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Chapter 182: A fierce battle

Everything was incredibly chaotic within the manor as fires licked at all the houses. Groups of black robed people scurried hither and thither amidst waves of panic as Gryphon Legion soldiers chased them everywhere, completely throwing the manor into wild disarray.

“Wait for us!” Two shapely black figures suddenly rushed out as Han Shuo, Emily, and Gilbert were running in another direction.

Han Shuo knew this should be Phoebe as soon as he heard the voice. It went without saying that the other person was Candice. The two of them had set fire to everything when the mission had just begin. As a fire mage swordsman, such matters came naturally to Candice. She had engulfed the entire place in a sea of flames after a short while.

There were a few Gryphon Legion soldiers behind them, and another awe inspiring elder wielding a longsword that flared with silver fighting aura.

The man quickly dashed over, and his imposing presence made it hard for one to look directly at him. He lightly waved the great sword in his hand and thoroughly pulverized all trees, shrubbery, and rocks in the silver fighting aura’s path. Even the ground split open with various cracks, demonstrating the frightening ferocity of the fighting aura.

“He’s Clark’s master, great swordmaster Gabriel! We need to get out of here!” Candice grew extremely worried as she called out and fled towards Han Shuo with an even faster speed.

Gabriel was extremely swift as he’d flung the Gryphon Legion soldiers with him far behind. As a great swordmaster, Gabriel possessed extreme strength. Han Shuo needed to take one glance at him to know that there was no one beside him who could fight Gabriel alone.

As they witnessed Gabriel picking up speed, about to overtake Phoebe and Candice, Han Shuo’s heart clenched as he looked at Gabriel, suddenly remembering the might of Gilbert’s transformation and immediately shouted, “Damn it, hurry up and transform!”

Han Shuo concentrated like he never had before and, at the same time, compelled the Demonslayer Edge to fly wildly at great swordmaster Gabriel. Infusing the Demonslayer Edge with magical yuan, a thick magical aura flared out from it, with a bizarre sense of fire and frost interspersed within it.

The Demonslayer Edge howled and slashed through the air, appearing directly in front of great swordmaster Gabriel, stabbing directly towards him. That odd sense of heat brought an exceedingly dangerous presence and rather surprised Gabriel.

Snorting coldly, Gabriel waved the longsword in his hand and suddenly gave birth to a silver firework in the distance, as resplendent as the shattered stars. Han Shuo suddenly felt an enormous force explode out of the glorious silver sparkles and attempt to firmly hold the Demonslayer Edge in place.

A burst of tremendous energy surged violently into the Demonslayer Edge. Gabriel’s silver fighting aura was incredibly overbearing, rumbling on the surface of the Demonslayer Edge as though it wished to ravage everything. The enveloping silver light caused the Demonslayer Light to emit humming noises.

This tyrannical power wound its way around the Demonslayer Edge in an instant, chaotically mixing with the fire and frost energy that Han Shuo had created inside the blade with his magic. The magical energy from the “Mystical Glacial Spellfire” that had coalesced in the blade rapidly disappeared.

Muttering a quick curse, Han Shuo knew that his magical training had been too brief. No matter how fantastical his magic was, with such a short amount of time spent on training, he was still unable to measure up to Gabriel’s decades spent coalescing his fighting aura. In the moment they’d connected, the magical yuan within the Demonslayer Edge completely dissipated, and the result a foregone conclusion.

However, because of the Demonslayer Edge’s obstruction, it slowed down Gabriel’s pursuit of Phoebe and Candice. Han Shuo felt that things weren’t right when he couldn’t resummon the Demonslayer Edge back to his hand.

He thought quickly as his heart clenched. Han Shuo swiftly sang out a magic spell as two bone spears suddenly flew towards Gabriel. In the instant that Han Shuo made his move, Emily also released a dark magic spell.

At the same time, Han Shuo used his entire strength to quickly circulate the magical yuan within the Demonslayer Edge and used Gabriel’s distraction in fending off their magical attacks to wrest the Demonslayer Edge away from the ball of silver light. Because he’d spent too much energy and the speed of the circulating magical yuan was beyond Han Shuo’s limits, Han Shuo couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood, having already been injured.

