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Chapter 174: Cover is blown

After leaving the Dark Forest, Han Shuo and Emily split up, making his way towards Lawrence’s new place of residence.

When Han Shuo saw Lawrence, the latter immediately thanked Han Shuo, “Thank you so much for last time, otherwise Lisa might have been put in danger.”

“No problem, considering my relationship with Lisa, this was something I should’ve done. Right, how is Lisa now?” Han Shuo sat down and asked Lawrence with a smile.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already sent her back to Ossen City. As strong as the Gryphon Legion is, they wouldn’t dare to do anything in the capital.”

“That’s wonderful. Oh right, your junior sister Phoebe is also in Valen City. She has some dealings with the Gryphon Legion.” Han Shuo started talking about Phoebe with Lawrence.

Surprise on his face, Lawrence was quite shocked and looked at Han Shuo in confusion, “What is she doing in Valen City? What’s going on?”

Due to his previous understanding, Han Shuo discovered that Lawrence and Phoebe had a tight relationship. As the third prince, it’d be better if he knew everything that Phoebe had done. Therefore, after Lawrence started asking, Han Shuo sketched out what had happened.

After Han Shuo finished, Lawrence thought deeply with a furrowed brow for a bit and then looked deeply at Han Shuo. “It looks like I have you to thank for helping Phoebe in this matter. Your Dark Mantle is truly all powerful!”

Han Shuo started in fright after hearing these words. His eyes focused on Lawrence and he looked deeply at Lawrence for a bit. Han Shuo sighed softly, “When did you discover my identity?”

“When we left the slave trading house.” Lawrence smiled in response and hesitated before speaking again, “More accurately speaking, I’ve just found out of your identity now. Ever since we left the trading house last time, I began to suspect Madame Emily’s identity. I found someone to confirm it for me and then started investigating you.”

It wasn’t something ignoble to work for the Dark Mantle. Within the senior ranks of the Empire, the existence of the Dark Mantle wasn’t a secret. Its mission and operations wouldn’t harm ordinary people unless this person did something that harmed the Empire. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with what the Dark Mantle was doing.

Musing silently for a moment, Han Shuo’s expression returned to normal as he smiled, “That’s right, I’ve just joined the Dark Mantle, but I’ve truly recognized its strength!”

“Then, you must know a great deal about me?” Lawrence suddenly asked Han Shuo with a faint smile.

Starting, Han Shuo laughed heartily, “Of course, you’re Lawrence, the son of the finance minister. Everyone knows this!”

Even though Han Shuo knew full well of Lawrence’s identity, he couldn’t voice it, otherwise the relationship between him and Lawrence would change. At the very least, Lawrence would probe Han Shuo’s thoughts or invite the latter to exert effort on Lawrence’s behalf. This was a conundrum that Han Shuo currently didn’t wish to face, so he felt that playing dumb was the smartest move.

Lawrence had a strange smile on his face after Han Shuo’s declaration and he looked deeply at Han Shuo for a bit before responding, “Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. With your visit to Valen City this time, you have surely come to understand that Bob Ascher has the desire to rebel and are here to collect evidence. I’ve come here for similar purposes in taking down this Gryphon Legion Chief. Can you tell me your current progress?”

Han Shuo hesitated a bit and quickly weighed the gains and losses in his mind before mentioning that he had laid hands on evidence regarding the siege weapons and had given it to his superior in the Dark Mantle to officially arrest Bob Ascher. But Han Shuo remained silent on anything regarding the Calamity Church, he didn’t want Lawrence to know of what was happening in this regard.

“It looks like our goals are the same, I think we can work together. What plans do you have? How can I help?” Lawrence asked Han Shuo.

Han Shuo eyed Lawrence and asked, “Then, what can you help us with?”

Smiling mysteriously, Lawrence looked deeply at Han Shuo and said, “I have someone inside the Gryphon Legion, second to only Bob Ascher. He can directly deploy some of the Legion for us at certain times and do much for us.”

Han Shuo’s mind worked furiously, there was much to mine from these words. It looked like Lawrence was here not only to take down Bob Ascher, but likely to raise his own person as a replacement and thoroughly take control of the Gryphon Legion, paving the way for his future attempt on the throne.

“That would be for the best. Let me consolidate things a few things. We’ll make a move in the next two days and I’ll be in touch to discuss how to coordinate!” Han Shuo responded after thinking for a moment.

“No problem, I’ll wait for your good news. Heh heh, we’re friends now, and I have utmost confidence in your style. I know you’re prudent enough and trust that you won’t make any large mistakes in your plans. Let me know when you’ve settled everything and I’ll do my best to coordinate with you. It’s a win-win situation for us.” Lawrence laughed heartily and spoke forthrightly to Han Shuo.

“Alright, then I’ll be going now.” Han Shuo took his leave after Lawrence finished speaking and walked over to Elaine’s hotel, not too far off in the distance.

When Han Shuo arrived at the hotel, he discovered that Belinda’s wrecked room had been mostly repaired, and looked like it would be open for business again soon. Han Shuo hadn’t checked out of Emily’s room yet, so he returned to it after arriving in the hotel.

The chubby, middle aged lady Elaine walked out not too long afterwards and closed the door with a smile, “Thank you so much for your aid, otherwise my hotel would’ve been destroyed in the hands of that woman from the Calamity Church!”

“It looks like Emily’s already told you everything that’s happened.” Han Shuo said.

Nodding, Elaine said, “Yes, Madame Emily came by once to tell me everything, and told me to keep an eye on the guests. Do you have any instructions for me?”

“Of those within the hotel, who has yet to leave? In addition, has the female mage swordsman of the mercenary band been in touch with anyone else?” Han Shuo couldn’t help but ask when he thought of his agreement with Phoebe.

“There’s been no changes in the guests here. The great druid and little female elf still temporarily occupy their rooms. The two of them went out earlier today and returned not too shortly after. Apart from the girl called Candice, those of the mercenary band have all gone out once, seemingly to look for new missions and haven’t returned yet.”

“I observed for a bit and no one suspicious seems to have walked into Candice’s room, and I haven’t seen her leave either. Apart from this, there has been nothing out of the ordinary within the hotel. The Gryphon Legion has sent men once to patrol and asked about the collapsed room. I covered it up.” The frightening events that had just taken place in the hotel hadn’t seemed to affect her as Elaine spoke calmly of what had taken place, describing everything in great detail.

“Those of the Gryphon Legion don’t suspect this place, do they?” Han Shuo asked with a frown after remaining silent for a while.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think there’s any trouble. I’ve been in Valen City for many years and have known long ago how to handle the Gryphon Legion.” Elaine guaranteed with confidence.

Han Shuo wasn’t able to say much else after her words, otherwise it would appear that he didn’t trust her. He nodded, said “You’ve done well”, and indicated for her to go about her business.

He thought for a moment after she left; he should still tell Candice that Phoebe might come looking for her, just in case she suddenly left.

Walking out of his room, Han Shuo contemplated how to broach the subject with Candice. As he walked towards her room, he suddenly heard, “Bad guy!”, and saw the little elf Angelica point and yell at him from Caspian’s room window.

He smiled wryly and made a face at Angelica, ignoring her and continuing towards Candice’s room. However, he soon heard running footsteps from Angelica’s direction. It was obviously Angelica in hot pursuit.

“Bad guy, what are you doing here?” Angelica had already rushed up and spoke with some happiness.

“Why, here to kidnap someone like you, of course!” Han Shuo winked and chuckled devilishly.

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