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Chapter 519: Chapter 519: Take Off Your Clothes!

Thick snowflakes flew about while a bone-chilling cold wind blew.

Candles were lit inside the house. Ning Fan sat alone on the bed, silently circulating his qi, refining the medicinal power of the Life Returning Pill.

After Ning Fan had told the ladies everything about his past, he began to take the Life Returning Pill.

It was a pill that Hong Yi had given to him. It was a pill at the Low Grade Seventh Revolution. Not only did it have a strong healing effect, it also had a mild property and would not create any burden to a cultivator’s body.

After spending a few months inside the Sovereign Tomb with his separated soul, his true body had recovered by nearly eighty percent. When he had completely absorbed the pill, all of his injuries were fully healed including those internal injuries that he got many years ago.

“It’s indeed an excellent pill.”

Ning Fan gently exhaled a mouthful of turbid air as his eyes shined. Now, he was in his best condition and was undefeatable among Void Inquiry Stage experts.

Since he had fully recovered, it was now time for him to leave the Endless Sea.

However, there was still something he had to do before leaving.

In the great battle at the Giant Devil Clan, countless cultivators from the one hundred plus sects had massive casualties. Even the four great forces, the Pill Island, the Sword Island, Dong Xu Island and the Giant Devil Clan, had lost a lot of low-level cultivators which greatly affected their strength.

The only reason why the Pill Island and the other two forces suffered losses during the battle was because they came to rescue Feng Xueyan.

Because of this, Ning Fan would naturally give some benefits to the forces of the seven venerated beings as compensation. At the very least, he needed to get rid of the slave marks of the Giant Devil Clan.

The other thing was that he did not know when he would be able to come back to the Endless Sea after leaving.

He would naturally bring the gourd of blood wine with him. Aside from that, he also had one more idea – to bring all of his ladies and leave the Endless Sea together.

To Ning Fan, Feng Xueyan’s tribulation served as a warning to him. It made him realize that distant water would find it difficult to put out a nearby fire. If he let his women stay at the Endless Sea, he would not be able to come to their aid in time if he was at the eight hundred cultivation countries the next time they faced danger…

One more thing was that he had yet to fulfill his promise to Hong Yi.

Needless to say, he must help her accomplish her important matter before leaving the Endless Sea.

Regardless of whether or not Hong Yi was related to Ning Honghong, Ning Fan would still lend her a hand since she had helped him several times.

Only after settling all his grudges and repaying all of his debts of gratitude would he be able to leave the Endless Sea with peace of mind.

“After the battle involving one hundred plus sects, I passed out because of my injuries without being able to check my harvest from that battle. Qiuling truly is considerate. She kept all the loot inside a storage pouch and looked after it for me…”

Ning Fan took out a pouch which resembled an ancient Chinese perfume sachet and inspected it using his spirit sense.

This pouch contained spoils of war which Xu Qiuling handed over to Ning Fan.

The one hundred plus sects suffered numerous casualties. When the battle was over, his women helped him clear the battlefield and they all kept all of the excellent items they found for Ning Fan.

Xu Qiuling knew that Ning Fan would not set his eyes upon low-grade magic treasures. Thus, there were only a few magic treasures inside the pouch but there were a lot of cultivation methods, pill recipes, spiritual herbs and immortal jade from various sects…

There were over seven billion immortal jade, about a hundred bottles of Fifth Revolution and three bottles of Sixth Revolution Pills.

Ning Fan’s eyes were immediately drawn to the Sixth Revolution Pill bottles which slightly moved him.

The pills in the first bottle were called True Void Pills. They were Low Grade Sixth Revolution Pills which were quite common in the cultivation world. The bottle contained 20 pills and a single one could raise a Void Glimpse Stage cultivator’s magic power by one thousand units.

He also obtained the pill recipe to concoct the True Void Pill. Since his pill refinement realm had already advanced to the Sixth Revolution, he could certainly refine this pill in the future on his own.

The pills inside the second bottle were called Wonderful Sound Pills. It was the special Low Grade Sixth Revolution Pill of the Wonderful Sound Valley. Each of these pills could also increase a Void Glimpse Stage cultivator’s magic power by one thousand units. The bottle contained 10 pills in total.

The third bottle contained what was called the Fierce Cultivation Pill. It came from the Barbarian Dao Sect. Surprisingly, it was actually a Peak Grade Sixth Revolution Pill. When he sniffed the pill bottle, his eyes instantly widened with astonishment. He could feel an extremely vigorous desolate qi assailing his nose!

The moment he smelled the desolate qi, Ning Fan felt that the level of his spirit sense slightly improved!

