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Chapter 167: Capturing the female alchemist

“Be careful!” Emily cried out in warning when she saw Han Shuo rush forward.

The courtyard was the size of a basketball court. With Han Shuo’s speed, he arrived in front of Belinda and the others almost as soon as Emily had finished talking.

But just as Han Shuo moved, Fereeca and his brothers understood what he was after and surrounded Belinda in their midst. They protected her on three sides and kept all three pairs of eyes on him, grasping their magic swords in their hands tightly.

Han Shuo chanted the spell for the “Dark Mist” lowly as he charged forward. He immediately released the spell when he appeared next to the four, enclosing everyone within it.

“Damn it, he’s a necromancer!” Fereeca cursed as the magic sword in his hand suddenly sent out brilliant crackles of lightning, lighting up the darkness around them.

Two zombie warriors and the dagger wielding little skeleton appeared within the dark mist. The three of them started attacking the three brothers at the same time under Han Shuo’s commands.

Even with the light from the lightning, absolute visibility still couldn’t be gained in the area covered by the dark mist, particularly due to the fact that it was also nighttime. As the caster, Han Shuo circled the three brothers like a ghost hidden in the darkness and was in no hurry to make his move.

The two zombie warriors were immediately hit with devastating attacks when they neared the three brothers. The one wielding the fire sword sent one of the zombie warrior’s clubs flying with one fiery stroke, engulfing the zombie warrior with flames in an instant. The other was remarkably agile with his commanded of wind magic and the speed of his flurrying strokes were too fast to be witnessed.

More than ten strokes landed on the other zombie warrior in the blink of an eye, making it lose the ability to battle in a short amount of time.

Two bone spears broke through the air at the same time aiming for Fereeca. The little skeleton brandished the bone dagger and also sped towards Fereeca.

To Fereeca, he felt that the bone spears were more of a threat than the little skeleton. When he heard the bone spears whistle towards him, he concentrated his attention on the source of the sound, flashing through the darkness like a streak of lightning and bringing them both down.

The little skeleton, who’d been moving as slowly as a regular skeletal warrior until now, suddenly picked up speed and stabbed swiftly at Fereeca’s chest.

“Be careful!” Belinda, manipulating the golem off on the side, noticed this abnormality and shrieked a warning.

Fereeca startled in a fright and didn’t defend himself in time. He immediately dodged, but a large bit of flesh was carved out of his chest and he grimaced in pain.

The Demonslayer Edge’s harsh howling suddenly sounded piercingly at this moment, displaying a heart stopping red splendor in the darkness and quickly moved between Fereeca and his brothers.

Two soft sounds broke through the air, like a wooden stick breaking through paper.

The two who had just finished off the zombie warriors hadn’t even had time to clearly see what had happened when they felt a gusty draft in their chests. They lowered their heads to see a great, bloody hole in their chests and that their blood was spurting out like arrows.

The two fell down with a thud shortly after looking down at their chests.

On the other side, Caspian discovered that the golem’s movements had suddenly become a bit stiff due to Belinda’s distraction. He immediately waved his staff and once again commanded the branches to entangle the golem.

Beneath the tree, Emily took out her staff and swiveled her gaze between the golem and Han Shuo, seeming to monitor the danger within the terrain.

“Don’t kill her, just capture her!” Emily saw that the Demonslayer Edge was howling louder and louder after having feasted on the blood of the two mage swordsman. She spoke up in reminder when she saw that moving streak of red drift closer and closer to Belinda.

If it hadn’t been for Emily’s reminder, the Demonslayer Edge would’ve reaped Belinda’s life in the next second. Han Shuo immediately understood Emily’s thoughts and summoned the Demonslayer Edge back to him, having it sink back into the palm of his hand.

Having evaded one of the little skeleton’s bone dagger attacks already, Fereeca’s chest was on fire, but this pain was only temporary, as the little skeleton’s seven blood red bone spurs spun out and suddenly nailed him to the floor.

The seven blood red bone spurs were all sparkling with an evil, red splendor as the blood within Fereeca’s body all quickly flowed into the seven bone spurs. They had sucked Fereeca’s body dry in an exceedingly quick manner. His body was like a piece of dried, aged meat.

As the seven bone spurs drained Fereeca of his blood, the little skeleton seemed to enjoy this greatly as it capered happily with bone dagger in hand, giving Belinda, who stood in the distance, a feeling of uncontrollable fear.

“Don’t move.” Belinda suddenly heard a harshly cold voice behind her in the darkness, and then saw the bizarre weapon, that had reaped the lives of two of her men, resting on her shoulder.

“Who are you to interfere in the matters of the Calamity Church?” Belinda wasn’t panicked as her sapphire eyes looked ahead to the front, maintaining a gentle tone and speaking faintly.

“Cut the bullshit and make the golem stop, or you’ll die immediately.” He’d already killed Clarendon, so his grudge with the Calamity Church was certain. Han Shuo was now completely unfettered in his actions and wouldn’t care about the threats of the Calamity Church at all.

The harsh tone and the killing intent flaring out from the Demonslayer Edge made Belinda realize that Han Shuo wasn’t joking. She grunted lowly and said, “You’ll regret provoking us.”

As she spoke, Belinda manipulated the golem somehow and the fierce, stocky armored golem that was four, five meters tall suddenly disappeared within a strange magic scroll in her hands.

Pa rang out as Han Shuo exerted a bit of force and hit the back of her head, making Belinda’s body collapse and faint.

The little skeleton had retrieved the seven bone spurs after sucking Fereeca dry. The dark mist was slowly starting to dissipate. Han Shuo saw that everything was in control and dismissed the little skeleton.

Taking a deep breath in, Han Shuo picked up Belinda and carried her under his arms, walking out of the area and arrived next to Emily.

“Let’s leave the rest to Elder Caspian.”

Han Shuo lifted his head and looked at Caspian with a slight smile.

Since the golem had disappeared, Caspian naturally had no reservations and looked at Han Shuo with great surprise, “Who are you? How do you know that my name is Caspian, have we met before?”

“Hehe, we did indeed meet before, but we’re not well acquainted with each other. Mm, these people here are innocents and have only been caught by the fragrance. They’ll wake up slowly even without your help. We need to take this person of the Calamity Church to interrogate her, so we’ll be on our way.” Han Shuo smiled as he looked up to Caspian.

“No, this woman is from the Calamity Church. If the matters of today aren’t handled well, great trouble could befall you. It’s better if you give her over to me, I’ll handle this matter appropriately.” Caspian seemed a bit unwilling to let Han Shuo take Belinda away. He alighted from the tree and spoke to Han Shuo.

“Our Dark Mantle has already taken charge of the matter of the Calamity Church. It’s not your place to say what we can or cannot do.’ Emily suddenly flicked a displeased glance at Caspian and spoke with a darkened face.

Caspian started when he heard these words and then spoke with the air of enlightenment, “So you’re of the Dark Mantle. There’s no problem in that case then. Take the woman, I’ll guarantee the safety of all of those here.”

“Then you have our thanks.” Han Shuo picked up the three magical swords as he spoke and searched the bodies of Fereeca and his brothers.

“Let’s go, stop searching, there’s nothing there.” Emily rolled her eyes at Han Shuo ill temperedly, seeming to laugh at Han Shuo’s greed.

“Explain things to her if she wakes up to prevent her suspecting anything.” Han Shuo pointed at Candice as he spoke and left with Emily, returning to the Dark Mantle stronghold.

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