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Chapter 380: Han Shuo’s headache of a matter

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After the two senior figures left, the discussion that followed didn’t include anything important. Everyone was mostly just concerned about Dark Mantle’s future movements, so when this issue was dismissed, the meeting quickly concluded.

Everyone dispersed after the meeting. With Candide’s indication, Han Shuo followed Candide to his private room. He helped confirm Han Shuo’s identity as a Second Dark Sun envoy before finally asking, “Your development recently in Brettel City is going pretty well. Since I have already discussed this with His Majesty, your arrival this time is perfect. I believe His Majesty will confer upon you the rank of a Marquis.”

“If that’s true, It would be fantastic. Currently, Brettel City has a thousand things to be taken care of. I need to report to His Majesty and see if I can set up a large-scale transporting formation array within Brettel City. With it, Brettel City can develop even faster.” Han Shuo realized that communicating with other cities was inevitably linked to becoming a major city. As of now, it was very inconvenient for Brettel City to communicate with the outside world. But, if he could have his own large-scale transporting formation array, Brettel City’s development could speed up.

After hearing this from Han Shuo, Candide’s head started to hurt slightly. He thought about it for a moment said, “I can’t guarantee if His Majesty will agree. Even though Brettel City has defeated some bandit groups now, they are just some bandits in the end. As long as Brettel City cannot reveal a power capable of withstanding the seven grand dukedoms, I believe His Majesty will not feel at ease setting up a large-scale transportation formation array within Brettel City.”

“If the seven grand dukedoms breached a Brettel City that just so happened to have a transportation formation, the seven grand dukedoms could easily expend some magic crystals to send armed forces into the cities of the Lancelot Empire. This would cause a catastrophe. Thus, His Majesty will definitely treat this cautiously.”

Han Shuo also understood Candide’s meaning. After listening, Han Shuo nodded his head and said, “It seems like His Majesty will not truly be at ease before Brettel City can defeat the seven grand dukedoms.”

“Ai, His Majesty’s health is worsening and I don’t think he will be able to last much longer. Why did you come here from Brettel City this time, is it for Lawrence?” Candide sighed before specifically inquiring from Han Shuo.

By no means did Han Shuo try to conceal the truth. He nodded his head and replied, “Yes, Lawrence and I have a pretty good relationship. My principle is to repay favor with favor. Sir Candide, you don’t need to try to convince me otherwise.”

“I’m not trying to convince you. It’s just that I feel like you should carefully consider it again. Your influence in Lancelot Empire isn’t small anymore. As long as you can make Brettel City somewhat more stable, your future prospects will be boundless and immeasurable. But, if you fight for Lawrence’s power, I worry not only for you, but also your current foundation. You ought to carefully consider this once more.”

Candide also didn’t know if he should persuade Han Shuo or not. Originally, when he brought Han Shuo into Dark Mantle, he never anticipated that Han Shuo would have such accomplishments as he did today. Furthermore, based on the current situation, as long as Han Shuo continued to develop smoothly, it was entirely possible that he could become one of the overlords in the Lancelot Empire.

On one side, he’d been the one to bring Han Shuo in and on the other, Han Shuo was his wife Emma’s student. Regardless of which point he considered it from, Candide would never wish for Han Shuo to make a wrong choice and mistakenly continue down the wrong path. Thus, Candide tried to advise Han Shuo time and time again. But because he had worked for Dark Mantle for so long and had received so much information through his many channels, he knew Han Shuo was the type to stick to his decisions and not the type to be swayed. Thus, Candide was really clueless on what the proper action was.

“Sigh. Alright, I won’t interfere in your matters anymore. Before Madams Grace clearly chooses the direction that our Dark Mantle will take, no one will know what kind of road the Dark Mantle will take in the future.” Candide sighed and said to Han Shuo.

Hearing Candide’s words, Han Shuo could help but feel dumbfounded. After a moment of hesitation, he inquired, “Sir, is Madame Grace truly capable of looking clearly into the future?”

Han Shuo had understood long ago that the most mysterious profession in this world was a seer. He also knew all the different miraculous descriptions about divining. However, he wasn’t the type of person to believe in that kind of abstruse prophecy at all. Thus, he was still half doubting even now.

Candide’s face turned solemn as he firmly said to Han Shuo, “Although the Lancelot Empire has faced many important events throughout the years, Grace has chosen the correct path every time. Furthermore, the Dark Mantle’s ability to become such a powerful weapon of darkness within the Lancelot Empire is also directly related to Madame Grace’s guidance.”

“In addition, His Majesty cares about Madame Grace the most. Her prophecies can even alter His Majesty’s decisions. Even now, His Majesty can’t decide on which prince will be the next king. One of the reasons is precisely because Madame Grace has yet to tell His Majesty which prince is the true wise king.”
“Mm. Also, Lawrence’s master, also Karel Ascot, is in fact also waiting for Madame Grace to point the way. Whether or not the Dark Mantle can avert disaster this time is also dependant on Madam’s proper instructions. Thus, none of us have made any decisions even now.”

