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Ning Honghong felt relieved when she saw the familiar figure walking out of the sea of fire, while Mu Weiliang had the impulse to cry with joy when she saw Ning Fan was safe and sound.

Two of the girls felt a tremor when they sensed the cold Qi exuded from Ning Fan.

It was just that these two girls didn’t have the time to respond or ask. Ning Fan had made a step on the ground creating three immortal clouds. Two of them were lifted up by the clouds to the sky and followed behind Ning Fan.

“Honghong, take a rest on the cloud. Wei Liang help me pick up their Sense Beads…”

His tone was flat, but there was a trace of invincibility in it. In his eyes, all these ghosts would die the moment he appeared before them!

When his voice fell, he shook his Cauldron Ring. Then, the small sable that had been absent for a long time fell onto his embrace while moving its head indolently.

The present small sable had already restored to peak Gold Core realm. The overbearing pressure released from its body suppressed those ghosts in different degrees within a thousand miles radius in the Third Region.  

Qing Hengxing and the other ghosts were the ghosts nearest to the small sable. They trembled with fear when the demonic Qi rolled through the air.

“It’s Princess Mei. She has returned to peak Gold Core realm! Not good. Run! No ghost in the Third Region can oppose her!”

In this moment, sixteen ghosts headed towards different directions in sixteen evading light. If Princess Mei was still an early Gold Core expert, they wouldn’t be afraid to hunt her down, but currently…if they didn’t flee, they would die!

In their point of view, even if Mei Chen was powerful, all she could do was to chase one of them at a time. As such, fleeing in different directions would allow them to escape from her grip of death! Anyone who got killed by her could only blame their bad luck. Everyone would only care for their own interest.

But then, Ning Fan didn’t intend to let Mei Chen attack, because she didn’t need to…

“You don’t have to do it...”

“I will be lazy to do it…”

Under the repression of Mei Chen, the strength of every ghost was sealed, including Mu Weiliang and Ning Honghong. They felt that their magical powers were blocked. They didn’t understand why Ning Fan had cooperated with the majestic demon emperor. And, this majestic Princess Mei was currently like a demonic pet in Ning Fan’s arms.

A large reduction of cultivation realm happened to these ghosts. The magical power and spirit sense of all the intermediate Gold Core ghosts dropped to peak Harmonious Spirit realm due to the suppression.

Qing Hengxing and Qing Wuwei. One brawny man and one middle-aged man had their cultivation realm reduced from late Gold Core realm to early Gold Core realm, not to mention their spirit sense realm was greatly reduced. How could they afford to show their arrogance now?

All the Gold Core ghosts were fleeing desperately. In an instant, they had reached a dozen of miles away from the scene. Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled with cold light. A sword rattling sound resounded through his sea of consciousness. The speed of the spirit sense was greater than these ghosts.

The spirit sense of late Gold Core realm swept through three hundred miles of the zone. Then, strange things like before reappeared!

It was undeniably strange!

In just a breath, except for Qing Hengxing, every ghost screamed painfully when Ning Fan’s spirit sense went through them, as though they were slashed by the sword Qi. These ghosts dead instantly after the slash and their blood were spattered on the dusty ground.

Although Qing Hengxing was alive, his spirit was severely damaged. His fleeing body fell to the ground. He was left with no strength to escape further.

The hair all over his body stood vertically when he was staring at the god-of-dead-like Ning Fan chasing after him!

“No way! What has he done? Why was I severely injured? How did those Gold Core experts die by just one slash?!”

Ning Fan however wouldn’t answer these questions. He approached Qing Hengxing with the small sable in his arms and the two girls behind. His face was as indifferent as before.

“You’re not going anywhere…”

His voice was very light, but as it entered Qing Hengxing’s ears, he felt like as if his ears were stabbed by a sword!

In Qing Hengxing’s eyes, Ning Fan was becoming more and more mysterious and scary. All over his body was trembling. In Ning Fan’s eyes, he was just a lamb waiting to be slaughtered!

“What have you done? No human is able to kill so many experts without them knowing it!” He let out a feigned bellowed but it accentuated his fear.

“You don’t need to know.” Ning Fan’s tone was cold. A starlight glowed from the Separation Slayer. It shot at the chest of Qing Hengxing with the ability of incineration.

He will die! He is going to die!

Coughing out a mouthful of black blood, Qing Hengxing had a panic look blended with a trace of enmity.

