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Chapter 349 – The dignity of the little skeleton in the other dimension

Twelve large banners fluttered vigorously in the absence of wind. Soaring baleful aura gathered and flowed like mercury towards the pit in the center. The liquid in the pit boiled like fire oil, burning the three evil knights and their mounts and set smoke billowing.

Han Shuo closed his eyes as he sat, facing three evil knights. His mental strength flowed like the river torrent, tightly suppressing the three evil knights through the force of the contract. As the mounts of the evil knights were weaker, they gradually stopped their futile struggles.

Three enormous bone spurs continued flailing right in front of Han Shuo. If Han Shuo relaxed his mental strength even the slightest bit, the evil knights would seize the opportunity to pierce the bone lances through Han Shuo's head. The fully focused Han Shuo did not relax one bit. Inextricably linked mental strength weaved into a formless sky net, gradually grinding down at the pocket of resistance from the three evil knights.

The Cemetery of Death wasn't touched by sun or moon as it was eternally shrouded in faintly dim light. Hence, there was no sense of time passing. After an unknown length of time, the three bone lances flying in front of Han Shuo's head slowly lost their strength. Like the bodies of the evil knights, they slowly fell listlessly into the central pit.

Han Shuo's whole body was like a deathly still sculpture, sitting cross-legged with no signs of life. The twelve banners still took in and gave out violent baleful aura, all of it converging towards the central pit. After another few days past, the bodies of the three evil knights completely melted into the pit without leaving any trace.

Finally. Han Shuo let out a gasp of air, slowly opening his eyes, exhaustedly exclaiming, "That was damn tiring!" It had been only three evil knights and their mounts. This process of reforming their bodies had already caused Han Shuo so much trouble. It seemed like that things were as Han Shuo initially thought. It was impossible to use demonic arts to reform every undead creature's body.

For one, this kind of refining used overly complex and precious ingredients. If the countless skeleton warriors and zombie warriors were to all be refined, even Han Shuo's current savings would find it impossible to support this activity. Just refining three evil knights already utilised at least a hundred thousand gold. If the countless skeleton warriors and zombie warriors were to be refined, Han Shuo wouldn't be able to accomplish it even if he went bankrupt.

Also, to refine too many undead creatures again and again with this method required too much time and energy. The effects of such an immense undertaking were also very limited. After all, skeleton warriors and zombie warriors were low level creatures. Even if they were immune to corrosion of light magic, their usage was limited. Han Shuo naturally wouldn't be willing to waste time and mountains of gold on them.

Evil knights were currently the strongest undead creatures that Han Shuo could summon. They were already considered high level within undead creatures. They could use their own fire-breathing steeds with great flexibility. When their innate amazing strength was coupled with strong armor, an evil knight was harder to handle than an ordinary human knight. Han Shuo had already had to use his mental strength to repress the fierce resistance of three evil knights and their warhorses. While Han Shuo could summon bone demons and old fey zombies, he definitely couldn't refine three of them at one go. This was because resistance from the Bone Devils and Old Corpse Demons would definitely be stronger.

Standing up from his cross-legged position, Han Shuo moved the twelve demon heads in the giant banners with a thought. They howled as they returned into Han Shuo's body. Since the bodies of the three evil knights were already merged into the pit, Han Shuo didn't need to suppress the matrix with his magical yuan.

The twelve demon heads had been formed when Han Shuo had just reached the separate demon stage, using the large baleful aura within the Valley of Sunshine. These twelve demon heads innately contained vicious killing intent, every demon head was formed from the last vicious obsession of many hateful souls when they were living.They were exactly the best ingredients to refine the "mystical demons" that were one level above the "yin demons".

Of the three previously refined yin demons, there was currently only one left that was usable. Han Shuo deeply felt that one yin demon was inadequate to maintain control over the entire situation. When he'd previously advanced to separate demon realm in the Valley of Sunshine, Han Shuo had deliberately kept the boundless murderous aura, agglomerating twelve demon heads. When the ingredients needed to refine mystical demons were gathered, the twelve demon heads would be used as the base ingredient and be refined into mystical demons.

Leaving the area that was now operating automatically, Han Shuo went to the specialized area for refining 'original demons" and "yin demons". He summoned the earth elite zombie to first modify the layout of the yin demon cave, so that the yin demon cave gradually changed into a cave suitable for cultivating "mystical demons". When the mystical demon cave was formed, Han Shuo took out ingredients and placed them in the eyes of the various formation eyes in the cave.

Once all this was completed, Han Shuo dismissed the earth zombie and placed twelve drops of his own essence blood into the mystical demon cave. The blood essence revolved constantly in the mystical demon cave. When the twelve demon heads emerged from Han Shuo's body, they each swallowed one drop of blood essence. After that, the cave's enormous energy started operating. Han Shuo then summoned a few hundred wraiths and also chose a few spirits from Demonslayer Edge to place within the cave to be fodder for the mystical demon's evolution.

Han Shuo then used the small, remaining amount of magical yuan in his body, pouring it into the mystical demon cave to maintain the normal operations of the mystical demon cave. When the twelve demon heads in the mystical demon cave started roaring and devouring the wraiths and spirits in the matrix, the exhausted Han Shuo returned to the center of the Cemetery of Death.