Han Shuo was truly startled listening to Candide. Who would’ve thought that the old woman, who seemed as if she would die at any moment, was actually playing a critical role? She had the power to affect the decisions of sacred swordmaster Karel and the king! Han Shuo’s heart was filled with amazement.

Afterwards, Han Shuo suddenly remembered the crystal ball that had shattered in the old seer’s hand. When she’d gazed deeply at him previously, Han Shuo had originally believed that perhaps she was only shooting him a random glance. But, listening to Candide today, Han Shuo couldn’t help but to start imagining some wild thoughts. Could her gaze have a special hidden meaning?

“Based on what you’re saying, as long as Madame Grace acknowledges a prince, that prince will definitely gain great advantages?” Han Shuo inquired of Candide after thinking for a moment.

Candide nodded his head affirmatively before giving an example to emphasize the importance of the old seer, Grace. “Even if it’s Lawrence, as long as Madame Grace says he can bring prosperity, power, and riches to the Lancelot Empire, then even he will have great hopes to succeed as the new king.”

“Hopefully the old seer will actually support Lawrence, hehe. Who knows, I feel like Lawrence has quite the monarch’s vibe.” Han Shuo self deprecated before asking, “That Stratholme, what actually happened with him?”

As these words fell, Candide’s darkened complexion become even more sinister and hazy. He hesitated a moment before saying to Han Shuo, “Last time, when the Empire invaded the seven grand dukedoms, besides sacred swordmaster Karel Ascot, there was also the earth sacred magus, Dempsey Gayer, who accompanied them.”

“Everyone originally believed that the fragmented seven grand dukedoms would definitely be defeated. The rumors reflected the real situation. Because of the sudden alliance between the seven grand duchies, the Imperial Army began facing obstructions everywhere. However, because the Empire secretly believed the seven grand dukedoms didn’t have the existence of a sacred magus, they wanted to violate a continental pact and use taboo magic to reverse the situation. In the end, before the earth sacred magus, Dempsey Gayer, could even make a move, the old monster Stratholme sought him out.”

“The old monster Stratholme openly challenged sacred swordmaster Karel Ascot, the pride of our nation. This fight was witnessed by no one except the earth sacred magus Dempsey Gayer. However, although no one knows the specifics, both the sacred swordmaster Karel Ascot and the earth sacred magus Dempsey Gayer did not make any more moves during the war.”

“During the many years of the existence of the Verdun Dynasty, Stratholme was the teacher of the state and had been as strong as a sacred swordmaster long ago. Along with the fact that he had yet to die after all these years, the moment he moved, sacred swordmaster Karel Ascot and earth sacred magus Dempsey Gayer of the Lancelot Empire became apprehensive in their hearts. This already clearly explains his strength.

“Ah, at that time, a soldier saw that old monster and said Stratholme did not look as old as what people imagined. On the contrary, he had an elegant, youthful look. Precisely because of this, from that point on, we have always called Stratholme, the former teacher of the state of Verdun’s Imperial Court, an old monster.” Candide continued to explain.

Han Shuo taciturnly knitted his brows and thought for a moment before opening his mouth to say, “I see. Alright, I will leave this place first. If you need me for anything, you can just find me within Ossen City. I will be staying here for a while.”

“Mm, you need to be careful. Ossen City is not too peaceful right now.” Candide nodded and said. Seeing Han Shuo leaving, Candide hesitated for a moment before abruptly opening his mouth and saying, “Wait a moment!”

Pausing for a moment, Han Shuo turned his head towards Candide and said, “Is there anything else?”

“Also, you should pay more attention to your relationship with Emily. Aymes is not an easy person to get along with. Additionally, the Hahn’s family is one of the most influential families in the empire. For both your own sakes, you should be a little careful.” Candide sighed before continuing, “Ai, everything’s good about you, but that you are simply a bit too much of a player. Also, you need to be even more careful with Fanny. I just learned this from your own dean a while ago that her father is Commander Firenze of the Howling Legion. He’s a notorious butcher who’s even more difficult to deal with than Aymes. And also Phoebe, she is sacred swordmaster Karel Ascot’s most doted upon disciple. The at the kind of women you’ve set your sights on! I really don’t know how to help you.”

After hearing Candide’s words, Han Shuo’s face changed. Although, he already knew clearly about Emily and Phoebe’s identity and was only clueless about Fanny’s identity, he’d never would’ve thought that Fanny’s background would actually be even bigger than theirs. Her father was actually the Howling Legion’s commander!

As a Second Dark Sun, he naturally knew of such a renowned person in the Lancelot Empire. Firenze’s Howling Legion was without a doubt the Empire’s most powerful legion in the army. As a regiment’s commander that behaved ruthlessly, sinisterly, and fiercely, he was a notorious, fierce lunatic in the Lancelot Empire.

After all these years, Firenze’s Howling Legion has continued to defend and resist the barbaric orcs in the Southern Border, causing tens of thousands of orcs to die to his men. Thus, within the Orc Empire, the name Firenze was synonymous to demons and nightmares. It could even be said that everyone feared and also cursed him.

