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Chapter 194: Battling the blood water demons

The round well was so deep that it could hide a person’s body. The green colored stones that formed it were cold to the touch, the biting chill travelled deep into his bones.

Han Shuo could feel the abundant water qi within the well as he stood next to it. The two sinister presences within also stirred to action, possibly because they sensed the presence of living beings.

Han Shuo was absolutely overjoyed to discover that a place of extreme water was located at the bottom of a deep well in such a place. If he was able to refine all of the zombies of the five elements, then the “Great Formation of the Divine Zombies and Five Elements” could be formed and devastating power could be brought forth. Han Shuo had already located places of extreme earth and wood. If he added this place of extreme water, then he’d be one step closer to successfully reaching his goal.

As Han Shuo was rejoicing, Phoebe suddenly frowned, “It seems to have gotten colder. You said this is a place of extreme water, what did you mean by that?”

Two bone piercing waves of cold suddenly crept out from the deep well. The well had been calm before the water became agitated and splashed out all over. Clouds of white mist rose from the well and covered the yard.

“They’re coming!” Han Shuo snorted coldly and grabbed Phoebe. He said seriously, “The water demons are coming out to make trouble, be careful!”

The qi within the place of extreme water was extremely concentrated. If anyone drowned here, their soul wouldn’t disperse immediately. With the water qi sustaining it, it would have to absorb only a small amount before forming a water demon.

When water demons absorbed water qi, the strength of the soul would greatly increase and it could then use specialized powers to manipulate the water qi and attack living creatures that approached.

Han Shuo understood all of this when he researched the ways to refine the elite zombies. Therefore, when he sensed the two sinister presences within the well, he immediately understood that two water demons had been somehow created.

However, what he didn’t understand was why the little skeleton could sense this. What was it that existed here that could’ve attracted him?

The little skeleton wielded its bone dagger and stood next to the deep well, his eyes staring into it. Han Shuo didn’t know what he was waiting for and what he’d planned on buying.

The water qi crept throughout the yard in the form of a thick, dense mist. The scenery in the surroundings were also affected and grew increasingly blurry and indistinct. The water qi was encompassed in the same sinister presence. It’d been cold to begin with, and now temperature decreased even more rapidly.

“I can’t see anything!” Phoebe cried out in surprise.

“This is the water demons manipulating the water qi to form a water curtain. They’ll attack us through the cover of the curtain!” Han Shuo said calmly from the side, calming Phoebe’s madly thumping heart.

Phoebe’s vision was only on the level of an ordinary person. Even though she’d trained her fighting aura, her eyes were barely sharper than that of an ordinary person. There was a world of difference between herself and a demon practitioner such as Han Shuo.

Therefore, although her vision was obscured, Han Shuo’s eyes weren’t affected at all. There seemed to be silver lightning flashing through his eyes as he looked calmly through the white mist.

Suddenly, the bubbling water within the well shot out like a fountain. The clear water droplets seemed to have a life of their own as they formed columns that churned towards Han Shuo and Phoebe.

A sinister and chilly presence emanated from the well. Even with Han Shuo’s durable body, he too began to feel a hint of coldness. The water-formed columns were in a state between liquid and solid, reaching for Han Shuo and Phoebe’s body like a pliable eel.

“Looking for death!” Han Shuo grinned a rather ruthless grin.

Red spellfire suddenly flared to life in his hands like evil fire looking to incinerate everything in its path, standing at attention in front of Han Shuo and Phoebe’s bodies. The surrounding frosty presence immediately started cracking and popping as soon as the red spell fire appeared, and its fiery heat spread throughout the vicinity, immediately warming Phoebe’s body.

The several hundred eel-like columns evaporated as they neared Han Shuo’s red spellfire.

Two ugly, low roars sounded from within the well, like the final cries for help of a drowning person. Two red figures shot out from within, seemingly formed of red blood and continuously distorting in the air. They finally settled into the figure of a man and a woman, but a shade was still a shade in the end, and they possessed no visible features.

“Water blood demons!” Han Shuo started and looked askance at the two shadows.

Water demons resided in places of extreme water. If they harmed too many lifeforms, they would absorb the blood as well.

Blood was also a liquid and had the same characteristics as water. The boiling blood of a lifeform near death held another sort of wondrous power. The water demons would absorb this blood, and when enough blood was absorbed, they would be able to evolve into the more powerful and cruel blood water demon.

