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Chapter 179: Officially starting the mission

In the end, Angelica went into Candice’s room with Han Shuo. They chatted with Phoebe as well and learned that Emily had gone out on business.

With Emily and Phoebe here, Han Shuo didn’t need to worry about Angelica’s safety as much, and left with the excuse that he had something to do. He returned to his own room to quietly practice another high level necromancy magic — summoning hate warriors.

Clarendon’s years of knowledge, combined with Han Shuo’s own spirited fortitude, meant that he struggled for a few hours’ worth of time before he became well versed in the art of summoning hate warriors. Eventually, he managed to summon before him from the other dimension, a hate warrior holding a metal club.

This summoning consumed most of Han Shuo’s mental energy. As he meditated, he felt his mental strength quickly recovering after using the transportation matrix to return to the cemetery of death.

“Evil master, are you finally going to take me away now that you’ve come?” As soon as Han Shuo appeared, dark dragon Gilbert began to make a ruckus in a loud voice.

“That’s right, this time I’m really going to take you away from here,” Han Shuo smiled as he spoke, seeing Gilbert looking especially crestfallen.

As soon as he heard that he could finally leave the cemetery of death, Gilbert’s dejection was replaced by ecstasy in a flash, as he started a continuous stream of fawning compliments.

“Enough, you should get ready. We’re going to leave soon!” Han Shuo said impatiently as he quickly walked to the place where he was refining the earth elite zombies. He discovered that the qi of earth streaming towards the center seemed to flow slower and slower from when he had first started. It seemed that the elite earth zombie had absorbed nearly all of the earth qi from the cemetery of death.

The yin demon cave was on the other side and its resentful spirits were still struggling over who would swallow the three drops of essence blood that Han Shuo had dropped in before. Because his actual strength was comparable to the true demon realm, Han Shuo’s magical yuan had changed fundamentally. Not to mention the fact that it had three drops of Han Shuo’s essence blood to sustain it, the yin demon cave could actually operate for quite a long time. It wasn’t like the time when he was only refining the original demons and had to infuse it with magical yuan everyday.

Seeing that everything in the cemetery of death looked normal, Han Shuo didn’t linger, but instead attended to the entreaties of the dragon Gilbert and brought him out of the cemetery of death.

After returning to Elaine’s hotel, Han Shuo told Gilbert to stay in his room while he practiced magic the entire night to ensure his best performance.

The afternoon of the second day, Han Shuo stayed in his room. He also forbid Gilbert to take a single step outside while he spent the entire day mastering the adept level necromancy magic corpse explosion.

Towards evening time, Gilbert finally couldn’t take it any longer. He made an uproar towards Han Shuo from inside the room. “What kind of lame place is this? After we left the other place, we’ve stayed here the entire time! I’m about to get ill from being so stifled.”

The meditating Han Shuo suddenly exhaled, opening his thoughtful eyes to look at Gilbert. “All right. We’ll leave this place immediately. When we do, you have to keep your mouth shut the entire way and do as I say. If you dare to try anything without my permission then I’ll leave you in the cemetery of death forever.”

“What is it? What kind of things are we doing at night? Haha, esteemed master, don’t worry, I’ll definitely pull my own weight!” Gilbert immediately became incredibly excited when he heard Han Shuo’s words.

Footsteps sounded from outside at this moment as Emily’s voice rang out, “Are you inside?”

Han Shuo immediately stood up when he heard it was Emily and opened the door to ask, “How are things? Did you manage to take care of everything?”

The open door revealed Emily’s voluptuous body, making Gilbert’s eyes widen in appreciation. He suddenly whistled and said excitedly, “A beauty, it’s a great beauty!”

“Shut up!” Han Shuo turned back to glare ferociously at Gilbert. Gilbert didn’t dare say anything after this, but he kept looking at Emily up and down and looked at Han Shuo with a face full of envy.

“Who is he?” Emily wasn’t aware of Gilbert’s existence and looked at Han Shuo in surprise when she suddenly saw him appear.

“One of us. There won’t be any problem with him at all. He’ll take action with us and he’ll be able to help us quite a bit.” Han Shuo explained.

