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GDK 423 - Instructing a disciple

part 2

"Alright, alright. Let's talk about happier things and not lose oneself in grief from the past." Phoebe also consoled Fanny. It looks as if the relationship between the three women could still be regarded as harmonious and not as prickly as Han Shuo had guessed.

Just as he was contemplating what to say, Han Shuo suddenly felt the Demonslayer Edge within his body begin to stir. This caused him to be startled. After he shut his eyes and pondered for a while, Han Shuo suddenly realized something, immediately exclaiming happily, "It seems like I need to train for a while!"

The battle for Ossen City had been ongoing unceasing for the past two days, with the fiercest battles in the northern city district. Within this extremely short duration, more than ten thousands soldiers had already died in battle. Every one of Ossen City's city guards was part of Lancelot Empire's elites while Firenze's Howling Legion was even more formidable. In these two days, the soldiers that died on the battlefield had left behind soaring killing intent and their spirits filled with hate and ire.

This type of energy caused ordinary people to feel constrained, as if there was a large mountain pressing down on their chest, giving people a feeling of suppression. Some experts were able to sense this energy even more clearly. However, of this boundless killing intent and negative energy from the deceased, only powerful necromancers within the Profound Continent were able to utilize this energy to obtain a few powerful souls and refine special undead creatures. No one was able to directly absorb this energy.

However, Han Shuo who trained in demonic arts was able to condense the killing intent and directly absorb it. The boundless resentment and fear left behind by the souls of the dead that had yet to dissipate were also easily absorbed by the Demonslayer Edge. It was precisely because the Demonslayer Edge had sensed this familiar energy enveloping the world that it transmitted a signal to Han Shuo in its thirst for this energy.

"What's going on, why do you suddenly need to train?" Phoebe looked at Han Shuo and asked in puzzlement.

"This is hard to explain. It's related to the special martial technique that I train in. Just like how Bollands has dense killing intent because he had killed too many people when he was an assassin and it unwittingly attached to his body, hence he's able to utilize killing intent to intimidate others, I'm able to do so as well.

Oh, that's right. This energy is similarly useful to Bollands.As long as I give him a hand, he will also be able to seize the opportunity to assimilate a little of the killing intent that's present everywhere. Alright, I won't speak any longer to all of you. I'll first go and look for Bollands." Han Shuo casually explained and soon after suddenly thought of Bollands and left hurriedly.

"That bastard!" When Phoebe realized that Han Shuo had already disappeared while she was distracted for a moment, she couldn't help but curse loudly.

During this two days, Bollands' tranquil and unfeeling heart had become somewhat unstable. Han Shuo's mystical martial technique was like an unbelievable revelation to Bollands. Bollands who was about to learn the martial technique from Han Shuo would become excited every time he thought of it.

At Bollands' age and rank, what he pursued wasn't as varied and random as youngsters. Only some considerable benefits would make people of their level excited. Bollands who had been an assassin for many years always considered himself to be extremely cool-headed. However, his mind had been overwhelmed repeatedly these few days by Han Shuo's mystical martial technique, causing his tranquil heart to finally become excited again.

"It's been two days. I hope Senior is fine. In this world, I fear that only Senior would be able to guide me in the correct direction." Bollands thought inwardly. He was truly worried about Han Shuo, afraid that his only beacon in this world would die out.

As a swishing sound entered his ears, Bollands was suddenly startled, contracting his killing intent as he asked coldly, "Who is it?"

"Hehe, it's me!" Han Shuo chuckled as he replied and soon after landed by Bollands' side.

Bollands had uncontainable happiness in his heart, however, his expression didn't have the slightest difference. He bowed toward Han Shuo and said respectfully, "Senior!"

During the war, Bollands who wasn't proficient in commanding the battle had been staying alone in a remote room on the third floor.

There were too many experts on Ashburn and Charles' side. No matter how strong he was, Bollands was unable to carry out an assassination on any of them. There were currently also many experts within the castle and Lawrence simply wasn't worried about his safety. Hence, Bollands had suddenly become idle and thus stayed alone in the remote room.

"I'm looking for you for important matters. Come, let's go to the highest roof of the castle!" Han Shuo didn't say any superfluous words, immediately smiling and instructing Bollands to follow.

Without saying anything, Bollands immediately nodded and flew with Han Shuo toward the tallest tower of the castle.

Before Bollands became his disciple, Han Shuo had already laid down some ground rules and Bollands had remembered them by heart. One of the rules of not violating the orders of seniors had been repeatedly stressed by Han Shuo. As the senior student who would impart the martial technique to Bollands, Han Shuo naturally became his senior. Bollands had not lived his life in vain, clearly understanding that currently, Han Shuo's orders were the most important.

As the battle blazed on like wildfire, Han Shuo directly brought Bollands to the clock tower. After they arrived, Han Shuo smiled at Bollands and said, "Originally you would have to enter the sect before I'm able to impart you with our martial technique. However as the war is ongoing unceasingly, the entire Ossen City has been filled with a lot of extraordinary energy. Perhaps you are also able to sense this energy. If I impart the martial technique to you now, it would just so happen to be able to assist you in assimilating this energy before it dissipates. In that way, your strength would be able to advance by leaps and bounds."

Even before Han Shuo finished speaking, Bollands was already brimming with ecstasy. He had been longing for this day and night. When he heard that Han Shuo would impart this martial technique to him, the excitement in his heart simply couldn't be repressed. His body actually even trembled uncontrollably.

When Han Shuo mentioned that the martial technique was able to absorb this kind of energy, Bollands was so excited he was about to faint. His voice trembled as he asked, "Sen, senior, you mean that, the energy lingering within Ossen City which is causing people to feel suppressed can be absorbed by this martial technique?"

Han Shuo nodded his head, smiling as he replied, "Of course. In this world, all forms of energy can be absorbed. Death qi, killing intent and even spiritual strength can be absorbed. Hehe, I believe you have also felt it. The soaring killing intent from those soldiers has yet to dissipate. As long as you grasp the God Slaying Devil Path, you will be able to directly absorb this type of energy."

"That's right. I am able to sense the omnipresent killing intent within the battlefield. However, that energy doesn't belong to me. I'm unable to even control the killing intent in my body proficiently and naturally wouldn't be able to utilize the killing intent of others." Bollands said honestly.

"Control your breath and pay attention, I'll help you familiarize with the new energy!" Han Shuo said softly before moving behind Bollands and suddenly send a strand of demonic yuan energy into Bollands' body.

After many years of random practice, Bollands had some vague understanding of how to utilize killing intent. The meridians within his body were full of killing intent. Through the transformation from the God Slaying Devil Path, this killing intent can directly form his own unique energy. It was just that all along, he didn't know how to make use of this killing intent.

Han Shuo's demonic yuan energy suddenly entered Bollands' body so as to start assisting the relaxed Bollands in setting things right. Han Shuo made use of the demonic yuan energy to first slowly absorb the impure killing intent that was circulating through Bollands' meridians.

The chart of the meridian flow for the God Slaying Devil Path had already appeared clearly within Han Shuo's mind. Han Shuo revolved the killing intent within Bollands' body in accordance with his memory and slowly guided them along a peculiar path.

"Remember this circulation method. It can help you increase your strength." Han Shuo said softly, as he transferred another strand of demonic yuan energy into Bollands' body.

While he was doing all these things, Han Shuo's Demonslayer Edge had already flew up into the sky and constantly revolve in accordance to Han Shuo's will, forming a layer of thick blood clouds and slowly absorbed all the various kinds of negative energy that lingered within Ossen City and caused the ordinary citizens to be distraught with anxiety.

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