching against the glass, making one’s scalp tingle.

“Mr. Aubrey, your skills are really quite amazing!” Cameron laughed loudly. Due to the space around Cameron being cut, his group could resume their movement.

“No need to be polite, I’m only following Duke Ashburn’s orders.” The space archmage replied to Cameron’s flattering with an arrogant, strict face.

“This brat is called Bryan. He made the acquaintance of Hahn of the Betteridge family at the banquet hosted by the Empire’s Finance Minister. Wouldn’t it be bad if we also detain him?” Cameron hesitantly asked Aubrey, pointing at Han Shuo.

Aubrey coldly smiled and threw back his head. He threw a disdainful glance at Han Shuo and said, “What can this brat do? You think our Duke Ashburn is afraid of that old dude Hahn?”

Putting on a smiling face, Cameron flattered, “Of course not, of course not. Since that’s the case, let’s capture them all. We can release them after I’ve taken over the Boozt Merchant Guild.”

“Mhm, this must be done quickly. The duke has already become a bit impatient. You must hold all of the Empire’s major merchant guilds in your hand in a short amount of time. As for the small ones without foundations, kill them all if there dare to disobey. We don’t want to wait any longer.” Aubrey turned his nose up with a cold face, as if he found it annoying to have to deal with this merchant.

“Understood. How would I dare not put forth my all for His Grace the Duke!” Cameron’s face was painted with an expression of loyalty as he vowed solemnly.

Nodding, Aubrey said, “Good. No more nonsense. I’ll tie up these people, making it easy for you to bring them out of the Boozt Merchant Guild. Just lock up this woman called Phoebe. Don’t get any other ideas. You’ll bring bad luck upon your own heads if you anger her master!”

Cameron didn’t dare to disagree. He repeatedly nodded his head in understanding while looking at Phoebe with a hint of shock. He appeared unable to comprehend the origin of Phoebe’s master, who even Duke Ashburn would unexpectedly have scruples about.

Aubrey took a deep breath and shook the left hand hidden in his sleeve. His space ring emitted a faint light and a blue jade magic staff appeared in his hand. He opened his mouth, about to chant another magic incantation.

Exactly at that moment, the space suddenly shattered aroun dHan Shuo . A faint, cold light shot out and swam around like lightning, releasing Phoebe and the others from their restraints.

The faint, cold light circled around once and returned back to Han Shuo’s palm. Then a cold, savage killing intent emitted from his body. He calmly looked at the shocked space archmage Aubrey and asked Phoebe, “Phoebe, how should we deal with these people?”

“How could it be? Who are you? How are you able to break out of my space binding?” Aubrey looked horrified. He couldn’t believe his eyes and shouted loudly. His left hand clutched the magic staff, about to release his next spell.

Cameron and his group were also shocked, shouting at the guards to protect them. They looked at Han Shuo with some fear as they retreated into the middle of the guards. Han Shuo, who had the power to destroy the binding space of a space archmage, wasn’t someone their guards could deal with. The merchant bunch understood this clearly so they nervously prepared to defend against his attack.

Phoebe had a somewhat ugly look on her face. Looking at Cameron’s group with resentment for a while, she sighed in resignation and said, “Let them go!”

Han Shuo was appalled. They enemies had come knocking on their door, yet Phoebe actually swallowed and endured it. It didn’t seem like her personality. Then Han Shuo thought about the name of Duke Ashburn and seemed to understand something. His heart was overflowing with anger, as he coldly shouted, “Isn’t that too easy for them?”

“Let them go!” Phoebe sighed and said somewhat helplessly.

“Haha, what can you people do? In the Empire, Duke Ashburn’s power is as high as the sky. With just your little merchant band, how can you go against His Grace?!” Aubrey was very proud. He wildly laughed and headed straight for the door.

To be able to destroy a space archmage’s space binding, Han Shuo’s power was definitely not lower than the caster’s. With Han Shuo, who was on par or even a level higher than him, and Phoebe as well, Aubrey knew he couldn’t complete the task. Naturally he wouldn’t want to stay here any longer.

Seeing Aubrey flee, Cameron and his men obviously didn’t dare to stay. Glancing with fear at the murderous Han Shuo, Cameron nervously followed Aubrey.

“Halt!” Han Shuo suddenly roared. Han Shuo’s body was shrouded with murderous intent, a frosty, violent air bursting out like a river destroying the dam.

This air was vicious to the extreme. It was like a flood heading straight towards the throng of people who were attempting to leave. Under that terrifying pressure, even Aubrey broke out into a cold sweat. He couldn’t move as his body froze in place.

As for the merchants, their bodies were trembling like mad, backs drenched with sweat. Han Shuo was like a furious beast that would go berserk at any time, staring at them with a bloodthirsty red glow in his eyes. They felt as though they would be torn to pieces if they made even the slightest careless move.