He was an imposing late Gold Core expert, how could he die in the hands of a Harmonious Spirit junior? No! Why not give it all out? He was going to die anyway.

He used the only trace of magical power left inside him to cast a spell. Before the Separation Slayer reached him, his ghostly body flew towards Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness.

The Qi that flowed around his body right now was somewhat similar to Li Zhihuan who cultivated Corpse Seizing Evil Technique, but the power of difference was too wide!

“Corpse Seizing Evil Technique? I can’t believe that you still have such a skill. Too bad, you will regret it…”

Ning Fan was slightly terrified as he didn’t expect Qing Hengxing to know the Corpse Seizing Evil Technique.

The Corpse Seizing Evil Technique. It was called the undead evil technique. As long as the soul of the person didn’t die, the one who used this evil technique would be able to enter the person’s sea of consciousness to devour the person’s consciousness and seize the body.

It seemed Qing Hengxing was going to make a bet on his life to seize Ning Fan’s body. Unfortunately, he was destined to be disappointed.

No matter how powerful a cultivator was, the sea of consciousness could still be very weak. Once it was invaded by an outsider, the consequences would be extremely serious.

But rather than blocking Qing Hengxing from corpse-seizing him, he allowed the wisp of spirit enter his sea of consciousness.

Qing Hengxing was pleased. He was delighted that Ning Fan was too arrogant to pay attention to his Corpse Seizing Evil Technique.

He sneered unceasingly. If he could corpse-seize Ning Fan, he would be reborn using Ning Fan’s body. Instead of getting killed, he would become a living person again. He would then leave the Demon Sinister Forest and return to the Yang World!

However, the great joy turned into a great sorrow the moment he entered Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness. A basin of ice water was poured on his head, making him shudder so badly.

“How could this happen…? Impossible…this is absolutely impossible!” He screamed in despair.

“You, what did you see…?” Ning Fan’s corner of the mouth curled into a sneer.

The reason he dared to allow Qing Hengxing to enter his sea of consciousness was because his sea of consciousness had mutated!

What is the sea of consciousness? It’s just a sea filled with consciousness.

The sea of consciousness were commonly found in the top of the skull. It was opened by the force of spirit sense before it evolved into the sea of consciousness. There were some powerful cultivators who could turn their sea of consciousness into sea of fire, glaciers and many other forms. 

And in Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness, below was blue-silver sea of sword Qi and on top was countless of blue-silver small swords hanging with the blade facing downwards, making it look like stars!

It’s the sea of swords! It was formed by the sword Qi!

Only a few true immortals in the ancient times had the luck to cultivate such sea of consciousness. Ning Fan on the other hand, relied on only the spiritual force in the sword Qi he devoured to form this sea of swords.

The sea of consciousness was completely filled with sword Qi now, but it hadn’t reached the perfect stage. Despite that, every trace of spirit sense was akin to the sword Qi of Immortal Execution. This spirit sense formed by the sword Qi was named sword sense!

It was common sense that spirit sense could harm people, but the sword sense could. It could kill someone who was thousands of miles away unnoticeably!

Just now, Ning Fan seemed to be just standing with his hands crossed behind his back and not doing anything. In fact, he had killed those Gold Core ghosts with just a sweep of his sword sense.   

The power of the sword sense would enhance and the realm would advance when more sword Qi was absorbed. These weren’t the concern of Ning Fan for the time being. It was enough to be able to kill the mighty Gold Core experts of Green Clan with his current sword sense!

Ning Fan’s murderous intent was dense in his sea of consciousness. Qing Hengxing’s spirit was showing a look of regret for the first time. 

He shouldn’t have provoked Ning Fan. He should never use the Corpse Seizing Secret Art in Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness!

Not just him, even the Void Fragmentation old monster that used the Corpse Seizing Secret Art against Ning Fan would face miserable consequences. In the future, Ning Fan might be able to kill countless of old devils that used Corpse Seizing Evil Technique with his sword sense. This prediction apparently had nothing to do with Qing Hengxing.

“Let…let me go…?” Qing Hengxing’s words were shivering, but who would pity the crocodile when it cried?

Ning Fan’s eyes glowed with cold light. He exerted his spirit sense sweeping across the sea of consciousness. Billions of sword Qi rolled in the air, slashing the spirit of Qing Hengxing to tiny pieces that turned into nourishment for the sword Qi.

Corpse seizing technique? It was just a way to get killed!

“All the Sense Beads are collected…” Mu Weiliang shivering hands handed over roughly ten Gold Core Sense Beads to Ning Fan.