When the water demons formed blood water demons, not only would they be able to manipulate the water qi within places of extreme water, but they would even be able to manipulate the blood of living beings. They were very difficult to face off against, and Han Shuo was quite surprised to see two blood water demons appear in front of him.

Contrary to other bloodthirsty creatures, the blood water demon could cover the scent of blood on their bodies with the power of water. This was why Han Shou hadn’t smelled the blood even with his sensitive nose.

The two blood water demons emerged from the well and wavered in the air, pouncing towards Han Shuo and Phoebe like two bloody clouds. The evil power suddenly suffused the area around Han Shuo and Phoebe. Han Shuo immediately felt the blood in his body boil and it seemed to want to break free of his control.

He turned to see that Phoebe was in even more dire straits. Two streams of blood were already flowing out of her nose and her charming face was quite bedraggled.

Cursing under his breath, Han Shuo grabbed Phoebe and threw her outside with all his strength, roaring, “Leave now!”

Phoebe had been flung out whether or not she’d consented. As a swordmaster, Phoebe had incredible strength and Han Shuo wasn’t worried that she’d be injured upon landing. He was more worried that she wouldn’t even have the chance to make a move against the two blood water demons before dying of blood loss first.

The blood within his body raged out of his control and surged towards his orifices. Han Shuo brought out the Demonslayer Edge, but as it howled and stabbed into their bodies, it caused them no injury.

The blood water demons were formed of liquid, and no matter how sharp the Demonslayer Edge was, they would easily reform after he hacked them into various segments.

The two water demons continued to advance towards Han Shuo after coalescing again. With the blood water demon’s abilities, they would be able to suck him dry of his blood in an instant once they covered his body, turning him into a dry husk.

As a demon cultivator, the power within Han Shuo’s blood wasn’t something any ordinary person or expert in this world could measure up to.

The blood water demons also seemed to have sensed this and had set their sights on Han Shuo as their greatest source of nourishment, completely ignoring Phoebe. Not a single iota of their attention was split out for her as they all focused completely on Han Shuo, proving the emphasis they placed on him.

His blood churning madly, the magical yuan preventing blood from flowing out of his body with all its might. The two forces restrained Han Shuo’s body as his blood frothed, preventing Han Shuo from moving that much.

However, the strength of the magical yuan was also demonstrated in this moment. As a swordmaster, Phoebe had no defense whatsoever and her blood was already flowing freely out of her. However, Han Shuo could use his magical cultivation to firmly prevent his blood from flowing outwards. Although the defense was a bit difficult, he’d been able to accomplish the fact that none of his blood had flowed out of his body up until now.

The greedy blood water demons were finally about to cover Han Shuo. Being confined and unable to bring his magical cultivation to bear, he could only rely on his necromancy magic. The bone spear, arrows, and corpse explosion spell were released one by one, but had no effect on the demons.

Han Shuo suddenly understood that the two blood water demons could only be harmed by high temperature flames. However, his magical yuan was completely preoccupied in prevent his blood from geysering out and none could be spared for the “Mystical Glacial Spellfire”.

Freaking hell! Am I going to die by the hand of two blood water demons? I really don’t want that! Forget it, I should be able to deploy the “Mystical Glacial Spellfire” even if my blood is streaming out of me. Since I’ve formed the demon infant, even if all my blood and body is lost, I can still be reborn using it. I’ll just be gravely injured, but it’ll be a lot better than dying.

These thoughts ran through Han Shuo’s mind as he made up his mind and decided that he would kill the two blood water demons even if he would be left gravely injured.

A mysterious message was suddenly transmitted from the little skeleton at this time, as if he understood Han Shuo’s intentions. The little skeleton sent a conscious feeling over that anxiously asked Han Shuo to stop.

There were no concrete words or language, just a message for Han Shuo to stop that he could clearly feel. He’d planned on immediately making a move, but actually froze, thinking furiously.

There were only five or six meters separating him and the blood water demons. He couldn’t move and could only stare ahead, unable to see a trace of the little skeleton.

If he didn’t act now, he might be covered at any moment by his two enemies and have his blood sucked dry in an instant. His body would lose life instantly and the demon infant would likely be unable to escape as well. His entire being would vanish without a trace.

