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Chapter 490: Chapter 490: Blood Burial Grass


Chapter 490: Blood Burial Grass

The two elders of Ling Nan did not dare to conceal any information at all when answering Ning Fan’s question. They could only tell him every detail about the entire event.

It turned out that it was purely an accident that the two of them were pursued by the red-haired lady.

They two were Void Inquiry Stage old monsters and they had been searching and exploring historical remains of ancient cultivators throughout the years. This time, when they were checking out an ancient place that was used by the cultivators in the past, they accidentally discovered a passage to another realm that was filled with immense killing qi.

It was unknown what realm that passage would lead to. However, it seemed to be connecting to a broken and dilapidated small chiliocosm.

It wasn’t strange originally for an ancient remains to exist inside a hidden broken realm. Many ancient cultivators liked hiding their precious treasures inside a concealed realm. Thus, the two elders of Ling Nan were eager to explore the realm.

However, only after entering the realm did they realize that the small chiliocosm was particularly unique. It was pervaded with the killing qi that even Void Refinement Realm old monsters would find nauseating. Not many people could maintain their composure when they were inside that realm except for those devil lords who practiced the Dao of Slaughter.

Deep inside the broken world, there were many ferocious but obscure Void Refinement Realm qi. Presumably, it belonged to the living creatures that were left in this realm. As soon as the two of them entered that realm, the living creatures of that realm gave them a warning.

“Those who don’t belong to this realm shall leave now! Otherwise, death will be what awaits you ahead!”

That voice sounded extremely impolite. The two elders could not help but feel scared since there seemed to be a lot of powerful beings residing deep inside the world.

Therefore, they did not dare exploring to the depths of the broken world but examined just the outer region of that realm instead.

There wasn’t any treasure in the outer region, let alone any spiritual medicine. There was just a vast and boundless land full of blood-red grass. It was a type of grass that the two of them had never seen before.

They were not bold enough to explore deeper into the broken world but they were reluctant to return empty-handed as well. After contemplating for a while, they decided to pluck some of the blood-red grass casually so that they could study them in the future. Then, they left the broken realm.

However, none of them had thought that their actions of plucking the grass would actually alarm the Void Refinement Realm experts in the broken world.

Immediately, the red-haired female expert dashed out from the depths of the realm and took the lead to pursue them.

Behind the red-haired female expert, there were also a large group of cultivators consisting ten plus Void Refinement Realm experts and a few hundred Divine Transformation Realm cultivators. Every single one of them was a female.

These female cultivators had gorgeous and pretty appearances and packed with primordial yin. However, their faces had a cruel and cold-blooded look which scared the two elders of Ling Nan half to death. It was literally beyond their imagination that there would be so many experts hiding in a broken realm.

What’s worse was that they even sensed a Void Fragmentation Realm qi that was slowly awakening in the depths of the broken world.

The aura force of that Void Fragmentation Realm being felt like the doomsday had arrived as it gave out a command with a bone-chilling voice.

“Heed my words, my blood slaves. Take down the medicine thieves for me and kill them without exception!”

At this moment, the two elders of Ling Nan nearly had the impulse to vomit blood. How could they be considered as thieves after just randomly plucking a handful of grass? And the Void Fragmentation Realm old monster gave the merciless kill order on them, causing them to be hunted by so many experts just because of the grass?!

If they really had stolen some kind of rare and unique spiritual herbs of the world, they would find it acceptable to be hunted by others. However, they were extremely certain that the grass that they plucked had no medicinal use at all. It was definitely just a bunch of weeds. There was no way it could be any spiritual herb!

Unfair. It’s just too unfair!

The two elders understood that no explanations could help them from this situation at this moment. They were even aware that if this group of experts caught up with them, they definitely had no chance in surviving at all. All they could do was to flee at once.

They did not dare to stay in the world any longer. They flew straight towards the exit of the broken world, trying to get out of the place as quick as possible. Just as they got out, they both sent out attacks to destroy the passage connecting to the broken world.

Except for the red-haired lady alone, all the other experts of the broken world were unable to get out in time as they were trapped on the other side of the passage.

Even though there was only the red-haired lady who was pursuing the two leaders after that, she seemed to be able to kill the two of them by herself.

In the beginning, the two elders of Ling Nan disparaged her, thinking that she was just a Void Inquiry Stage cultivator and she was on her own. They two were also at the Void Inquiry Stage. If the two of them fought against her together, they had huge chance in defeating her.

However, who would have thought that the red-haired lady had frightening skills and her cultivation level was nearly at the unrivalled level of the Void Inquiry Stage. She was not a person whom the two elders of Ling Nan could resist.

When the red-haired lady used some kind of killing secret technique, she severely injured the two of them with ease. After that, they began a series of hot pursuit.

The two elders of Ling Nan fled for their life desperately with their grievous injuries. Eventually, they tore off the hollow space and bumped into Ning Fan and the others. Only then were they saved from her pursuit.

This was everything that the two elders knew. After surviving from the disaster, they still had not snapped out of it even when they were recounting the sequence of events.

“It’s really unbelievable that a Void Fragmentation Realm living being was actually hiding inside the broken world of that ancient remains. The two of you are very lucky for being able to escape from an old monster of that level.” Ning Fan said indifferently.

“Lucky? Hai… If it wasn’t for your help, the both of us would have died in the hands of that malefic lady for sure. How could we say anything about luck without your help? Hehe. We still haven’t asked about your name yet. Fellow Daoist has unrivalled strength among cultivators of the Void Inquiry Stage but we haven’t heard of your great name. Could it be that Fellow Daoist isn’t a member of Rain World?”