“You’re injured, let me down, I think I’ve recovered!” Caspian, on Han Shuo’s back, could clearly feel Han Shuo’s body tremble violently and immediately spoke when he saw Han Shuo spit out a mouthful of blood.

Gabriel had already destroyed Han Shuo and Emily’s magics in this short amount of time and his cold, grey eyes once again swept towards Han Shuo and Emily. His gaze on Han Shuo in particular was infused with some surprise, as he seemed to be incredibly curious about Han Shuo’s magical yuan and the Demonslayer Edge.

Bam! sounded out as Han Shuo turned his head to see that Gilbert had finally transformed back into an enormous black dragon. His body was covered with black scales and he’d already crushed the wall in front of Han Shuo and the others.

“Everyone, on his back!” Han Shuo was delighted to see Gilbert reveal the body of a black dragon and roared out loudly, throwing Caspian over to Gilbert as well.

He used a certain amount of force when he did so, so that when Caspian arrived where Gilbert was, the momentum around his body would lessen and it wouldn’t cause too much harm to the druid.

Apart from Emily knowing Gilbert’s identity in advance, Gilbert’s sudden transformation shocked everyone senseless. They stared, open mouthed, at the enormous Gilbert and couldn’t really react for a while.

“All Gryphon Legion soldiers gather here! Archers and spear throwers, prepare your arrows, spears, and crossbows! You can be dragonslayers today!” Gabriel’s loud call suddenly rang out and spread throughout the manor.

“Why aren’t you getting on yet?!” Han Shuo couldn’t help but roar furiously when he saw that Candice and Phoebe were still dithering about on the ground in shock.

Dark dragons were also labeled as the most evil and greedy amongst the dragons. They liked to live in the gloomy underworld, and were lustful, shameless, and greedy. They were practically the materialization of evil on the earth. That such a dark dragon had suddenly appeared in front of them, it was no wonder that Phoebe and Candice didn’t know how to react.

But when Han Shuo urged them on a second time, the two girls finally recognized the dark dragon’s relationship with Han Shuo and looked askance at him, leaping up to land on Gilbert’s back.

When he saw that Emily, Phoebe, and Caspian had all leapt until Gilbert’s back, Han Shuo relaxed and activated the Art to also fly towards Gilbert. “Leave immediately, but don’t take to the skies, or you’ll become a flying target.”

“Honored master, you must block the spears and arrows that fly my way.” Gilbert had a mouth full of sharp teeth now and his dragon’s breath was filled with a piercing odd smell. His voice also appeared to have an additional layer of dignity in it.

“I know, all is a mess here anyways. Just destroy anything that gets in your way. Don’t pay heed to anything else as long as we can get out of here.” Han Shuo didn’t put any restrictions on Gilbert now as long as they could make it out of this sticky situation alive.

When Caspian heard Han Shuo’s orders, he seemed to want to protest, but when he thought of how Han Shuo had helped him numerous times already and that he was trying to get everyone out alive, he said nothing in the end after moving his lips a few times.

“Wahahaha, then alright, I’ll do as I see fit!” Gilbert spoke excitedly with his dignified voice.

That heavily fanged mouth suddenly yawned open and sprayed a gout of acidic poison into the distance. Dragonbreath accompanied this spray, and the archers, who had just set up their formation, hastily retreated. Those who didn’t back up in time were reduced to melting flesh after their bodies had came into contact with the acid. Death was the only way out for them.

After this breath went out, scores of Gryphon Legion soldiers appeared suddenly. They wielded silver spears and gleaming silver armor as they flew in on the backs of gryphons. The person in front was fierce and stocky. He looked middle aged as the silver fighting aura from the spear in his hand shot out two to three meters tall, making that silver spear, carved with mystical patterns, appearing even longer.

“Hurry and go, Bob Ascher has arrived! It looks like the Calamity Church has failed indeed!” When he saw that the dark dragon still wanted to rampage around, Han Shuo quickly kicked him in the side and hastily gave this order.

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