Staring at the Fierce Cultivation Pill inside the bottle, Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with radiance.

There was only one Fierce Cultivation Pill inside the pill bottle. However, if he eats it, his spirit sense would experience a terrifying growth!

Ning Fan pondered for a second and swallowed down the Fierce Cultivation Pill in one gulp!

Then, he closed his eyes and rapidly absorbed the medicinal power. As his body digested the pill, his Void Inquiry Stage spirit sense that was achieved with the help of the ancient golden sword sharply rose instantly!

One day. Two days… Third day!

After Ning Fan had completely digested the Fierce Cultivation Pill, his eyes were filled with astonishment when he examined his Sea of Consciousness.

A single Fierce Cultivation Pill could actually make his Void Inquiry Stage spirit sense almost advance to the Void Pierce Stage!

“It’s beyond my expectations that this Barbarian Dao Sect, which was a small and weak sect, would actually have such a heaven-defying pill! If I have a second Fierce Cultivation Pill, my spirit sense would certainly advance to the Void Pierce Stage in one go! If I have ten of them, my spirit sense might achieve the Absolute Void Stage! If I have one hundred Fierce Cultivation Pills, my spirit sense will enter the Void Fragmentation Realm even if my true cultivation base has yet to reach that level!”

“The strength of the Sense Soul Incarnation Chant that I cultivated is closely related to my spirit sense. If my spirit sense breaks through to the Void Fragmentation Realm, I would be able to put up a fight against an expert at the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm by just using my incarnation!”

“So that’s why Marquis Nan Man was able to tempt King Chi Yao to rescue him despite the risks when he promised to give him this pill as a reward. The medicinal effect of this pill is truly incredible…”

Ning Fan gradually calmed down the force of his spirit sense and took out a pill recipe from the pouch. It was none other than the recipe for the Fierce Cultivation Pill.

According to the recipe, the concoction of each Fierce Cultivation Pill not only required a vast amount of spiritual herbs but also a great deal of flesh and essence blood from Void Fragmentation Realm ferocious beasts.

After reading the recipe, Ning Fan was deep in thought.

No wonder the medicinal effect of a Fierce Cultivation Pill is so heaven-defying. It turns out that it actually requires the flesh of Void Fragmentation Realm beasts.

Ordinary cultivators did not have the strength to hunt Void Fragmentation Realm beasts and use them to concoct this pill.

To Ning Fan, however, he did not need to worry about where to get the flesh of Void Fragmentation Realm beasts. As long as his pill refinement realm reaches the Peak Grade Sixth Revolution, he would be able to concoct a lot of Fierce Cultivation Pills…

It was because he had once obtained the corpse of a realm beast in the Star Palace in the past…

The level of that beast was already comparable to the True Immortal Realm which far exceeds the Void Fragmentation Realm. Its flesh could naturally be used to concoct Fierce Cultivation Pills which had greater medicinal effect than those made from the flesh of Void Fragmentation Realm beasts!

Ning Fan had always kept the corpse of that realm beast without using it. He had never expected that it could be used as an ingredient to concoct pills.

In this way, he could make the best use of the corpse.

At this time, he could not consume the True Void Pills and Wonderful Sound Pills as his magic power had yet to advance to the Void Refinement Realm. Thus, he kept the two bottles for his future use.

Afterward, he inspected the pouch again using his spirit sense and checked the other items. All of a sudden, his eyes flickered with interest.

There was actually a flying sword that was an imitation of the Immortal Slaying Sword.

Even though it was just an imitation, it contained a trace of the Immortal Slaying Sword’s sword qi.

Without hesitation, Ning Fan pointed at the flying sword and turned it into a sword light and kept it inside his Sea of Consciousness.

He wanted to slowly refine that flying sword and integrate that trace of sword qi into his Sea of Consciousness. If he succeeds, it would certainly increase the power of his sword consciousness.

Then, Ning Fan rummaged through the pouch to take out some useful items and left the rest inside the pouch for the ladies to distribute equally among themselves later.

After going through the spoils of war, Ning Fan took out the storage pouch which Yun Daoku gave to him.

Clearly, the quality of this pouch was far better than Ning Fan’s old storage pouch. Ning Fan was planning on replacing his old pouch with it from now onward.

This pouch contained some items from the Rain Sovereign as well as the token which was his proof of identity as the Scarlet Heaven Palace Lord.

However, Ning Fan was not actually looking at what was inside the pouch at it. He was staring at the pouch itself with a dignified gaze.

After a long while, his eyes glinted. He produced a trace of golden purple mist on his finger and placed it above the pouch.

“A tracking formation huh?!”

