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Chapter 249: Rebirth pill

Han Shuo and Fanny embraced each other affectionately. However, Han Shuo wasn’t anxious to take her. He only continued to use tender words to declare the feelings that he felt deep in his heart.

When Han Shuo realized that Fanny had completely let down her guard, he took out a pill from his space ring and smiled, “Eat it!”

“What is this?” Fanny smiled happily, her eyes sparkling. She looked curiously at Han Shuo and asked.

The rebirth pill was round and crystal clear, like a beautiful bright green jewel, and emitted a refreshing fragrance. Han Shuo had refined it back at the cemetery of death. It had the effect of completely transforming an ordinary person’s body. A batch had only seven pills. Han Shuo had already eaten one. He had confirmed its effects and intended to use the rebirth pill to reform her body, giving her a surprise.

“A great pill!” Han Shuo smilingly said.

“Being all mysterious again, you bad thing!” Fanny rolled her eyes at Han Shuo, as she casually picked up the rebirth pill. She popped it into her mouth without another word.

Seeing her swallow it so quickly, Han Shuo was shocked for a moment before hastily urging, “Quick, sit down and don’t think of anything else.”

Han Shuo couldn’t explain in time, so he used his hands to press her back into her seat. He then placed both of his hands on the middle of her back and began to transmit magical yuan into her body.

“Mm, what on earth did you give me to eat? It feels like a fire is burning in my stomach!” Fanny felt like a fire had been lit in her body after swallowing the rebirth pill. Her body temperature rose quickly, making her yell out in a panicked voice.

She then seemed to misunderstand as she couldn’t help but struggle and roar in fury, “Damnable brat! You gave me that kind of medicine didn’t you!? How could you be so despicable?”

Fanny had misunderstood and her heart was in a mess. She was both disappointed and furious at Han Shuo, wanting to escape his grip as her body madly struggled.

Han Shuo panicked, his face paled. He immediately used his left hand to firmly press down on Fanny’s shoulder and hastily shouted, “This isn’t an aphrodisiac. I swear. You trust me so little?”

Fanny became a little calmer upon hearing his words. She could feel that although there was a fire in her body, it wasn’t a lustful flame. Therefore she stopped struggling and said quickly, “Eh, you’re always up to nothing good, so I just misunderstood your intentions. I won’t move anymore now!”

Han Shuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry upon hearing her words. When he thought about it, his relationship with Fanny was indeed a little out of order. It was understandable for her to assume his intentions were bad.

“Alright, don’t speak. Just calm your soul and empty your mind, like you’re meditating!” Han Shuo released Fanny’s shoulder and moved his hand to the middle of her back. He quickly poured magical yuan into her body and helped her diffuse the medicinal energy.

Dense mist wrapped around the two as black electric sparks shot out from Han Shuo’s palm into Fanny’s body. Fanny sat still and proper, her whole body relaxed as she allowed Han Shuo to act as he wished, completely trusting him.

Han Shuo released his hand with a smile roughly an hour later, heaving a long sigh before he leaned in and asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Eh, I need to go to the toilet!” Fanny was somewhat embarrassed. She whispered with a reddened face.

Han Shuo let loose with a loud string of laughter and said, “That sounds about right. You’ll want to go to the toilet over the next three days. The waste and filth in your body will be excreted during this time, after which your body will be reformed in ways beyond your imagination. I’ll come back to see you again then.”

A series of pitter-patter sounds burst out from Fanny’s body. Fanny couldn’t hold it in anymore. She sprang up with a flushed face, huffing and yelling, “How is this different from a laxative? You hateful brat!”

Fanny leapt to open the door and ran out before Han Shuo could respond, not daring to stay for a moment. She obviously couldn’t hold it back anymore.

Han Shuo gave a long, devious, odd laugh after Fanny left, promptly leaving as well. He followed a narrow, twisting trail to the back mountain to avoid bumping into the other necromancy students and exited the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force.

Han Shuo’s actions would definitely have caused a sensation upon his return. He would stop being associated with the Academy after procedures were wrapped up in three days. Thus, it was more appropriate to leave through the back door to avoid the chatter of Lisa and the other students.

Han Shuo didn’t immediately go and report to the Dark Mantle after walking out of the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. He hadn’t been back for a long time, so it wouldn’t matter if he visited a day or two later.

It currently seemed quite lively in front of the Boozt Merchant Guild as many carriages stood there. Han Shuo went straight inside after arriving.

