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Chapter 133: I want to kill him too

“He’s just a necromancy major student, is he really worth that much attention from you?” The shadow spoke in surprise.

“Heh heh, he’s not ordinary! There’s many mysteries surrounding him and even I can’t figure out what secrets he holds now. This person is quite interesting.” Lawrence spoke slowly with a smile.

“The goal of Clark’s visit to the knight school should be you this time. Most likely, he and that Duke from the Kasi Empire wanted to make a move against you, but for some reason, their mission was aborted halfway through and Duke suddenly left our country. This entire matter is very bizarre.” The man continued his report.

Nodding his head and remaining silent for a while, Lawrence opened his mouth to say, “Alright, you are dismissed for now. It’s not that easy for Clark to make a move against me in the knight school anyway. Hmm. It looks like I need to move first and eliminate Clark.”

The shadow didn’t say much when he heard those words and jumped up onto the roof, squirming out from a hole beneath the roof. He vanished into the distance as Lawrence sat inside, silently sipping his tea and contemplating something.

The sky had already brightened at this point as the figure left and flew towards the mountains behind the Academy, walking even further out. Han Shuo couldn’t blatantly continue his pursuit either because of the lightened sky. Add to that, the matters of today, Han Shuo decided to momentarily give up on investigating that fellow.

Making use of the time before the students of the knight school had awoken, Han Shuo returned to the necromancy major early in the morning. He spent the morning alone in the dorm, practicing necromancy magic as usual and silently contemplating Lawrence’s identity, and his relationship with Clark.

Han Shuo moved to the Academy’s cafeteria for the first time at noon, resulting in a small riot.

Each major of the Academy had their own independent cafeteria, the dark major was no exception either. The cafeteria was divided into two, with the lower level being completely free. Students were free to partake after turning in their tuition fees, but of course, what was free naturally didn’t taste that good.

There was another level upstairs that many chefs were in charge of. Its level was much higher than the one beneath it. Of course, the food on this level could only be enjoyed by spending additional gold coins. It was usually for students who were more well off.

Han Shuo was no longer a poverty stricken scholar. There were enough gold coins stored in the crystal cards that were in his space ring for him to enjoy life as he would. Therefore, he didn’t linger on the first level, went directly to the second. He swiped his crystal card to order a few expensive and exquisite dishes. He took a table for himself and started pigging out.

After last time’s battle, Han Shuo had become a celebrity in the school. Those enjoying their meals were now all dark major students. Although Han Shuo had gained glory for the dark major last time, his actions hadn’t won respect for the dark major. Rather, he had thrown dirt in their faces. So when he appeared on the second level of the cafeteria, he had attracted everyone’s attentions.

Han Shuo paid no attention to any of this. As his strength and breadth of experience grew, he slowly paid less and less attention to these Babylon Academy students. In his heart, these students were only kids who’d never seen the outside world, so they posed no threat to him.

“Eh, so there you are!” Lisa exclaimed softly as she and Lawrence walked through the door. She smiled and walked over to Han Shuo with Lawrence.

Lawrence smiled at nodded at Han Shuo from afar, then he went off to order his own food. Lisa sat down peremptorily in front of Han Shuo and she looked at the looks full of hostility around her. Her charming face chilled as she stuck her hands on her waist, “And just what are you looking at? What is there to look at here?”

Although the little witch Lisa was in the weak necromancy major, her bad temper was renowned throughout the entire dark major. Therefore, when she yelled, those glaring at Han Shuo had their expressions turn ugly and they ducked their heads, muttering a few curses and then turned their heads again.

“Pay no attention to them, they’re just jealous of you.” Looking around her and cursing angrily, Lisa sat down merrily and stared at Han Shuo.

At a loss for words internally, Han Shuo said, “Then just let them be jealous. I won’t lose any hair over their jealousy, but, if anyone dares materialize their jealousy into action, then I can promise that they won’t only be short of hairs!”

Han Shuo had spoken softly in the beginning, but when he noticed that there were still people staring at him in hatred, he raised his voice with a cold face, filling it with a warning tone.

Han Shuo hadn’t dealt killing blows in last time’s combat display, but the cold remoteness and resolution had already told everyone that he was absolutely not someone who was kindhearted and would show mercy. The bystanders then had even had the strange impression that if it weren’t for school rules, Han Shuo might very well have truly coldly killed those people.

Therefore, when Han Shuo issued those warnings with a angry face, those who hadn’t lowered their hostile gazes after Lisa’s hectoring slowly ducked their heads in the end.

“Heh heh, it looks like you’re quite unpopular!” Lawrence walked over from afar as he carried a tray of exquisite food. He said down across from Han Shuo with a smile, next to Lisa, after giving a plate to her.

Shrugging, Han Shuo said diffidently, “The key thing is that some people are truly too bored. They’re incompetent, but have a strong sense of jealousy. Not only will they not be grateful if you show them a friendly face, but they’ll think you fear them instead.”

“Indeed, I deeply empathize with your perspective.” Lawrence chucked in agreement and nodded his head to say so.

Amy and Athena, the two girls from the necromancy major, suddenly appeared at this time. When Lisa saw the two take another seat, she hesitated and then picked up her plate. “You guys chat, I’ll go sit with Amy and the others.”

Lisa stood up after she spoke and made her way down two walkways, greeting Amy and the others in the distance and sat down with them.

Han Shuo and Lawrence were the only ones left after Lisa’s departure. Because of Lisa and Han Shuo’s repeated warnings just now, there was a large area of free space around Han Shuo. Therefore, no one should be able to listen in on their conversation.