Fear. She was terrified. Ning Fan’s current look was as cold as a sword. It gave her a feeling of unfamiliarity.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Ning Fan saw Mu Weiliang panic. He gave her a mild smile and patted the dust off her hair.

At the moment, the sword Qi was absent in Ning Fan’s eyes. They had returned to the easy-going eyes expression.

After keeping the Sense Beads, Ning Fan leaped onto the immortal cloud, holding small sable in his arms and headed to Green Clan.

Ning Fan’s smile was like before. It was mixed with a teasing smile and a trace of concern, which made Mu Weiliang relieve and put down her vigilance.

On the immortal cloud, Ning Fan didn’t conceal his human Qi and hide the small sable anymore. His spirit sense swept across three hundred miles of the zone openly.

This would make him the common target of all the ghosts in the Third Region, but the question is, why should he conceal his spirit sense anyway?

By integrating the spiritual force of Immortal Execution sword Qi into his spirit sense, not only Ning Fan had created a sea of swords in his sea of consciousness, he had also raised his spirit sense realm to late Gold Core realm.

The advancement of the spirit sense realm also advanced the realm of his incarnation to the late Gold Core realm, which was considered almost the strongest in the Third Region.

The small sable who was half step away from Nascent Soul could only exert the suppressive ability of late Gold Core realm.

Today, he was going to annihilate the entire Third Region and the first target was no doubt Green Clan!

“Today, Green Clan will be eliminated…”

He sounded exceedingly arrogant. His sword sense and his incarnation was enough to raze the entire zone flat!

The Immortal Execution Order was the ‘kindness’ gifted by the Great Elder of Green Clan. It almost threw Ning Fan to his death. So he had to repay this ‘kindness’ to the benefactor.

Ning Fan’s immortal cloud was moving very slowly. He was waiting, waiting for countless of fools to find him and get killed.

He had no idea which ghost had connection with Mei Chen but he was sure that he wouldn’t let any of those ghosts who attacked him live.

The road to the Green Clan would become a bloody road piled with mountains of white bones.

After travelling for ten miles, around ten early Gold Core ghosts trailed behind him. They gazed at Ning Fan and Mei Chen with blazing eyes. There were some with lustful eyes fell upon the two girls.

“Haha! Princess Mei is really here. Kill! Kill her and bring it to the Bone Emperor!”

“A human? Hehe! I know this must be the human who killed the clone of Bone Emperor. Kill him as well!”

“What a beautiful woman! I want this one in white!”

“I want that woman in red!”

A group of early Gold Core ghosts was pursuing them. They certainly had no idea that they were already dead the moment they stepped into the three hundred miles radius.


Ning Fan said lightly. Even without the help of the suppression from the small sable, the sea of consciousness of the thirteen early Gold Core ghosts were crushed in an instant. Their bodies fell, spattering the blood on the dusty ground. All of their Sense Beads were picked away by Ning Fan.

Five hundred miles away, a peak Gold Core elder in red spied Ning Fan with his spirit sense, and immediately, his facial expression changed after seeing the unusual scene.

He was the Great Elder of Red Clan, who had countless of ghost underlings, but this was the first time he had a creepy feeling for a Harmonious Spirit young man.

“This is impossible…this man is merely a late Harmonious Spirit expert. How can he possibly kill thirteen Gold Core ghosts?! This is absolutely…absurd!”

He was trying to take advantage from the chaos, but Ning Fan’s unusual technique made him didn’t dare to do it.

Immediately, he made a decision. Not only that he couldn’t afford to attack Ning Fan, but that even the whole Red Clan wouldn’t be allowed to attack Ning Fan.

“This man cannot be offended!”

He shook his head resolutely and put Ning Fan into the ‘Things Not to Be Offended in Demon Sinister Forest list’. 

It was none of his business if Green Clan was destroyed. It was also none of his business if the Bone Emperor was angered. Red Clan hadn’t been in line with Bone Emperor and the other twelve clans.

The only thing that caught his attention was Mu Weilaing and Ning Honghong who were on top of two immortal clouds. These two girls somehow looked familiar to him, but he shook his head and decided not to care about them.

He fled hurriedly in the evading light to avoid being pulled into the conflict. Despite he was a dignified Great Elder of Red Clan, he looked panicked when looking from his back.

Who could have expected that the Great Elder of Red Clan, whom people called ‘Furious Red Devil’ would retreat because of fear?

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