“Bryan, this is the Boozt Merchant Guild, I’m begging you!” Phoebe was shocked, Han Shuo’s strength had skyrocketed in just four months. She was both happy and frightened that he was emitting such a terrifying aura.

She was happy because, with Han Shuo’s rapid progress, their safety would be guaranteed from now on. She was frightened because she couldn’t see through his temper. He now had the power to severely injure these merchants. If he recklessly used all of his power on them, it would likely bring disaster upon the guild, so she begged with mixed feelings.

Han Shuo took in a deep breath. He’d understood when he heard Phoebe deliberately stressed on the three words “Boozt Merchant Guild”. Whatever the situation was, he couldn’t take action and brought her trouble. This was also the capital of the Empire. Many things couldn’t be resolved by just blindly killing people.

His body flashing, Han Shuo appeared behind Aubrey. He patted the latter’s shoulder, coldly stressing each word, “Aubrey is it? I’ve memorized your face, and you should also remember mine. Remember, those who dare to harm my people will pay the price sooner or later.”

While Han Shuo spoke, the hand on Aubrey’s shoulder flicked out two faint lights of red and purple between the index and middle finger. The lights were covered by his palm as they fell into Aubrey’s body.

At this point, Aubrey had just about lost his wits. When he heard Han Shuo shout “halt”, he’d been prepared to fight at anytime. However, Han Shuo’s speed was devilish and had completely destroyed his defenses. He didn’t even had time to react when he saw Han Shuo appear out of thin air and felt a large hand clamp down on his shoulder.

Even as an archmage, he had no chance of winning in such close quarters with this horrifyingly powerful fellow. Aubrey’s aura died as he stood still and docile without another sound, listening to Han Shuo’s threats. He could obviously feel the murderous intent when Han Shuo patted his shoulder.

Due to this nervous, tense state, he wasn’t calm enough to sense any abnormalities. He also didn’t notice the two hot and cold entities entering his body.

“Good. You bloody bunch of bastards can get the hell out of here!” Seeing that the poison of ice and fire was planted in Aubrey’s body, Han Shuo walked back towards Phoebe with a cold face. Passing by the terrified Cameron, he randomly patted Cameron’s body, and a red purple light fleetingly flashed. Han Shuo smiled blandly, “You also be careful.”

After he arrived at Phoebe’s side, the murderous intent was withdrawn. Aubrey and the others didn’t dare to utter nonsense and hurriedly fled. One trip to hell was enough for these people to fear Han Shuo from the depths of their hearts.

“I’m sorry. These people are under the command of Duke Ashburn. If something happened to them within the guild, it will be very difficult to handle!” After those people left, Phoebe rather timidly looked at Han Shuo, speaking apologetically.

Smiling as he nodded his head, Han Shuo no longer emitted the murderous aura. He was back to his calm and indifferent self as he said, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to them at Boozt Merchant Guild. However, I guarantee they won’t be safe for long.”

Taken aback, Phoebe exclaimed, “You want to assassinate them? After what happened today, if you assassinate them not long after their return, everyone will know it’s us. That’s a terrible idea!”

Smiling mysteriously, Han Shuo assured, “Don’t worry, am I someone who doesn’t know how to look at the big picture?”

“All of you leave first. I have something to discuss privately with Bryan.” Phoebe looked at the guards, plus Fabian and several trusted confidantes of the guild, frowning somewhat worriedly as she gave her orders.

After this incident, the guards and trusted confidants of the guild once again were aware of their relationship. At Phoebe orders, they silently dismissed themselves, and all disappeared from the pavilion after a while.

“Just what’s going on?” Han Shuo gently asked after those people left.

Seeing no one else around, Phoebe threw herself into Han Shuo’s embrace. She used some strength and hugged him tightly then softly murmured, “It feels really good to have you beside me again.”

The two embraced each other tightly. Phoebe told Han Shuo about what happened to her after they separated at the Valley of Sunshine. From her words, Han Shuo roughly understood that because he and Phoebe had stayed in the Valley of Sunshine for a while, Boozt had no one at the helm. Cameron had taken advantage of this and led a bunch of merchants to occupy the guild.

“Okay, I understand!” Han Shuo patted Phoebe’s shoulder to soothe her, then took out a rebirth pill and said softly, “Eat it.”

Han Shuo told her about the side effects of the pill first to prevent Phoebe from misunderstanding that it was an aphrodisiac or laxative like Fanny had last time.

Phoebe rolled her eyes at Han Shuo then swallowed the rebirth pill. Han Shuo helped her diffuse the pill. When Phoebe quickly ran for the toilet, he left to report to the Dark Mantle.

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