The little skeleton anxiously asked Han Shuo to stop, making him uncertain if he should proceed with his plan or not. As he watched the two blood water demons close in on him, he sighed lightly and made a decision that he didn’t know was right or not — he would trust in the little skeleton!

His eyes suddenly grew resolute as he threw his previous plans away. Han Shuo stood where he was and didn’t make any move, just waiting for the little skeleton and taking a gamble on his life.

The two blood water demons finally enveloped him and Han Shuo could no longer control his blood from splurging out of his orifices like tidewaters.

A deep wave of despair suddenly grew in Han Shuo’s heart, but he didn’t hate the little skeleton, but rather trusted the latter instead. He didn’t have any regrets even if he truly died here.

Suddenly, Han Shuo’s rapid loss of blood halted like someone had stepped on the brakes. The mysterious power controlling his blood suddenly vanished without a trace, and Han Shuo’s magical yuan once again flowed smoothly throughout his body. All returned to normal as his blood settled down again.

The two blood water demons started thrashing violently in front of him. Han Shuo could read from their violent twists and struggles the expression they wanted to express — fear!

Han Shuo’s body could move about freely now after his blood had returned to normal. He looked up and saw some bone spurs sticking into the two blood water demons. The little skeleton was looking at him with empty eye sockets as his body was slightly crouched, two leg bones stamped firmly on the blood water demons as all seven bone spurs were stuck firmly within them.

Streaks of bloody splendor flowed swiftly into the little skeleton’s body through the seven bone spurs. The seven bone spurs, that had seemed to dull, flared with bewitching red light as the broken ribs in front of the little skeleton rearranged themselves with a speed that Han Shuo could see, also gleaming with a bloody light.

In contrast, the two blood water demons, that had been a vivid, blood red, suddenly dimmed as their color surged rapidly towards where the bone spurs were stuck in their bodies. The two blood water demons slowly turned ghastly white and Han Shuo could feel all the qi that they’d collected over who knew how long flow swiftly into the little skeleton’s body, along with their life force and blood.

This situation wasn’t maintained for long. When the blood water demons had thoroughly turned a ghastly white, their bodies transformed into two puddles of water with a splashing sound and fell to the ground.

The mist that had suffused the yard was swept away by the wind, and the waning moon shed a red light over the yard, giving it a few hints of a desolate beauty.

Clunk. The little skeleton fell down from midair because he’d lost his support after the two blood water demons disappeared.

Reaching out a hand to rub his head, the little skeleton’s empty eye sockets met Han Shuo’s. A surge of joy traveled into Han Shuo’s heart from the little skeleton, and his originally vividly red body started changing once again. Each bone had had blood red splendor sparkling over it, but it’d now turned back into its originally pure white color.

Since the little skeleton had been summoned and refined as a magical treasure, his skeleton had gone from inky black to blood red. Now, he’d changed back, but the stark white of the little skeleton’s bones were obviously greatly different from that of a normal skeletal warrior.

His bones were translucent and as pure as beautiful jade. It even seemed to be sparkling with eye catching light, making various thoughts rise in Han Shuo’s mind.

Han Shuo finally understood now why the little skeleton had stopped in front of the shop and hadn’t moved. He must’ve been attracted by the blood water demon’s energy!

Han Shuo recalled that last time, in Bob Ascher’s slave trading house, the Calamity Church necromancer Clarendon had used fresh blood to summon the three eyed demon god. The blood had been absorbed by the little skeleton in the end. Perhaps it was because of this that, although the blood water demons could conceal the scent of blood from Han Shuo, they couldn’t do the same to the little skeleton and this was why he’d stopped in front of the shop.

As Han Shuo thought silently, another wisp of consciousness came from the little skeleton once more. He was actually strongly requesting to return to the other dimension, and Han Shuo could clearly feel his ardent desire to exact revenge.

Having absorbed the strength of the two blood water demons, the little skeleton had undergone a significant transformation. Not only had his injuries from the previous battle been recovered, he seemed to have heightened his abilities as well. This was why he was so confident now.

The little skeleton’s fighting spirit and requests were quite strong. Han Shuo hesitated for a moment, and felt that no particular problems would arise if he kept part of his mind on the situation. He then used the necromancy spell to once again send the little skeleton back to the mysterious plane.

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