Although Gilbert was still a young dark dragon, he possessed great destructive abilities when he transformed into his dragon form. If a dark dragon added to the chaos in a critical moment, this would greatly increase the success of Han Shuo and the others missions.

Emily had never doubted anything Han Shuo said, so Gilbert’s appearance only made her get to know him that much better. She didn’t question Han Shuo’s methods.

“The great druid Caspian has yet to return and even Angelica is quite worried. Forget the Battlefire mercenary band this time. Candice and the others don’t know our identity and planned a mission. I just saw that Candice asked the other members of her band to temporarily take care of Angelica, and that senior swordsman Davis was quite happy about that. You don’t need to worry about Angelica’s safety for the time being.” It looked like Emily had learnt of the conflict between the two from Phoebe, which was why she was saying this to Han Shuo now.

“Alright, since this is the case, let’s leave it to them.” Han Shuo thought for a bit and opened his mouth to say.

Since Caspian had yet to return, that meant something must have happened. However, Han Shuo wasn’t great friends with Caspian, so he wouldn’t alter his long laid out plans for Caspian.

The middle aged Bob Ascher had lost two of his sons in the span of a few months. This matter had been a matter of great shock to him. As the true master of Valen City, Clark’s funeral had to be conducted with all due pomp and ceremony.

All sorts of luxurious carriages were parked in front of the Ascher manor, with no one of any importance in Valen City daring to miss such an important occasion. No matter how busy things were at home, they would always manage to squeeze out the time to come comfort old Ascher’s injured soul.

“So we’re here to participate in a funeral!” Gilbert stood in a quiet corner next to Han Shuo and Emily as he spoke with disinterest.

“No, we’re here to make a mess.” Han Shuo chuckled lowly and said, “If the mission is successful, I’ll award you, so work hard.”

When he heard that they were here to cause a mess and that there might be rewards later that night, Gilbert’s interest was hugely sparked once again as he laughed heartily. He was about to walk inside when Han Shuo grabbed him back with a hand again.

“We can’t go in through the front door since we’re here to make a mess, stupid!” Han Shuo hectored Gibert with ill temper and nodded towards Emily. The three of them circled around the manor and arrived at a high wall where no one else was present.

“Ascher’s even set up some magical protection at some key parts of his manor, but there shouldn’t be a problem if we enter through here. Be careful though, I’ll go up first to take a look.” Emily spoke softly and used a levitation spell to slowly rise into the air, taking a look around when she got to the top before making a gesture towards Han Shuo.

“Can you still fly?” Han Shuo looked at Gilbert by his side as he prepared to make a move.

Shaking his head, Gilbert answered honestly, “Only if I transform back to my original form. Otherwise I won’t be able to fly.”

“Being a burden from the very beginning!” Han Shuo looked disdainfully at Gilbert and grabbed his nape, using the “Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens” to fly into the air and land beside Emily, the three of them descending together.

Han Shuo and Gilbert followed behind Emily after descending as they passed through two corridors and an artificial mountain, appearing in the crowded manor with bland expressions.

The three of them had changed clothes earlier, and Emily had applied some magical solution to her face, completely altering her appearance. Even Han Shuo barely recognized her. The three of them was dressed like the rest of the guests at the manor, so no one gave them any trouble when they appeared within the crowd.

“Wow, so many women! So many beautiful women!” Gilbert was a bit excited as his eyes spun lustfully in all directions, speaking to Han Shuo lowly.”

“Mind your image Gilbert!” Han Shuo cursed lowly as his eyes also darted to and fro. He finally located Belinda and Johnny from the Calamity Church, noting that they had also arrived.

In a distance not too far away, Lawrence had also used a magical solution to alter his appearance and waved at Han Shuo when he saw their group arrive.

Emily had arranged for Phoebe and Candice to be elsewhere. They would set things on fire as soon as the Calamity Church made their move, utterly throwing the manor into chaos.

Add to that a schedule adjustment from Lawrence’s man, the defensive capabilities of the manor at that time would certainly be at its weakest. Han Shuo and Emily would then take advantage of the confusion to sneak into the Ascher secret room.

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