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Chapter 148: A familiar female slave

“No matter how your grudge against Clark was formed, he is still an earth rider. You shouldn’t moves lightly.” Emily couldn’t help but remind Han Shuo anxiously when she saw his desire to kill.

Nodding with a faint smile, Han Shuo comforted Emily, “Don’t worry, I’m not that kind of brash person. I wouldn’t do anything to him without absolute guarantee.”

Emily’s mind was put at ease only after Han Shuo said thus. “I’m not sure whether or not Clark is in Valen City right now. I heard that he had returned, but I’ve yet to receive word. If Clark really has returned to Valen City, I’ll tell you that Valen City is the Gryphon Legion’s territory. You must be very, very careful.”

“Understood, what should we do next?” Han Shuo asked Emily.

Emily took a fur cape from the seat to the side and wrapped it around herself. She stood up and patted herself down, saying to Han Shuo, “I’ll take you to a place and see if you can collect any intelligence.”

Emily stood up and was checking herself out in the mirror when Han Shuo suddenly remember the jewels he obtained from the forest trolls. He took out a necklace made from large red agate and walked tenderly behind Emily, laying the necklace over her head and onto her white neck.

The pure and elegant nape of her neck was like white snow. The strand of faintly sparkling red agate further heightened her beauty, adding a few traces of luxurious opulence to her demeanor.

Although Emily’s status was noble and she’d seen all sorts of jewelry, the meaning was greatly different when Han Shuo gently placed the red agate necklace on her neck. When he put it on her, beautiful lights danced within her eyes. It looked like she liked it very much.

“You bad little brat, you rather know how to make someone happy!” Emily’s laughter rang out as she turned back to hug Han Shuo fiercely, giving him a kiss. She then wiped away traces of the kiss from Han Shuo’s lips before walking outside.

Her expression returned to normal after walking outside and gave orders to Chester, “Go prepare a carriage, we’re going someplace.”

“Very happy to be of service.” Chester responded respectfully and walked off.

When Emily and Han Shuo walked out of the hotel, Chester had already readied a carriage. The two of them sat inside while Chester sat outside with the groom. Their journey started out heading for the southern side of Valen City.

The carriage stopped in front of a spacious mansion after half an hour. There were many sumptuous carriages parked in front of the mansion. Several fierce looking warriors were standing guard with broadswords in hand. Numerous armored guards patrolled the mansion. It looked like security was very tight.

Emily didn’t say anything and Han Shuo didn’t ask anything either. Emily took out a card when they arrived at the door. The two guards at the door immediately let them through when they saw it and Emily brought the other two into the mansion.

They passed through a hallway paved with oval stones and arrived in a large hall. The hall was particularly bright as more than ten burning braziers lined the walls. This made the entire hall quite warm, and there were many iron cages scattered throughout the hall. All sorts of male and female slaves were inside. Some of the male slaves looked tall and muscular, likely for hard labor. Some of the female slaves had prettier features and wore very revealing clothing. Their exposed skin was full of temptation.

Many men and women wearing extravagant clothing were pointing their fingers at and sizing up the slaves within the cages. They would occasionally pull over a smiling slave trader standing on the side to negotiate prices. There were many wearing military uniforms as well. Judging by the Gryphon patches on their shoulders, it was apparent that they were a part of the Empire’s Gryphon Legion.

“This is Valen City’s largest slave trading house. The person behind the scenes is the chief of the Gryphon Legion, Bob Ascher. Make note of the guards in this place. You’ll discover that these guards have strict discipline and it’s obvious that they’re military men. Although they’ve taken off their uniforms, it’s difficult to change the military air about them.” Emily pretended to peruse as she explained things to Han Shuo in a low voice.

Han Shuo started when he heard Emily’s words and asked, shocked, “The Empire has a written law that all titled nobles and officers cannot participate in the buying and selling of slaves. This Bob Ascher dares act so brazenly?”