The two matrices had now resumed normal operations by now. Han Shuo had not only expended a large amount of mental strength, but he'd also used significant amounts of magical yuan and blood essence. This was even more tiring than the previous time that he'd fought against Kosse at Brettel City. He had the little skeleton along with the earth and fire elite zombies assisting him. But something like the refinement process could only be handled by himself. Hence he was definitely exhausted.

Sitting on the ground in the Cemetery of Death, Han Shuo pondered for a moment and took out the skeleton staff, meticulously examining the tri-colored skeleton staff. He wanted to make use of this interlude to examine the secrets of the skeleton staff.

Calamity Church's necromancer archmage Wolf as well as Ancient Lizard King Dagassi had seemed to know hints of the the skeleton staff's origin. This skeleton staff, which had transformed from the Eye of Darkness, was the key to opening the Cemetery of Death. It definitely held many hidden secrets.

Han Shuo hadn't possessed the skeleton staff for a long time. His understanding of the skeleton staff was only that it enhanced his necromancy magic. If not for necromancer archmage Wolf previously using the skeleton staff's power to rejuvenate his life, Han Shuo would perhaps never have guessed that the skeleton staff could have such an effect.

"Skeleton staff, oh skeleton staff. How many secrets are you hiding!" Han Shuo mumbled to himself when he touched the three colored skulls.

The exhausted Han Shuo fell unconscious. He semi-consciously felt that he was shrouded in the three colored light from the skeleton staff and that he was constantly spinning. Colorful lights streamed quickly past his body. This feeling was as though Han Shuo was falling from a great height, into an endless abyss.

When Han Shuo felt nauseous from the dizzy feeling, he suddenly sensed a familiar smell in his consciousness. This smell seemed to be from an area in the abyss that he'd fallen into. Han Shuo's groggy consciousness latched firmly onto the familiar smell, gradually sinking back into unconsciousness.

There was an infinite black void in the distance. The surroundings were forever shrouded in torpid grey, grey and black cloud constantly rolling in the horizon. The whole area was filed with the smell of death, desolation and wilderness.

Swamps and husks of trees that were void of branches and leaves dotted the landscape closer to him. There was a variety of undead creatures walking with stiff steps and stiff bodies in the wilderness, aimlessly wandering in the desolate space.

There was no alternation of day and night in this place and no concept of time. There was only loneliness and despair, deathly stillness and desolation.

For a moment, Han Shuo thought he was still within the Cemetery of Death. This was because the sky here was similar to the Cemetery of Death's ever present dusk. But when packs of gargoyles' soared over his head as well and skeletons and zombies converged on the ground, Han Shuo was suddenly aware that this definitely wasn't the Cemetery of Death.

He clearly remembered that he hadn't summon these low level undead creatures in the Cemetery of Death. Han Shuo suddenly felt that he was in a dream. Only when he followed this line of thought did he realise he didn't have a body, existing as just pure awareness. However, as soon as Han Shuo thought about his body, his exhausted mental strength slowly filled the area of his consciousness. His body rapidly grew like a plant.

His left hand touched his right, both hands obviously making contact. However, Han Shuo didn't feel any contact between his skin, everything felt so strange. But he felt a sense of intimacy towards the surroundings. As for what felt intimate, he couldn't quite place his finger on things.

The dense crowd of undead creatures suddenly charged down from a bald mountain with a bald top. These undead creatures were arranged neatly in order. Right at the front were skeleton warriors and zombie warriors, behind them were skeleton archers and rows of gargoyles. Even further back were two evil knights.

These undead creatures actually amounted to three to four thousand. However, the majority of them were skeleton warriors, zombie warriors and ghouls, only a small portion were hate warriors and evil knights. Charging down from the towering mountain, they flocked towards a steep canyon.

Han Shuo's body and consciousness fluttered slowly into the canyon. Only when he reached the canyon did Han Shuo realise that the interior of the canyon was similarly flooded with undead creatures. A large number of them were engaged in battle. They were utilizing their claws and teeth to wrestle and tear at each other, not knowing pain and not knowing retreat. The scene was extremely magnificent.

When weak undead creatures were completely destroyed, souls of low level existences such as skeleton warriors and zombie warriors would immediately disperse. But from hate warriors onwards, their souls wouldn't immediately disperse when they were eliminated. The undead creatures around them would fight to claim a part of that soul power, devouring it to strengthen themselves.

There was a five meter tall, enormous mummy lord within the constant struggle of the undead creatures. Wrapped in strips of corroded white cloth exuded a deathly aura, he slowly rose from the deep within the ground of the canyon. This mummy lord seemed to be the leader of the undead creatures within the canyon. When he rose up from deep within the ground, his whole body unleashed an incomparable storm of death.

When the undead creatures charging down from the mountain came into contact with the death storm, they immediately turned into ashes. The strips of cloth around his body danced like weapons, turning all hostile creature in its path into fragments. Only an evil knight that descended was able to block the attack with the wave of his bone spear, driving his fire-breathing warhorse to retreat to the side.

Within undead creatures, mummy lords were of a higher level than evil knights. In skirmishes among undead creatures, a difference in one level meant a lack of suspense about the outcome. Unless there were ten evil knights attacking the mummy lord, a lone evil knight facing a mummy lord was always a foregone conclusion.

End of part one of the chapter.

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