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Chapter 155: The three eyed demon god Ansidesi

The two were greeted with a scene of corpses strewn everywhere as soon as they entered the cave. Roughly estimating, there were at least a couple dozen. Judging from their clothing, there were guards, some nobles who’d come shopping, and even some slaves who’d been imprisoned in the cages.

Many torches burned along the walls, casting bright light all over the surroundings. It looked like a place to hold slaves. There were many cages made from iron bars lying around, as well as some torture equipment. It looked like this was the place they used to teach a lesson to unruly slaves.

There was a black stone erected in the center that had been shaped into a plinth. A corpse was tied to some iron bars on top of the plinth. There was also an indentation about three meters wide and long in the middle of the stone, with a thick scent of blood emanated from it.

More than ten zombie warriors had been summoned and they picked up the corpses on the ground, throwing them into the bloody pool in the middle of the plinth. These whole corpses sank into the blood with a splash. The surface began bubbling shortly thereafter and then quieted down, with the liquid level rising slightly afterwards.

The amount of fresh blood within the blood pool increased as the corpses were tossed in. It was actually about to overflow. The necromancer, whom Han Shuo had previously seen was standing off to the side of the plinth. He was holding the bone staff and had revealed his face. His body was wizened and he was staring into the blood pool with no expression. There were no signs of life in his grey pupils.

Han Shuo and Emily immediately backed up into a corner and made use of a crack to observe all that was going on. Emily set up a sound isolation boundary around the two and spoke in a low voice, “It looks like the necromancer is setting up some ritual altar. I wonder what he’s about to do?”

Han Shuo shook his head and responded with a grave expression, “Maybe it’s because I know too little about necromancy magic, but I don’t know anything about the altar that the necromancer has set up. It looks like archmage level necromancers have indeed grasped many more strong magics.”

Just as Han Shuo and Emily were conversing lowly, the necromancer suddenly waved the bone staff in his hand and mumbled out an incantation. The blood pool on the altar suddenly started churning, and the corpse that was tied on top of the altar suddenly had its flesh and skin whipped off, becoming a stark white skeleton.

Another necromancy magic was chanted as the not yet dispersed souls from the newly dead on the ground seemed to materialize and condense into grey smoke, surging into the blood pool that surrounded the altar. The blood pool transformed into a whirlpool as the bones from the corpses that had just sunk to the bottom all revealed themselves again, slowly reforming themselves into a three eyed demon god with eight spikes on its head and a spiked tail attached to its waist.

The three eyed demon god was formed from the white bones and its three eyes were red, yellow, and blue, embedded into its head in the shape of a triangle. An enormous buffet of evil presence started emanating from it as it started forming, suffusing the entire area with its evil presence. It was a kind of evil that was wildly violent and bloodthirsty.

Even though they were quite a distance away, Han Shuo felt a chill grip his heart as he fixed his eyes on the three eyed demon god, not shifting from it for a second and focusing all his attention on the movement by the altar.

“Oh, my gosh! He’s connected with the three eyed demon god Ansidesi through the altar!” Emily gave a low exclamation as her eyes were filled with surprise.

A god was a being of utmost strength at a legendary level of existence. They had divine arts that stretched to the heavens, but were constrained by the laws of their plane of existence and couldn’t reveal their actual body in this world, but through some rituals and mediums, some people in this world could use mystical arts to contact the gods.

Han Shuo had always felt that this unsubstantiated saying was quite ridiculous, and felt that this was something that was impossible to actually exist, but now that the truth appeared in front of his face, Han Shuo had no choice but to believe. The three eyed demon god Ansidesi had appeared from who knew how many planes of existence through this necromancer’s ritual, descending his consciousness on these skeletons. Han Shuo stood blankly there for a moment, his thoughts churning in a mess.

A string of profound and ancient sounds emitted from Ansidesi’s mouth. Han Shuo and Emily were completely befuddled as they had no idea what this string of sounds meant. However, the wizened necromancer seemed to be able to communicate with it.

However, the necromancer had been crouching on the floor and had buried his head in his chest in worship when he suddenly lifted his head with a look of fright, then quickly sung out an incantation, releasing the “Life Reconnaissance” spell and sent it through the surroundings.