*Zi* *Zi* *Zi*

An extremely obscure formation technique on the storage pouch was being eroded by the mist while giving off a sizzling noise.

If Ning Fan was not mistaken, the formation technique was some type of tracking magic technique.

The reason why the Rain Sovereign set up the formation technique on this storage pouch was naturally because he wanted to know Ning Fan’s whereabouts at every given moment.

Perhaps the Rain Sovereign only wanted to know where Ning Fan was going. It was also possible that he harbored an ulterior motive which was to send someone after him and kill him while his guard was done after he outlived his use…

No matter what intentions the Rain Sovereign had in mind, Ning Fan did not like letting others know his location.

He had already shown his hands at the Rain Sovereign through Yun Daoku’s mouth. If the Rain World does not go against him, he certainly would not go against the Rain World.

However, if the Rain Sovereign harbored malicious intentions against him in the future… Ning Fan would make him pay even if he had to flatten the Rain Palace!

“It’s an excellent magic technique. The golden purple mist could even destroy Yun Zongxuan’s ‘Rain Pursuing Technique’. I’m truly impressed. It’s clear that you can certainly accomplish the thing that I need your help with.”

In the next instant, a cold female voice was heard from outside the door. Then, a lady in red robes walked in with a hint of surprise in her blood-red eyes.

Ning Fan was slightly startled. He had never expected that Hong Yi would come at this moment. He hung the pouch woven from the threads of rain and dew on his waist and kept his old storage pouch and the miscellaneous items on the bed into the new pouch. After that, he stood up and welcomed her with a smile.

“Thanks to your Life Returning Pill, my injuries are now already fully healed.”

“You don’t need to thank me. Since you are still useful to me, I naturally can’t have you get hurt.”

Hong Yi waved her hand with blood-red eyes filled with indifference but were actually thinking otherwise and said, “Since you have fully recovered, help me accomplish an important matter. I originally thought that you would need at least several tens of years before you can be strong enough to help me. However, it’s a huge surprise to me that you have already achieved the Peak Void Inquiry Stage in such a short period of time. At your current level, you are good enough to help me with that. You’ll now follow me into the Sovereign Tomb and help me accomplish it!”

“May I ask what kind of help does Lady Hong Yi need from me? What is the important matter that we are going to accomplish?!” Ning Fan asked again.

“You don’t need to ask too many questions! Just follow me into the Sovereign Tomb. You will just do whatever I ask you to do. That’s all! When the time comes, I’ll tell you what you should know!”

“I see… Since you already said so, I won’t ask about it anymore. I suppose you’ll tell me everything after we enter the Sovereign Tomb. Lady Hong Yi, please don’t worry. No matter how dangerous it’ll be in the Sovereign Tomb, I will do my best to help you accomplish what you are planning to do.”

“It’s good enough that you have this intention. As for your safety, you don’t have to worry about it. With me by your side, I won’t let you encounter any danger inside the tomb!”

Hong Yi’s tone was domineering and confident. Well, if Ning Fan is with her, can he really suffer any injury inside the tomb?

Ning Fan carefully studied Hong Yi. All he could feel right now was that the lady in front of him was much more heroic and braver than any man.

When he was sighing emotionally, Hong Yi waved one of her hands and shut all the doors and windows.


Then, staring at Ning Fan with her usual cold blood-red eyes, she calmly took off every piece of her clothing.

“Erm… Why are you taking off your clothes…?” Feeling helpless, Ning Fan avoided eye contact and asked.

Didn’t she say she wanted him to enter the Sovereign Tomb with her? Why was she taking off her clothes? It completely had nothing to do with entering the tomb, right?

“I am in the form of a primordial spirit. To be more accurate, I am currently only half of my primordial spirit. My physical body and the other half of my primordial spirit are kept inside the tomb. I can’t easily enter the tomb with my incomplete primordial spirit. Which is why I need your separated soul and enter the tomb together with you. Why haven’t you taken off your clothes yet?!”

“What do you mean? Do I also have to take off my clothes?” Ning Fan was a little confused about the situation. In just a few breaths, Hong Yi had fully undressed herself, standing in front of Ning Fan with her naked snow-white body. Even so, Ning Fan did not dare to desecrate her.

Who knows if he might provoke this lady to kill him if he peeks at her naked body?

“I meant what I said literally. Why aren’t you taking off your clothes?! Don’t tell me you want me to help you take off your clothes!” Hong Yi sounded displeased. With her cold blood-red eyes, she pushed Ning Fan, whose eyes were closed, to the bed and got on top of him while her hands were deftly undoing the buttons of his clothing.

“You are the first person who was bold enough to ask me to help you undress yourself!”

