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Chapter 138: We can be together

“I’m so sorry, it was because our defensive precautions weren’t good enough that it caused you to be frightened!” Finance Minister Eevee spoke with a look of worry to Hahn.

Waving his hands, Hahn’s face was grave as he said seriously, “Don’t apologize Eevee, I won’t hold you responsible. Don’t investigate this matter further, I’ll handle it myself.”

Eevee first heaved a sigh of relief when Hahn said so and then asked askance, “Why?”

“Honored father, since grandpa Hahn has already spoken, don’t think too much about it.” Lawrence’s face was a bit dark as he spoke to Eevee.

“Mm. Lawrence, don’t you worry either. I know who did this.” Hahn flicked a glance at Lawrence and seemed to know something as he spoke.

Lawrence nodded his head remotely and looked towards Han Shuo and Phoebe. He hesitated for a moment, then asked Phoebe, “Did Cameron try to force you to join his organization’s merchant alliance?”

“Yes, but I’ve already turned him down.” Phoebe responded.

“Very good, don’t give in at any cost, otherwise your Boozt Merchant Guild will face incredible danger.” Lawrence who contemplated silently gave this piece of advice to Phoebe.

Taking in their conversation, Han Shuo made his observations. He seemed to notice something from Lawrence and Hahn’s discussion, but since the two of them didn’t talk about anything tangible and so he didn’t inquire further.

As for the other matters, Han Shuo wasn’t that curious about them. Since this assassination attempt had taken place, it was difficult for the banquet to continue. Han Shuo lazily stretched his waist and said to Phoebe, “I believe the banquet is already over. Can we leave now?”

Rolling her eyes at Han Shuo, Phoebe bowed slightly to Eevee and old Hahn. Then, with a slight smile, she said, “We still have matters to attend to, so we’ll be taking our leave now.

Eevee couldn’t very well keep them now that such a matter had occurred. He sighed and said lowly, “Alright, be careful on your way back.”

“Bryan, remember what we said, I’ll come come find you tomorrow. Don’t disappear for another few days now!” When he saw that Phoebe and Han Shuo were about to leave, Lawrence suddenly reminded Han Shuo not to forget their arranged appointment.

Han Shuo nodded in understanding. Just as he was about to leave, Hahn opened his mouth again, “So you’re Bryan, heh heh. I’ll remember you.”

Smiling and not responding, Han Shuo and Phoebe left the banquet along with some other merchants who were leaving in a hurry. Everyone boarded their carriages and traveled back along their original routes.

“Just who wants to kill that old Hahn? Even I know of Master Hahn’s accomplishments for the Empire. Many of the current officers in the military are Master Hahn’s former men. With his status, there shouldn’t be that many within the Empire who dare make a move against him.” Phoebe’s beautiful eyebrows creased slightly after they entered the carriage and she spoke with a distant voice.

To remain vigilant, the three original demons had been deposited nearby and were continuously keeping an eye on the surroundings. When Phoebe had voiced her thoughts, Han Shuo thought briefly and said, “We helped old Hahn today, but that may bring great trouble to us. But for your merchant guild, the advantages of having a good relationship with old Hahn definitely outweigh its disadvantages. Mm, however, this matter doesn’t have much to do with me as I’m not afraid of anything. But you, you should be careful.”

Phoebe flashed her teeth in a smile, “Don’t you worry, I know my limits.”

“Then I won’t speak further. Can you now fully detail the items you promised me?” Han Shuo nodded and then drew himself up slightly, staring straight at Phoebe as he asked this question.

“Alright alright, just look at you. I found someone to professionally assess the wealth that you obtained from that unknown source. It’s worth roughly forty thousand gold and can fully cover those random items you purchased. In addition, I’ve thoroughly prepared large amounts of rations for you. However, the space ring with a larger capacity that you want will take some time. There’s temporarily no supply of that in the market.” Phoebe’s spirits hadn’t been dampened with running into an attack on the banquet, as she spoke quite lightheartedly at this moment.

When Phoebe spoke thus, Han Shuo finally breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and revealed a very gratified expression. He spoke with a laugh, “I’m at ease with you at the helm. Forget about the space ring, I’ve just gotten one with an even bigger storage space.”

“When we arrive at the Guild, you can take what you need. I’ve already taken the risk of gathering all of it earlier when I didn’t know if you’d have enough gold coins to pay for it all. Be at ease, there won’t be any troubles.” Phoebe threw her head back proudly and said softly.