“I’ve heard that Clark likes Fanny, but he left with a face full of dejected failure today because of your appearance. Did such a thing happen?” Lawrence seemed to ask randomly with a slight smile.

Han Shuo was frantically going over things at this moment in his heart. He lifted his head to rake a glance over Lawrence and responded with seeming indifference. “How could such a thing have happened? Master Fanny turned down Clark because she wasn’t interested in him. This had nothing to do with me, don’t you go sprouting random nonsense.”

Lawrence’s expression abruptly turned normal after Han Shuo’s words, and he then spoke merrily, “Bryan, ah Bryan. We’re friends, do you want to lie to me? Rumors of the matter between you and Master Fanny is all over the dark major. They say that nothing comes from nothing. I, for one, don’t believe that there’s nothing between the two of you.”

“Say whatever you want to say.” Han Shuo declined to comment. He lowered his head and continued eating, seeming to not mind Lawrence’s words at all.

“I happen to know a bit about Clark’s personality, he’s not as just and kind as he appears on the surface. It looks like you’ve offended him. I’ve also heard that he suspects that you killed his little brother. It looks like you’re in a spot of trouble!” Lawrence continued to speak and used his eyes to silently observe Han Shuo’s expression. When he saw that Han Shuo was completely unmoved, Lawrence remained silent for a bit and continued to speak, “Bryan, we’re friends, right?”

Nodding, Han Shuo put down his cup and looked at Lawrence with a smile, “I’d say so!”

“Then alright. Since this is the case, I’m willing to bet that Clark will definitely make a move against you. I hope you believe me.” Lawrence spoke seriously.

“Of course, when I returned to the dorms today, I saw that the blanket on my bed had traces of it being sliced open. It was a good thing that I wasn’t in the dorms yesterday, otherwise you likely wouldn’t have seen me today. I thought for a bit and felt that only Clark would want to act like this towards me.” Lawrence had beat around the bush and said so much. His aims were slowly revealing themselves. Thus, Han Shuo knew what Lawrence was trying to do and stopped talking in circles, directly admitting to things.

When these words were spoken, Lawrence’s eyes lit up and he stared at Han Shuo in astonishment. He then flashed a brilliant smile and nodded, “You’re not a simple character at all. So you’d been prepared in advance! And to think that I’d been worried for you. Mm. Since you treat me as a friend, I can actually help you take Clark down.”

These words were the main point. A glimpse of astonishment flashed through Han Shuo’s eyes as he took a deep look at Lawrence. He lowered his head and spoke lowly, “You mean to say, you’ll team up with me to kill Clark?”

A prickle of fright rippled through Lawrence as he was shocked. He looked around and said lowly, “Bryan, what makes you think that?”

Han Shuo stared at Lawrence, pausing for a bit. When he’d stared at Lawrence so that he caused the hairs on the back of the latter’s neck to stand up, he spoke lowly, “Lawrence, when you spoke of handling Clark just now, I could feel your killing intent. I can be certain that you also have these sort of thoughts too, right?”

It was Lawrence’s turn to become silent after these words were spoken. It was like he was meeting Han Shuo for the first time. Lawrence looked at Han Shuo with an odd look on his face and was silent for a long while before nodding. He sighed, “Bryan, I bow to your knowledge. That’s right, I want to kill him too!”

“This isn’t a place to talk. I have some things to do today. Come find me tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps we can come up with a good plan.” When Lawrence also spoke of his desire to kill Clark, Han Shuo suddenly didn’t look at Lawrence anymore. He lowered his head and ate nonchalantly, speaking lowly as he did so.

Also similarly silent, Lawrence and Han Shuo sat across from each other and ate with lowered heads. They didn’t speak anymore, and didn’t raise their heads to look at each other again.

Maintaining this bizarre situation for a while, Han Shuo stood up after, walking outside with leisurely and unhurried strides. When Han Shuo was about to walk out of the cafeteria, that was when Lawrence suddenly raised his head and looked intently at Han Shuo’s back, speaking in a voice audible only to him, “What a frightening fellow!”

When he left the cafeteria, Han Shuo dwelled no more on what had happened. He left through the mountains to the back of the Academy and hired a carriage when no one was looking, heading for the Boozt Merchant Guild.

This was the day that Han Shuo had set an appointment with Phoebe. The materials needed to refine the earth elite zombies and the forest trolls’ rations still needed to be done through Phoebe.

Han Shuo was also starting to make preparations to refine the yin demons that were a step higher than the original demons after advancing to the true demon stage. Han Shuo had also discovered a place of extreme wood in the sacred ground of the forest trolls. This way, he could also refine the wood elite zombies and would have to trouble Phoebe for more materials.

When he arrived at the Guild, Han Shuo learned from Fabian that Phoebe had yet to return. Phoebe had left instructions with Fabian that if Han Shuo swung by, to have him wait for a bit. She would return later in the evening.

Seeing that the night was still young, Han Shuo had Fabian lead the way to catch up with Jack. When Jack heard that Han Shuo had arrived, he was also delighted. He found an empty place for the two of them and they began chatting happily.

Han Shuo learned from Jack that Phoebe quite valued him due to Han Shuo’s recommendation. Jack was apprenticing beneath the best teacher in the Guild, learning how to keep the books and knowledge of how to operate a business. It looked like Phoebe was planning on cultivating Jack into someone of Fabian’s status.

Phoebe finally returned when it was night and spoke immediately when she saw Han Shuo, “I’ve been busy all afternoon and made evening wear for you. Come with me to my room and change into it. Let me see if you fits you well.”

When Phoebe said that she had spent all afternoon to make evening wear for him, Han Shuo felt something odd stir in his heart. His heart lurched as he ambled confusedly after Phoebe, following her to her room.

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