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Chapter 198:  Conduct oneself well

Florida had broken the door with his appearance, and so, Han Shuo and Phoebe had no choice but to occupy another room. They paid twenty gold coins as compensation for the door, and Phoebe asked for two rooms so that Han Shuo would have no opportunity to get up to any shenanigans. He didn’t remain idle when Phoebe returned to her room to rest.

He located the room’s closet and set up the transportation matrix, then adjusted his mental strength to release a dark mist spell within the closet before stepping into the matrix.

The cemetery of death was as desolate as ever. Han Shuo immediately saw Gilbert’s enormous true form as soon as he stepped out. He was fast asleep amidst piles of bones and hadn’t noticed Han Shuo’s arrival at all.

Gilbert had taken on a great responsibility in the past two days and was likely truly tired after being injured again. Han Shuo didn’t disturb him and went to where the earth elite zombie and yin demons were being refined.

He first went to the yin demon cave to infuse it with more magical yuan. He noticed that there were only nine wraiths left in the cave now. After fighting every day and every night, the day at which he could collect the yin demons drew closer and closer.

The earth elite zombie exuded an immense presence of life. The earth qi that circulated around the entire cemetery of death was thinning out. Balls of grey qi spread out from the center of the place of extreme earth, and slowly coalesced into one place as if a large hand was tightening its grasp on them.

A marvelous connection emanated from the earth. Han Shuo started as an exuberant feeling flowed into his heart. He sensed carefully and discovered that this joy was coming from the earth elite zombie that was buried deep in the ground.

It looked like Han Shuo’s arrival had caused the earth elite zombie below to become quite joyous. After the long duration of time in which it’d absorbed earth qi and nourishment from the resources that Han Shuo had spent an enormous sum to acquire, the earth zombie was no longer just a simple zombie, but had simple, instinctual feelings.

Now that Han Shuo had located the places of extreme earth, wood, and water, he was also confidence in gaining all the materials that he needed through Phoebe’s merchant guild. He’d be able to refine the earth, wood, and water elite zombies. When these three elite zombies were formed, Han Shuo’s personal strength would greatly increase as well.

As long as he could find places of extreme metal and fire as well, he’d be able to put a frightful formation with all five elemental zombies together. He would have even more of a right to speak in this world after that.

Han Shuo didn’t wake Gilbert when he saw all was functioning normally here. He returned soundlessly to the hotel in the Valley of Sunshine and sat cross legged on the bed, meditating. He relaxed his entire body and slowly sank into meditation, not letting up on the slightest bit of time to increase his mental strength.

Phoebe came over early in the morning with her hair tied up. Her long blue skirt made her appear even more elegant and graceful.

She naturally tucked her hand into the crook of Han Shuo’s arm as she walked over and tugged him outside, saying, “Come on, let’s keep shopping in the valley today and collect all the materials you need!”

Han Shuo readily agreed. He’d planned on collecting materials only for the wood elite zombie before, but now that he’d discovered a place of extreme water, he needed to start collecting the materials required for refining the water elite zombie as well. As it bordered three countries, the Valley of Sunshine saw an endless parade of merchants through its borders and all sorts of strange materials could be obtained here. Han Shuo and Phoebe did indeed locate many of the needed items through some patient searching.

The noon sunlight filtered down from the sky into the Valley of Sunshine, basking the entire valley in its light. Its warmth was quite comfortable, and Phoebe’s hand started rubbing her stomach after they finished perusing the most recent shop. She turned to smile at Han Shuo, “I’m a bit hungry, let’s go get some food.”

“You’re familiar with this place and know where all the good food is. Just lead me to it!” Han Shuo responded with a smile.

It was said that at certain levels of magical cultivation, cultivators could go without eating or drinking and just make use of the energy within their body to maintain their lives for a hundred years. They had no need for food to nourish their bodies. However, Han Shuo had yet to reach that stage and apart from nourishment, food was also an enjoyment to him.

Phoebe led the way in the front as the two walked into a small storefront. A few one meter tall dwarves walked out from within and enthusiastically led them to their table.

The shop wasn’t too big and the decorations weren’t that luxurious. There were only a few few simple chairs, but it was incredibly crowded. Some merchants wearing rich furs, with diamond rings sparkling on their fingers, sprawled lazily over narrow chairs and tables, shoveling food into their mouths without a thought of their images.