“This is bad!” Han Shuo knew things would get bad as soon as he saw this spell appear. He suddenly exhaled and planned on pulling Emily out of here.

It was a pity that he was still a bit too slow. The “Life Reconnaisance” spell suddenly lit up when it neared Han Shuo and Emily’s position. The necromancer worshipping on the floor immediately had his face sink and his bone staff suddenly waved, sending the dozens of zombie warriors walking towards the two.

“We’ve been made. We need to get out of here!” Emily cried out and suddenly backed up, planning on taking Han Shuo away from here.

At this moment, Han Shuo’s sharp eyes saw that Ansidesi’s body, formed from white bones, crashed back into the pool of blood with a thud when the necromancer lost his concentration.

It would seem that a necromancer couldn’t lose his concentration for even a second when using the mystical arts and the blood and bones within the pool to communicate with the three eyed demon god. When the necromancer shifted his attention to Han Shuo and Emily, the divine consciousness that had crossed who knew how many planes of existence would be unable to use the bone and blood to manifest itself.

“The three eyed demon god can’t help him, we don’t need to be afraid of him.” Han Shuo’s body halted in front of the cave entrance as he pulled Emily’s retreating body to a stop as well.

When Emily’s movement was arrested by Han Shuo, her beautiful eyes focused on the altar when she heard his words. She also discovered that Ansidesi had disappeared within the bloody pool and cool composure wrote itself over her face. “Who are you and how dare you use such an evil ceremony to summon Ansidesi within Valen City?!”

“The two of you shouldn’t have come in. I wouldn’t have killed you otherwise.” The shriveled necromancer spoke in an extremely dry and cracked voice, using a levitation spell to float towards Han Shuo and Emily from the altar.

He waved the bone staff in his hand as he let loose an adept level necromancy spell, “Chain of Wraiths”. More than dozens of wraiths were entwined into one long, metal chain, snaking towards Han Shuo and Emily. Dozens of zombie warriors also raised their wooden clubs and rushed to attack Han Shuo and Emily.

Snorting delicately, Emily took out her staff and lowly sang out a dark magic spell, forming a inky black Grim Reaper’s blade out of midair. It churned towards the zombie warriors with a wave of her staff, and the zombie warriors were all sliced cleanly like paper beneath the reaping of the blade. Not a single one was able to come near Han Shuo and Emily.

As the “Chain of Wraiths” came hurtling over, Han Shuo’s Demonslayer Edge suddenly whistled out of his hand as he activated the “Glacial Mystical Spellfire”. The Demonslayer Edge sent out eye piercing red light, enveloped in red spellfire as the temperature of the surrounding air suddenly skyrocketed. The Demonslayer Edge burned with the red spellfire as it landed swiftly on the Chain.

The dozens of wraiths making up the Chain all opened their mouths to scream in frightened horror beneath the searing heat of the red spellfire Demonslayer Edge. When the Demonslayer Edge sank into the Chain, the Chain emitted sharp, squeaky sounds and gave off grey smoke. The dozens of wraiths flew into pieces as they screeched and wailed.

Three bone spears suddenly formed and shot towards Han Shuo and Emily. Han Shuo used his mind to control the Demonslayer Edge to block the two aiming for Emily. He also chanted lowly and sent a bone spear hurtling through the air, crashing accurately into the other bone spear that had been about to hit him.

“Eh, kid you’re also a necromancer!” The wizened necromancer suddenly exclaimed in astonishment and looked at Han Shuo with great surprise.

“Heh heh, indeed, indeed. We even teamed up to take out Clark at Calvert’s earlier. This is our second time meeting tonight.” Han Shuo looked leisurely at this necromancer and said with a slight smile.

Han Shuo had kept his features covered up at Calvert’s and only taken off his mask after killing Clark. The two had been quite a ways apart when the necromancer attacked Han Shuo, and so he hadn’t clearly seen Han Shuo in the deep of the night. It was obvious that he hadn’t recognized Han Shuo this time either.

“So it was you!” The necromancer called out lowly and then quickly floated out towards Han Shuo. He said sinisterly, “As a fellow necromancer, I’d like to see if you truly understand the mysteries of necromancy at all.”

The necromancer made a move after he finished speaking, looking like he would take out Han Shuo first!

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