Han Shuo was a bit touched by Phoebe’s words. He knew that Phoebe had taken the risk to do so purely based on their friendship. Phoebe had even thought of paying for some of it herself. From this point alone, he could conclude that Phoebe was a friend worth having.

Just as Han Shuo was feeling gratitude, Phoebe reached out and pinched Han Shuo’s cheek while glaring at Han Shuo. “Also, you lied to me that you didn’t know how to dance. You were so well practiced! You’re the worst.”

In all honesty, Han Shuo wouldn’t have known how to dance if it wasn’t for this time’s banquet. He’d learned on the spot and muddled his way through. It was only because his brain had been developed so much that his ability to pick things up was incredible. This was why Phoebe had the misconception that Han Shuo was pretending that he didn’t know how to dance.

“I’m innocent! I really didn’t know how to dance before, you were a good teacher!” Han Shuo complained with an aggrieved air.

“Do, do you like dancing with me?” Phoebe suddenly lowered her head to ask softly, and she looked a bit bashful.

Nodding, Han Shuo responded carelessly, “Yes, it feels rather nice.”

“Then, I want you to promise me that you will dance with me again next time, or I won’t help you with your matters in the future.” Phoebe’s face lit up as she spoke happily.

“Alright alright, I promise you. As long as you help me seriously, I’ll promise you anything you want. I have no problem killing or setting fires for you, not to mention dancing.” As there were plenty of annoying matters that he’d have to bother Phoebe with in the future, Han Shuo agreed without any hesitation.

The two of them didn’t run into any troubles along the way as they returned amidst happy chatter. When they arrived at the Boozt Merchant Guild, Phoebe took out the materials that Han Shuo needed, including a few warehouses full of rations and daily necessities, almost filling up Han Shuo’s current space ring.

“Keep the other gold coins for me for now. In addition, these are the other materials that I need you to purchase, please continue collecting them for me.” The wood elite zombies and yin demons all needed to be refined. Han Shuo had therefore prepared another list and gave it to Phoebe after taking care of everything that needed his attention.

Looking over the list that Han Shuo handed over, Phoebe looked at Han Shuo with surprise, saying, “Rations for hundreds of people and all sorts of bizarre materials, just what are you planning on doing?”

“Heh heh, nothing much nothing much. Just take care of it for me and I’ll make up for the insufficient gold to you next time I visit.” Han Shuo didn’t explain much as he uttered this sentence and left the Boozt Merchant Guild, returning to the Academy alone.

When Han Shuo returned to the necromancy major, it was already pitch black outside. The chilly wind of winter howled through the night and it was so bone achingly cold that no one wanted to venture outside.

However, there was a figure standing not too far outside the entrance to the dorms. It was so cold that the figure’s small face was beet red as it continued to circle around a stone statue not too far away.

“What are you doing here?” Han Shuo couldn’t help but ask when he saw that the figure was Lisa.

“I’m waiting for you!” Lisa’s eyes displayed happiness when she saw Han Shuo appear and she quickly walked towards Han Shuo, speaking urgently.

His brow furrowing, Han Shuo took off the coat on his body and covered Lisa with it. He asked in bewilderment, “Why are you waiting here for me on such a cold night?”

Han Shuo’s movements made Lisa overjoyed, but she then spoke with a worried face, “My mother is sick and so I need to make a trip home. I may not come back for a while, so I wanted to say goodbye to you.”

“If it’s just a goodbye, you can tell me tomorrow. Why must you wait for me in the middle of the night?” Han Shuo hesitated when he saw that Lisa was still shaking, then activated the “Mystical Glacial Spellfire”, his right hand swayed slowly as waves of warmth came forth, warming Lisa’s trembling body.

“You often disappear mysteriously. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to see you because I’m leaving tomorrow, which is why I waited for you here. I didn’t know if you’d come back, but in the end you did.” Lisa breathed out softly in comfort when her body warmed up and then spoke softly to Han Shuo.

“Eh, you don’t have to go out of your way to come say goodbye to me.” Han Shuo felt that the atmosphere was a bit odd and was silent for a while before responding.

Lisa remained silent for a while, her gaze was fixed onto Han Shuo. She suddenly said, “Bryan, you said that you like me. You’re no longer a slave or an errand boy now. Come home with me, let’s be together.”

Han Shuo was greatly astonished by her words as he faced her, and he stood there, dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to say when he saw Lisa rigidly standing there with a solemn expression.

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