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Chapter 166: The armored golem

Han Shuo could clearly see the changes in the room through a long and narrow crack in the roof above.

The flying bugs converged from all over the hotel and gathered in the room, next to Belinda.

The pliable branches of the nearby tree began to spread throughout the room crazily. The branch-like staff in Caspian’s hands emitted a vibrant feeling of life.

“Why aren’t you acting yet?!” Belinda snorted softly at this point.

Fereeca and his brothers attacked Caspian, almost in unison, after receiving Belinda’s words. The three of them moved in concert. The tip of Fereeca’s longsword suddenly crackled with lightning, and the other two had one of their longswords howl with the sound of the wind, cutting through the air extraordinarily quickly. Another flared with burning fire and roiled towards Caspian.

Han Shuo was greatly astonished when the three of them attacked together. He could tell from the changes in their longswords that Fereeca and his brothers were mage swordsman. Fereeca looked like a thunder magic major, while the other two specialized in wind and fire magic respectively.

The three longswords also looked like they’d been tempered with special methods. They could directly imbue their elemental magic attacks into the longswords when they attacked to enhance their power and speed. It was very intimidating.

“Three mage swordsmen huh! No wonder you’re so cocky!” Caspian snorted coldly when they struck out and waved the magic staff in his hand as he spoke.

The branches wove madly like snakes within the room, dancing in their movements. The scores of branches were like a long whip as they hurtled towards the brothers. Caspian took a step forward at the same time and grabbed the fainted Angelica, jumping out of the window and landing on a nearby tree.

The entangling branches were astonishingly agile beneath Caspian’s manipulations. It was like they knew martial arts as they avoided the attacks of the three magical swords. High up in the tree, Caspian had a benevolent smile on his face as he raised his branch-like magic staff and lowly sang out a spell.

The tree he was standing on suddenly came alive like an enormous octopus. The leafy branches were like countless tentacles of the octopus as they spread through the house with extreme speed, churning towards everyone inside.

“Up!” Caspian roared.

A huge rumble sounded as the house Belinda and everyone was in suddenly lifted itself, with the roof caving in shortly thereafter.

Han Shuo’s eyes were fixed tightly on Emily within the house, and he rushed down to save her when he realized that something wasn’t quite right. It touched his heart to see that the pliable branches that had snaked into the house from all directions were protecting all the people apart from Belinda and her men.

As the house collapsed on itself, the flexible branches had already brought the people, who Belinda had sent to sleep, out.

“The friend on the roof, it’s about time for you to come down, isn’t it?” When Han Shuo was about to leave when he discovered that Emily had been pulled out of the room by the branches, Caspian’s bright eyes landed on Han Shuo as he asked with a smile.

Seeing that his movements had been exposed, Han Shuo didn’t continue to hide and he jumped down from the tree, landing in the hotel’s spacious inner courtyard. He then very casually walked up to the tree that Caspian was on and stood next to Candice and Emily.

“You go about your business, I’ll help you look after these people. I won’t let them harm those beneath this tree.” Han Shuo lifted his head to smile at Caspian as he spoke.

Caspian started when Han Shuo opened his mouth, and then looked at Han Shuo oddly. “Have we met before? Why does your voice sound familiar?”

“Heh heh, let’s do away with these people first.” Belinda and the others rushed out from the collapsed house at this moment and glared angrily at Caspian, immediately attacking in this direction.

“Alright, I think I must know you.” Caspian responded and waved his staff, looking at Fereeca and his brothers gravely.

The branches of the leafy boughed tree above him kept entangling amongst themselves and looked grotesquely strong. The other trees within the courtyard were affected by the power of nature and started waving their branches as well, joining Caspian’s side. Han Shuo was greatly surprised by this development.

After he took a look and realized that Caspian seemed to be able to deal with these people, he then focused his attentions on the fainted Emily.

He took a deep breath in and placed a hand on her back. His magical yuan circulated into a small whirlpool in his left hand.

Using his knowledge of the human body, Han Shuo concentrated and used the effects of the magical yuan to quickly clear out the fragrance’s effects from her body.

Her long lashes suddenly fluttered, making Han Shuo delighted as he knew that meant she would wake soon.

A large rumble suddenly traveled to Han Shuo’s ears. He abruptly lifted his head in surprise and saw that a four to five meter tall three eyed monster with eight horns on its head and a spiked tail had suddenly appeared within the courtyard.

Han Shuo recognized this monster with one glance. It was the image of the three eyed demon god Ansidesi that the necromancer Clarendon had tried to raise. This three eyed demon monster was now formed of shining, grey armor and its enormous body was filled with power, giving others an intensely intimidating feeling.

“A golem formed in the image of the demon god? You’re from the Calamity Church?” Caspian’s face changed drastically when the golem appeared and he exclaimed in shock.

“You guessed right!” Belinda said softly and then gave instructions to the golem, “Kill him.”

The four or five meter tall golem shaped from grey armor charged towards Caspian after receiving Belinda’s order. A towering tree next to it furiously sent branches churning towards it.

Before the branches had thoroughly entangled the golem’s ankles, the fierce looking golem suddenly exerted force and broke free of the soft branches around its ankles. Every heavy step the golem set down on the ground shook the ground with a thunderous crash, as if an earthquake were happening.

A nearby tree twisted many branches together and formed a branch thicker than two people’s waists put together, slamming towards the golem. When the golem discovered that an attack was about to hit it, it raised its spiked tail and swept it in an arc, crashing into the thick branch.

The thick branch, that had been roiling towards the golem, was halted in its tracks by the golem’s armored tail. Its tail was deeply embedded into the branch and it actually ripped out the branch with a vigorous shake of its tail. The branch splintered into a pile of twigs and branches.

A string of profound magical incantations suddenly rang out of Emily’s mouth as a few dark magic spells landed on the golem. However, these spells, that had an incredibly destructive effect on men and animals, had absolutely no effect on the golem.

“The alchemists of the Calamity Church have developed golems in the shape of the evil demon god with incredible magical immunity. Don’t waste your efforts.” Caspian lowered his head to give Emily this reminder.

“Then what should we do?” Emily lifted her head to ask anxiously.

“Take these innocent people away from here. I’ll think of a way to delay them.” Caspian was also equally anxious as he swept a glance below.

“The golem is being manipulated, this matter will be over if we can control her.” Han Shuo suddenly spoke coldly at this moment.

“This is indeed the case, but she has three mage swordsmen protecting her and a golem attacking us. It’s a bit unrealistic to think that we can put her under our control.” The three eyed demon god golem had already arrived at their location as they were talking. Caspian waved his staff to spur on the great tree beneath them to intercept the golem.

“Emily, you protect those beneath the tree. Caspian, you slow the golem down. Leave the rest to me!” Han Shuo roared coldly as he dashed forward like lightning, setting his sights on Belinda in the midst of the three mage swordsmen.

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