“Eh, if this isn’t Mr. Bryan? What brings you here?” The two guards at the door both recognized Han Shuo. They greeted him with surprise as he hadn’t come to visit in a long time.

“Mhm, it has indeed been a long time since I last came by. Has the lady of the house returned?” Han Shuo nodded with a smile and asked in a friendly manner.

“The lady came back a long time ago. If Mr. Bryan has come to discuss business with the lady this time, why don’t you drop by a little later?” This guard had a difficult expression, he hesitated momentarily before opening his mouth to speak.

“Oh, why is that? Can it be that your lady isn’t home?” Han Shuo inquired with confusion, then laughed lightly, “No problem, I can just meet with Fabian. If Fabian is absent, I can still chat with Jack!”

Suddenly, Phoebe’s angry shout echoed from inside. Han Shuo was stunned before his face turned grave. He curiously asked, “What’s going on here?”

The guard smiled wryly as he looked at Han Shuo, saying in all honesty, “There’s some chaos going on inside at the moment. Some big businessman called Cameron seems to want Miss Phoebe to assent to something, but she didn’t. Things aren’t look very good.”

“Many thanks for the reminder. You don’t seem to know much about my relationship with your merchant guild.” Han Shuo replied before rushing in to see what was happening.

That Cameron fellow had wanted Phoebe to join his alliance last time at Lawrence’s residence, but she’d turned him down. Apparently he still hadn’t given up on the idea after so long. Judging from Phoebe’s furious shout, the scene inside was likely not very amiable.

No matter how he looked at it, Phoebe could already be considered Han Shuo’s woman. He naturally wouldn’t stand for it if someone bullied her. Therefore, he dashed forward as quick as a flash and appeared at the source of Phoebe’s angry shouts in the span of just a few breaths.

A group of ten surrounded Phoebe in a pavilion at the crack of the artificial mountain that Han Shuo and Phoebe had once hid themselves in. The familiar place was now full of tension, with some strange faces readying their weapons for a fight.

Apart from Cameron, who Han Shuo had met at the residence of Finance Minister Eevee, everyone else was unfamiliar. These people were either fancily dressed merchants, or highly skilled mages or swordsmen. The gang looked at Phoebe and Fabian’s group with ugly faces, as if just one more unwanted word would cause them to spring into action.

Several guards of the Boozt Merchant Guild stood in the surroundings with rage burning in their bellies, their weapons already unsheathed as if they just needed a single order from Phoebe for them to engage in a pitched battle.

“Bryan, when did you return?” Her pretty eyes suddenly brightened with delight at Han Shuo’s sudden appearance. Phoebe was ecstatic as her voice rang with surprise.

“Humph! Just a little boy toy, what can he do?” A sturdy man, whose logo on his chest clearly indicated him as a senior swordsman, cast a disdainful glance at Han Shuo. He seemed to know about Han Shuo and Phoebe’s relationship.

“Oh, is that so?” Han Shuo gave an odd laugh before jeering, “Then try taking a blow from this little boy toy, shall we?”

When his words fell, the already annoyed Han Shuo punched out. There wasn’t any energy pulse nor powerful momentum to it, even the speed of it was neither fast nor slow. The punch seemed soft and without strength.

Accordingly, the senior swordsman still retained his mocking expression and said coldly, “Just a little boy toy indeed, even his punch is weak with no bite.”

The swordsman then raised his hand. Smiling viciously, he aimed a blow right at Han Shuo’s incoming punch. Obviously, he intended to seriously injure Han Shuo with this blow and intimidate the Boozt Merchant Guild’s guards.

The merchants with Cameron all had leisurely smiles on their faces. They looked at Han Shuo like he was a fool, sure that he would be severely injured.

On the other hand, Fabian, who stood by Phoebe’s side, showed an excited expression. Having seen Han Shuo in action, he believed that the punch was more than met the eyes. As for Phoebe, her face was cold as ice and her lips curved with a touch of cruelty.

A crack rang through the air. The yet savagely smiling senior swordsman suddenly emitted a shrill, mad scream like the howl of pained wolves and the weeping of ghosts after his blow collided with Han Shuo’s.

The sturdy body was blasted backwards by an astounding force, making heavy bouncing sounds as it rolled across the yard. When his butt finally touched the ground, the swordsman uncontrollably sprayed out one mouthful of blood after another. Even his shrill screams were muffled by the blood. He looked at Han Shuo, horrified, as his mouth wouldn’t stop whimpering tragically.

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