Ning Fan rubbed his forehead, feeling that he could not keep up with Hong Yi’s thinking.

Even though he had yet to figure out why he had to take off his clothes, judging from Hong Yi’s serious behavior, he knew that it must have a deep reason behind it and thus he did not act shy.

Thunder Sovereign Bu Zhou, who was now a lady, did not even mind taking off her clothes. What does he have to think about since he would not be losing out in the end?

He gently pushed Hong Yi away and shook his head speechlessly. He was not that weak and feeble to need Hong Yi to help him undress himself.

He opened his eyes calmly and took off all of his garments. Then, he looked at Hong Yi with composure without having the slightest trace of lust in his eyes.

“I’ve taken off all my clothes. What’s next?”

“Then, sit in front of me on the bed. We’ll put our palms together and enter the tomb!”

Ning Fan did as Hong Yi asked and sat opposite to her on the bed. He silently muttered the chants of the Yin Yang Transformation to suppress his lust, fearing that he would make an impulsive action that would enrage Hong Yi.

However, since Hong Yi was sitting right in front of him, it was difficult for him not to see her naked body.

Her long hair was tied up simply. She did not care about her appearance like ordinary ladies. Even so, she was pretty.

Her blood-red eyes might look cold but they were extremely charming, just like sparkling red gemstones.

Her skin was spotlessly white like white tallow jade, as tempting as cheese. Her long slender legs were casually crossed together in front of Ning Fan…

“Does my body look good?” Hong Yi suddenly sneered.

Only a fool would answer that question. Ning Fan did not dare to simply comment about her body.

“Take good care of your own eyes!” Hong Yi snorted and began performing a technique.

The moment their palms met, a massive spirit sense power went toward Ning Fan through their palms. It was like a bewitchingly charming snake was coiling around his spirit sense.

Hong Yi’s spirit sense and Sea of Consciousness were in the form of lightning. In addition to that, the intensity of her spirit sense was comparable to that of an expert at the Fifth Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm!

Even though Ning Fan had just swallowed the Fierce Cultivation Pill which gave a huge boost to his spirit sense, he still felt that his spirit sense was as weak as a small rowboat in the middle of the vast ocean in front of Hong Yi’s spirit sense.

Their spirit senses mingled and intertwined with each other. All of a sudden, Ning Fan thought of milk and water blending perfectly together. It was just like the feeling when two bodies were joined together during dual cultivation.

Then, his heart shook.

This feeling is just like the spirit sense dual cultivation that is recorded in the ancient books…

“What spirit sense dual cultivation? Stop thinking nonsense! Hurry up and activate the thunder jade token. I am going into the tomb with your separated soul!” Hong Yi was displeased. She directly saw through Ning Fan’s thoughts.

Well, since her spirit sense was currently connected with Ning Fan’s, their thoughts were completely exposed to each other.


Ning Fan stopped thinking about other things to avoid angering Hong Yi again. While splitting up a trace of his spirit sense power, he took out the thunder jade token from his storage pouch and activated it.

In the next instant, the scene in front of Ning Fan’s eyes changed. His separated soul once again descended upon the Sovereign Tomb located in the Zhou Clan in the internal sea.

The place he appeared this time was the border between the Central Region and the Divine Region. It was the place he left from previously.

His separated soul was still at the Early Nascent Soul Realm which he had attained during the last time he entered. A lady in red robes stood beside him with an icy cold face.

“Very well. We’ve finally entered. Hmm? It has just been several months since the day I gave you this thunder jade token and you have already managed to improve your separated soul’s cultivation base to the Nascent Soul Realm… You are quite fast.”

Hong Yi studied Ning Fan briefly and her cold blood-red eyes flashed with a hint of surprise.

Her expression was forever calm and quiet. Nothing in the world could move her heart. Even when she was sitting in front of Ning Fan with her naked body, she did not feel the slightest trace of embarrassment.

“Where are we going now?” Ning Fan asked.

“The Divine Region! Follow me!” Hong Yi’s eyes gazed into the depths of the Divine Region and her expression gradually turned serious.

As she gently stepped on the ground, a mass of thunder cloud with the shape of a red lotus immediately emerged!

Carrying her and Ning Fan, the cloud swiftly dashed toward the Divine Region at a speed comparable to the Fifth Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm!

Just as the two of them were about to enter the Divine Region, countless Nascent Soul Realm, Divine Transformation Realm and Void Refinement Realm undead spirits that were hiding among the mountains and rivers woke up with ferocity in their eyes!

“Those who trespass the Divine Region shall… die!”

“Foolish creatures! You can’t even distinguish who is your master now?! Now!”

