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Chapter 208: The Purple Demon Eye

After Han Shuo’s actions, the storefront had indeed turned into an incredibly dangerous place. Anyone who tried to enter without Han Shuo’s guidance would be attacked by the formation. Those who lacked a sufficiently strong will would try to kill themselves as their minds grew confused.

After thoroughly remaking the store, Phoebe, Emily, and Gilbert all stayed there that night. Having seen the oddities of the yard, the three were on edge all night long, deathly afraid that something bad would happen to them as they slept.

Fortunately, all was fine that night and Trunks returned at noon the next day. He had learned from the Cairo mercenary band as soon as he set foot into the Valley of Sunshine that Han Shuo had actually moved into the cursed storefront.

When he swung by, he noticed the six starkly white pillars that had appeared in the courtyard. He was quite surprised, and had no idea what was going on.

“I heard Harris say that something out of the ordinary had happened here yesterday. Did you guys run into something?” Trunks asked after sitting down in the living room of the storefront.

Smiling faintly, Han Shuo explained, “We did run into a few things, but it was something I cooked up rather than the evil god’s curse. There’s no need to worry about anything. There’s lots of rooms here, I left you one!”

“Forget it, I think I’ll be safer elsewhere. When I was in the Valley of Sunshine a few years ago, I saw many owners of this store suddenly die spontaneously. Although you’ve already defused the danger, this place still makes me uneasy!” Trunks noticeably had some psychological trauma from this location and waved his hands with a wry smile.

“Who is this kid, how dare he not trust the master?!” Gilbert was already ticked off from being labeled a pervert. When he heard Trunks hem and haw and refuse to take up residence within, he couldn’t help but speak up.

“And who are you?” Trunks started and suddenly looked at Gilbert.

Trunks had been acting a bit oddly since he’d come in on the back of his manticore. The manticore had been unafraid of anything beneath the heavens and on the earth, but was instinctively on his guard against Gilbert and tried to keep his distance from Gilbert.

The manticore was a sentient being and could naturally sense the enormous presence of the super rank dark dragon. Even though Gilbert was currently in human form, the manticore still didn’t want to draw close to Gilbert. It was the fear brought about from the difference in levels.

As the owner of the manticore, Trunks had spent many years with the manticore and was well acquainted with its temper. When he saw the manticore’s abnormal behavior, he started keeping an eye on Gilbert and couldn’t help but question now.

“I am of the mighty dragon race, their future king, Gilbert!” Gilbert had an arrogant look on his face as he proudly proclaimed this with the tones of a ringing bell.

“Just like your manticore, he’s my magical pet, a perverted little black dragon!” Han Shuo quelled Gilbert with a warning look and explained to Trunks.

Trunks was incredibly shocked when he heard that Gilbert was a dark dragon. He couldn’t help but sigh, “You’ve got some skill alright. I’d thought taming a manticore was something to be proud of. To think you could tame a dark dragon! It looks like you’re stronger than me!”

“It’s nothing to do with me, I just so happened to get lucky. It’s this dark dragon who shamelessly begged me!” Han Shuo shrugged and said humbly. He then paused and changed his tone, asking Trunks, “Right, you didn’t run into any trouble on your trip out of the valley this time, did you? How did everything go?

Trunks’ expression also became serious when he saw that Han Shuo was chatting about serious matters. He responded lowly, “Don’t worry, I’m more familiar with the terrain of the valley than even Laureton or Florida. It won’t be easy for most people to hurt me within the valley. I met some of my old friends and they were highly interested in forming a mercenary band. I’ve already sent someone to register the name of Soul Destroyer. We’ll be able to have our own official name before long.”

Nodding, Han Shuo said, “That’s for the best. This will be our stronghold in the future. I’m sure that with Florida’s ability, he’ll be able find out where we are soon. We don’t need to be a rush, we just need to wait for him to attack us!”

Since the formation had been set up, Han Shuo just wanted to test it out using Florida’s men, and see if it was as magical as he saw in Chu Cang Lan’s memories!

Surprisingly, whether it was Florida or Edwin’s men, no one came to bother them over the next two days. Han Shuo and his crew stayed here both days and only shopped a bit on the busy streets during the day.