Firenze was the same even in the Empire, known and distinguished for his fierceness. He completely lacked the proper etiquette and the grace as befitting a noble. When’d once attended a private banquet hosted by His Majesty, Firenze had even dared to crudely come to blows with any noble that he’d found unpleasing to the eyes.

But His Majesty the king, Uhtred Lancelot, found these people very important. It is precisely because of Firenze’s existence that the barbaric orcs could forever be isolated to the south. Firenze was regarded so highly that even though he has offended a lot of nobles and has even cursed grand duke Ashburn as hypocritical and despicable, he was still living as nicely as before after all these years.

Because he’d once beaten up Grand Duke Ashburn during a banquet, the king really couldn’t put up with him any longer and thrown him into the dungeons. However, the moment this news spread out of the Lancelot Empire, the barbaric orcs immediately started cheering and celebrating. Afterwards, their army forces started invading various cities along the southern border.

His Majesty the King had sent several generals forward in defense. But, ultimately, there were no one capable of preserving the situation. Seeing one city after another on the verge of being conquered, even the king had no choice but to beg Firenze to come out and face the enemy. However, Firenze had actually refused. In the end, only after two cities of the empire’s southern border was breached did Grand Duke Ashburn personally go to prison and bow his head before Firenze. That was when he emerged from prison and drove the orc army out of the southern territory.

Within the southern border region, this Firenze was as if a living god. In the entire Lancelot Empire, besides His Majesty the King, Ashburn was most apprehensive and most afraid of Firenze.

Han Shuo had already looked through this information a long time ago thanks to the Dark Mantle’s intelligence. Now, hearing that Fanny’s old man was actually confirmed to be Firenze, he was struck dumb. He couldn’t help but ask Candide again with a somewhat dry mouth, “You’re certain that Fanny’s father is him?”

“It’s him, this information is from your Dean, Emma. Even I only found out just recently. Ai, You should pray for your own good fortune. I had already warned you to not be too unfaithful, now let’s see just how you’ll end up.” Candide smiled ruefully as he helplessly said to Han Shuo.

“Eh, It seems like this really is a somewhat difficult problem to deal with. Ai, Teacher Fanny is such a gentle, soft, and virtuous woman, how could she have such a messed up old man. This world is truly miraculous!” Han Shuo lamented with a headache.

“Firenze is extremely doting towards Fanny because her mother had an untimely death. I think you should still take the next step with Fanny. If you can make Fanny docile and obedient, who knows, maybe you can escape this calamity.” Candide came up with this idea.

Han Shuo sighed miserably. But after inspiration suddenly struck, he abruptly asked Candide, “If I settle things with Emily, Phoebe, and Fanny, then there would be the Hahn Family and Amyes behind Emily. On top of that, there would be the sacred swordmaster, Karel Ascot, and that madman, Firenze. If I also include the entire Dark Mantle, what do you think, could I help Lawrence? Would he have hope in succeeding as the king?”

Candide’s body shook right after these words were spoken. Afterwards, he stared at Han Shuo’s increasingly brightening gaze. After some time, he finally opened his mouth to say, “If you really do so, then Lawrence would have great hope to win. But, if even Madame Grace helps him, then this is practically in the bag. Oh, right, do you think Lawrence knows about your relationship with the three woman?”

Han Shuo started. After carefully thinking for a moment, he nodded his head and said, “I believe Lawrence should know about the relationship between the three women and me. However, he has never talked about it much before.”

Candide was suddenly frightened. After a sudden sigh, he said, “It seems like among the few princes, Lawrence should be the most difficult to deal with. I can clearly tell you that Lawrence also knew about Fanny’s identity. It’s no wonder that Lawrence spared no effort to help you, he wanted to to rope you in. If Lawrence had already calculated to such a day long ago, then this Lawrence is truly too frightening of a youngster.”

Listening to Candide’s words, Han Shuo also felt somewhat apprehensive. He carefully recalled the events of meeting Lawrence. Han Shuo couldn’t help but to feel amazed as he discovered that Candide’s statement was very likely to be true.

However, in any case, Lawrence has constantly helped Han Shuo, and i wass also because of his existence that Han Shuo could climb up to his position so quickly. After staying silent for a moment, Han Shuo spilled out a laugh, “It seems Lawrence is actually the most capable. I think my choice just might be correct because only a person that has planned so far can distinguish himself among the various factions.”

“Maybe your choice might actually be the correct one. Forget it, I should just wait until Madame Grace decides.” Candide sighed and said to Han Shuo with a slight headache.

To Candide, the most proper judgements can only be made by people who could clearly see the future like Madame Grace. Any other decisions were not guaranteed. If Han Shuo could grab ahold of all three powers, perhaps there would truly be some vague hope in helping Lawrence seize power. However, this is still only hope and nothing more.

“Oh, thats right, His Majesty’s health is becoming increasingly feeble, and he probably can’t last much longer. When I went to see His Majesty last time, His Majesty was constantly thinking about the miracles of your body and trying to understand your mystical martial arts skills, hoping to be able to use it within the army. What do you think about this?” Candide thought for a moment before asking Han Shuo.

“I will consider this carefully. I will give you my answer after some time.” Han Shuo predicted.

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