As Hong Yi got angry, her body gave off an awe-inspiring murderous qi which filled the blue sky within the vicinity of one million li* (500m per li) with lightning flashes and rumbling thunder claps!

Countless undead spirits trembled under the force of Hong Yi’s aura force. However, they still soared into the sky ferociously to block Hong Yi’s path.

Apparently, using her aura force alone could not fully intimidate the undead spirits in this area.

In order to enter the depths of the Divine Region, all the undead spirits of this place must be wiped out!

Ning Fan scanned across the surroundings. Every part of the sky in the area of one million li* (500m per li) was covered by the undead spirits which dyed the sky black. There were at least a few million of them.

Among them, there were tens of thousands of Divine Transformation Realm undead spirits, hundreds of Void Refinement Realm undead spirits which were at the Void Glimpse Stage, Void Inquiry Stage, Void Pierce Stage, Absolute Void Stage and even Half Step Void Fragmentation Realm.

Seeing such a frightening amount of powerful undead spirits, even Ning Fan would not have the guts to trespass into this region. Hong Yi, on the other hand, was not scared at all.

“Even though there are a lot of you, all of you are mere ants. You lot are still far from enough to stop me! It’s too troublesome to deal with you all one by one. I shall just eliminate all of you with a single move!”

Hong Yi’s blood-red eyes shot out immense killing intent. When Ning Fan saw her eyes, he only felt that his own baleful qi was far inferior to Hong Yi’s!

“White Lightning Dao –Wrath of the White Emperor!”

Hong Yi violently performed a series of hand seals and then pointed a finger at the sky. Amidst the sea of thunder clouds, a silver lightning giant which was ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall suddenly appeared.

The giant carried a thunder drum and held a thunder hammer. It began striking the thunder drum as soon as it appeared.

All of a sudden, terrifying silver lightning rays spread out from the giant’s body, sweeping across the vicinity of one million* (500m per li). All the mountains and rivers within the area were completely flattened!

The millions of undead spirits were all killed under Hong Yi’s single magic technique!

“Flattening one million li* (500m per li) with a single magic technique!” Ning Fan’s eyes widened with amazement. The Yue Country was just several hundred thousand li* (500m per li) large. The magic technique which Hong Yi performed was strong enough to annihilate several Yue Countries.

After wiping out all of the undead spirits, Hong Yi waved her hand and countless thunder fruits within the area quickly flew toward her.

Each of the thunder fruits was dropped by the dead undead spirits.

Each of them contained medicinal power equivalent to one percent of the Dao Fruits that were at the same level as them.

“Swallow all of these thunder fruits! Raise the cultivation base of your separated soul!” Hong Yi spoke to Ning Fan coldly. Then, as she casually pointed at an area, those thunder fruits immediately piled up like a mountain conveniently.

“Are you trying to stuff me to death with the fruits…?” Ning Fan was at a loss for words.

He had spent a few months in order to raise the cultivation base of his separated soul from the Vein Opening Realm to the Nascent Soul Realm.

However, Hong Yi obtained several millions of thunder fruits by just massacring all the undead spirits within the area of one million li* (500m per li) using a single move.

If Ning Fan swallows all of these thunder fruits, his separated soul’s cultivation base would probably increase to quite a terrifying level…

Perhaps his separated soul would break through to the Void Refinement Realm first even though the magic power of his true body had yet to reach the Void Refinement Realm!

“Do you think you will die from swallowing all the fruits when I am by your side?! I’ll keep you safe and help you assimilate the power of the thunder fruits. You won’t die!”

Hong Yi’s tone sounded a bit angry. She laboriously gathered so many thunder fruits for Ning Fan to eat for him to actually not appreciate her kindness!

If it was not because he was still useful to her, there was no way she would be so good toward him!

“If you don’t finish them all, I’ll kill you!” Just as Hong Yi said these words, she immediately calmed herself down, feeling slightly surprised inwardly. She could not help but feel a little strange. Since when was her emotion so easily affected by someone? Since when was she so easily angered?

“Fine. I’ll eat them all.”

Ning Fan shook his head and smiled. He, of course, knew that Hong Yi only said those words in the midst of anger. It seemed like his joke provoked this moody lady.

Interesting. To think the Thunder Sovereign who used to be as cold as an iceberg would actually be provoked by him. Ning Fan still thought that she was a lady with a heart of steel who would never be affected by anything.

Looking at the pile of thunder fruits in front of him, Ning Fan’s eyes were filled with expectation.

I wonder what cultivation realm my separated soul will reach after I finish all of these thunder fruits!

Can I break through to the Void Refinement Realm in one try?!

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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