The two sat down in a quiet corner near the window. Phoebe didn’t ask Han Shuo for his opinion before she said to a dwarf waiting on the side, “The best food in the store!”

The dwarf smiled faintly and bowed urbanely, then quickly left to busy himself.

“Dwarves are quite an odd race. Some of them are adept at forging weapons, others crafting beer. There are those who like cooking as well. Whenever they fall in love with a craft, they always bring about some surprises in their work.”

“The dwarves in this shop were from a remote mountain valley of the Kasi Empire. Their joy in life was to cook all sorts of delicious food. The dishes made by their hands are so tasty that it’s hard to forget about them.” Phoebe smiled faintly and explained to Han Shuo.

Having come from another world, Han Shuo had grown up with the delicacies of Chinese cuisine. He’d tasted the food of that world and had always felt that there was a world of difference between the food here and the illustrious history of food culture in China.

To be honest, Han Shuo didn’t truly believe that the food here would be that much more exquisite or tasty compared to what he’d had in hotels before, so he didn’t hold too much hope and only went along with Phoebe’s words with a smile.

Business here was good. One could see from the numbers of customers and their identities that these high class customers didn’t disdain this place because of its scale. From the way some noblewomen were eating, Han Shuo could see that they were greatly enjoying the food on their plates.

As Han Shuo smiled and chatted with Phoebe, the little dwarf brought over two plates of odd looking food and placed it lightly in front of the two.

It looked like a strange sort of meat that had been cooked to a bright gleam. An interesting smell wafted into Han Shuo’s mouth and nose and rather surprised Han Shuo.

Phoebe, in front of him, had already started digging in with a knife and fork in hand. It was apparent that she also greatly enjoyed the food. When Han Shuo cut into a piece of meat and placed it in his mouth. His brow suddenly uncreased as a delicious taste suffused his mouth. It was like a wondrous magic spell as the deliciousness of food continuously circulated in Han Shuo’s mouth and nose.

His appetite completely expanded, Han Shuo immediately dug in with a vengeance after tasting that small bite. He devoured the food like tigers or wolves swallowing their prey. Han Shuo belched when his stomach bulged. He complimented, “This really is something alright. No wonder there’s so many people trying to squeeze into this small restaurant.”

“Friend, we meet again!” Florida walked in through the door at this time. He stood there in his white magic robes and looked coldly at Han Shuo.

Phoebe was in the midst of enjoying her food when she lifted her head to look at Florida. She then hailed the dwarf and threw down a bag of gold coins on the table. She rose and said to Han Shuo, “Let’s go!”

Han Shuo’s expression was remote as he waved a hand, “I have nothing good to say to him. You can explain things to him directly. If he keeps bothering you, I’ll be happy to have a go or two at him then.”

Having exchanged a few blows with him yesterday, Han Shuo understood that Florida’s strength was mysterious and unfathomable. However, Han Shuo had both magical cultivation and necromancy magic, as well as the mysterious little skeleton and the almost formed earth elite zombie and three yin demons. All of this combined made it so that he had no fear of Florida. As his magical cultivation improved each and every day, he had no need to lower his head in front of anyone.

Phoebe started when Han Shuo spoke thus and then flashed a smile, “I understand.”

She moved and walked over to Florida, cold arrogance replacing her smile from a moment ago. When she reached the door, she pointed at Han Shuo and said to Florida, “He’s my boyfriend, I think we have nothing to talk about. Business is business, but you have no right to interfere in my life. I hope you won’t disturb me in the future!”

Although he was mentally prepared, Florida was still momentarily dazed when he heard these unkind words from Phoebe’s mouth. The stiffness on his face faded away when he faced Phoebe, and he even spoke very gently. He stared tightly at Phoebe, “Where does this kid come from, what can he give you? Why choose him?!”

“Sorry, this has nothing to do with you. I hope you conduct yourself well!” Phoebe expression was remote and she also spoke frostily.

Nodding, Florida barked out a ghastly laugh. He looked at Phoebe and then at Han Shuo in the distance, saying, “Alright!” three times in a row. He then turned and left.

“Give me another plate!” Han Shuo snorted coldly and then turned to the dwarf by his side with a smile.

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