All the materials to refine the wood elite zombie had finally been collected. Phoebe used these couple of days to discuss some transactions with some of the merchants. She turned two thirds of the jewels and crystals that Han Shuo had given her into forty thousand gold coins. He very trustfully gave all forty thousand gold coins to Trunks and allowed him free rein over this sum to form the Soul Destroyer mercenary band.

Han Shuo trained silently in his room. He hadn’t left the store at all over the past two days. After a low incantation broke the silence, the bright sun was suddenly covered by black clouds, and the entire courtyard was plunged instantly into darkness.

The sinister black clouds completely blocked off the sun’s rays, and a strong sense of death spread rapidly throughout the courtyard. The wraiths sealed within the pillars seemed to sense this marvelous presence and wanted to stir to action.

This particularly dark magic spell could cause the presence of death to permeate the surroundings. Dark creatures that were located within it would have their attacks greatly strengthened, and enemies caught in the range of the “Canopy of Necromancy” would be weakened thanks to the effects of this spell.

At this point, not only had Han Shuo fully grasped all the spells that an adept mage should know, he could also use them skillfully. If he returned to the Academy and made use of this strength, Han Shuo was confident that he could easily advance to adept mage.

When he thought of Fanny’s promise with him and the right he’d have to go out with her once he advanced to adept mage, Han Shuo felt quite excited by the thought of a steamy night with Fanny. Although he already had Emily and Phoebe now, his feelings for Fanny were something that the two would be unable to replace.

Han Shuo had never become lax about his magical cultivation, but the stage that demon infant was at meant that it needed the strength from souls to become stronger. Hard training alone wouldn’t be enough to obtain improvement within the short term. Therefore, Han Shuo had also been waiting for an opportunity to obtain some stronger souls to nourish his demon infant.

The sun was setting, and Han Shuo suddenly heard the little skeleton’s call in the midst of his cultivation. An anxious, panicked feeling suddenly traveled from a plane far away as the little skeleton’s urgent cry for help brought with it overtones of a hasty flight for life.

After last time’s experience, Han Shuo immediately knew that the little skeleton must’ve met with some danger again. He didn’t give it much thought as he immediately chanted the incantation, attempting to summon the little skeleton from the far away plane with the connection they shared.

When the incantation was complete, the air in front of him tore open as if a knife had sliced through it, and a little gleaming skeleton with seven flapping bone spurs shot out of the crack like lightning.

The figure of an enormous six meter tall knight, mounted on a flaming horse and wielding a two meter long broadsword, was suddenly illuminated in the crack behind the little skeleton. An enormous rotting air spread from the enormous figure, as an overwhelming presence of death suffused the area, making one’s heart palpitate.

The dark creatures of the other dimension were bound by the laws of space. They could only display an enormous shadow. When the little skeleton was standing in front of Han Shuo, the crack in the air went back to normal and the enormous presence vanished without a trace.

The little skeleton had yet to recover as he clutched his bone dagger in his left hand and the eyepatch in his right. After losing the eyepatch, the purple demon eye from the statue of Datara sparkled with purple light as the little skeleton looked dumbly at Han Shuo.

An enormous strength suddenly exploded out of the little skeleton’s purple demon eye. This power suddenly surged out with the purple demon eye as the center. It entered the little skeleton and Han Shuo’s body, attempting to take over their bodies.

Just like in the forest troll’s sacred place, the power from the purple demon eye was full of a violence that wanted to ravage everything. This power would always awaken after the eyepatch was removed, like Datara had truly left a bit of his consciousness behind in the eye.

“Put the eyepatch on, hurry!” Han Shuo roared out violently as his body trembled in the throes of pain as several sharp knives seemed to stab his brain.

The little skeleton was likewise rolling on the ground in pain. After receiving Han Shuo’s order, his hand bone shook as he slowly lifted the eyepatch.

Miraculously, the enormous power that had invaded the two vanished without a trace when the eyepatch was placed back on.

However, just as Han Shuo was breathing a sigh of relief and was looking at the little skeleton, he saw purple light shoot out of the little skeleton’s left eye as the eyepatch that had been covering it ignited, going up in flames!

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