“Bob Ascher is the emperor of Valen City. Many know that he’s the person in charge behind the scenes of the largest slave trading house. Even His Majesty knows this, but because Bob Ascher has done so much for the Empire, His Majesty had planned on just letting it slide before Bob Ascher wanted to rebel.”

“But some of his actions are now threatening the Empire’s profit, so we can no longer sit idly by. As long as we can gather evidence from the largest slave trading house of Valen City, we can also use this a means to prosecute Bob Ascher.” Emily’s eyes roved around the surroundings as she leisurely explained to Han Shuo.

Chester was a bit surprised to see Emily’s intimate attitude towards Han Shuo.

But as a member of the Dark Mantle, Chester naturally understood that sometimes, he’d have to pretend that he hadn’t seen some things. Thus when Emily noticed his attentions, Chester hurriedly looked away. His expression had already gone back to normal by the time he lifted his head, just that there would be hints of surprise and admiration in his eyes when he looked at Han Shuo, even a slight trace of envy.

“The quality of these slaves aren’t much, I’ll show you some better ones. Maybe you’ll be able to select one that you would like as a maid or serving girl.” Emily’s voice suddenly raised higher when two guards walked towards them as she tugged Han Shuo in the direction of a small house.

Emily once again displayed the card when they reached the door, and the guards respectfully let them through after they examined it. “Beautiful madame, I hope you find a slave that satisfies you.”

She chuckled and turned to nod at Han Shuo, saying with a slight smile, “Come in.”

There was a dim hallway inside that was carpeted with a soft, red carpet and glass chandeliers hung high above. Paintings were hung on the walls of the hallway with a guard stationed every ten steps.

The three of them entered a round auction room after walking for a minute. The auction floor was decorated very opulently. There were regular seats like a movie theater and small rooms for VIP seating. Emily walked to one of the small rooms on the left and conversed a bit with those inside. One of the guards respectfully led her upstairs after a swipe of her crystal card.

Han Shuo heard riotous calls of prices as soon as he entered. A savage with an exceedingly fierce body was restrained in a cage and emitting roars like a wild animal. The people beneath the stage were raising their signs one after another to bid on the fierce-looking savage.

“Some nobles like to fight. They send their gladiators in for private fights, stopping only when one side is dead. Hence they’ll come to pick some slaves with astonishing capabilities because there are less complications with slaves.” Emily explained faintly when she led the two upstairs to the VIP room.

Han Shuo nodded to express his understanding and saw that there was a sign for bidding when he walked into the small room. He also saw a simple magical apparatus that would display the desired bid when activated. It was quite convenient.

Some people have a lofty status or have certain reservations so they don’t wish for people to discover that they’ve appeared in such a place. This is why these small rooms, that can conceal oneself, and can look out but not in, exist.” Emily’s gaze swept alertly across the stage and the people beneath it after they entered.

“The next character to be auctioned will be familiar to the Valen City guests tonight. She’s the young miss of the Addison family of Valen City. The Addison family has colluded with the Kasi Empire and was found out by the noble chief of the Gryphon Legion. The Addison family was thoroughly exterminated a few days ago and all traitors were executed. The young miss of the Addison family has been branded as a slave status.”

“Heh heh, this feisty miss once had a widely known reputation throughout Valen City. Her breasts have now fully developed and she’s still a virgin. I believe that everyone will be quite interested in this feisty miss of Valen City.” A host, wearing a tuxedo, described all this with a smile on stage, perking the interest of those below. He then raised his arm and called out, “Miss Lisa of the Addison family! Oh, little Lisa isn’t a miss anymore, but a female slave that you can enjoy at your leisure about to go home with you. Starting price of three hundred gold coins, the bidding begins!”

A cage descended slowly from the ceiling when his words concluded as Lisa, wearing a ghastly expression and brimming with tears, appeared within Han Shuo’s vision with her very full breasts covered by sexy veils.

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