The two elders were extremely curious about Ning Fan’s identity. Based on his strength, it was impossible for his name to be unknown among the Void Refinement Realm beings of Rain World.

“My name is Zhou Ming. I am also a rogue cultivator of Rain World.”

“Oh, it’s Fellow Daoist Zhou. It’s nice meeting you. These are some gifts for you for saving our lives. Please keep them.”

After the two elders consumed a vulnerary pill respectively to slightly suppress their injuries, they instantly took out 5 jade boxes that were carefully sealed. Each of the boxes contained a tuft of one hundred thousand years old spiritual medicine.

Without a doubt, the five tufts of one hundred thousand years old spiritual herbs were the gifts from them to appreciate Ning Fan’s help.

“One hundred thousand years old spiritual medicine!”

Su Yan’s eyes burnt with zeal. Ming Que, on the other hand, was salivating with greed. She wished that she could eat all the five tufts of spiritual herbs at once.

One hundred thousand years old spiritual herb was the necessary items for concocting Seventh Revolution Pills. Even Void Fragmentation Realm experts would find spiritual herbs at this age extremely precious. Hence, giving 5 tufts of such spiritual herbs to repay someone for his help was considered quite hefty.

“We have lost our storage pouches when we were fleeing for our lives earlier. Thus, we only have these five jade boxes that we personally kept by our sides. We intend to give them to Fellow Daoist to repay your kindness in saving our lives. If Fellow Daoist isn’t satisfied with these gifts, you can come to the ‘Mythical Fairy Pavilion’ in Middle State in the future. Even though we are just rogue cultivators, we have some estates and forces. Mythical Fairy Pavilion is one of them. The storehouse of that place does not lack any heavenly ingredients and earthly treasures. If Fellow Daoist comes to Middle State, you can pay a visit to our pavilion and take anything you like until you are contented. The both of us will never stop you!”

There was not even a hint of anguish on the faces of the two elders of Ling Nan when they gave the five boxes to Ning Fan and promised him more treasures in the future.

Although the one hundred thousand years old were precious, they were not worth mentioning compared to their lives.

Ning Fan’s eyes fixed on the two elders and studied them. Then, he kept the jade boxes without any intention to decline their offer.

He could tell that the reasons why they gave him a hefty reward to repay him included their gratitude as well as their fear for him.

They were people who knew about the virtue of paying back a favor to the ones who had helped them as they were grateful to him for saving them. However, at the same time, they were afraid of his incredible strength.

Therefore, the reason why they used such expensive gifts to befriend Ning Fan was also because they were worried that he might eliminate them while they were severely injured at this moment.

“Oh yes. Do you still have the grass that you plucked in the broken world with you??” Ning Fan then asked.

“Fortunately, yes. We didn’t lose them.”

“Could I have a look?”

“It’s just a mere useless grass. Fellow Daoist doesn’t have to be so formal to ask for it. You can just take it with you. Since this grass was able to draw so many experts to hunt us down, it perhaps has some unique uses even if it isn’t a spiritual medicine. We can’t be sure about it. Perhaps Fellow Daoist could identify the origin of the grass based on your knowledge.”

Even though the two elders were certain that the grass was not spiritual herb, they also suspect that the grass might have certain special functions.

However, since Ning Fan was interested in the grass, they clearly were willing to give it to him.

Each of them took out a handful of blood-red grass respectively and handed them to Ning Fan. Their eyes looked somewhat expectant as they were hoping that Ning Fan could recognize the origin of the grass.

They stared at Ning Fan’s face. Unfortunately, Ning Fan’s face remained expressionless even after he had perused the grass for quite a long while. Then, he only told the two elders of Ling Nan with a flat voice.

“I’m sorry but I don’t recognize this grass.”

“Is that so? Since Fellow Daoist also doesn’t know about this grass, I guess it must be a useless item.”

Apparently, the two elders completely believed in Ning Fan’s words. They no longer mentioned about the blood-red grass and neither did they ask Ning Fan how he would deal with that red-haired lady. After having a brief conversation with Ning Fan and Su Yan, they then excused themselves and left, anxiously looking for a place to conduct their seclusion and heal their wounds.

Ning Fan also did not urge them to stay as he left them go without stopping them.

However, just before they left, he asked them about the location of the ancient remains.

According to what they said, the ancient remains was already destroyed due to their battles earlier. The place collapsed without leaving any traces. Therefore, it would be impossible for him to find it and enter the broken world filled with killing qi.

Besides, they reiterated to invite Ning Fan, hoping that he would pay a visit to the Mythical Fairy Pavilion in Middle State when he is available in the future. Only then did part ways with Ning Fan.

When they had left, Ning Fan’s eyes flickered mildly. He patted his storage pouch and took out the two handfuls of blood-red grass. He dismissed everyone, leaving only Su Yan and Ming Que by his side.

“Could it be that Master has figured out the origin of the grass?” Su Yan guessed after seeing Ning Fan dimiss everyone.

“This grass isn’t a baby medicine. It doesn’t taste good but it definitely isn’t as simple as it looks!” Ming Que said assertively, depending on her sharp senses towards heavenly ingredients and precious treasures.

“Indeed. I have identified the origin of this grass and I also know that it is certainly not simple. This grass is called ‘Blood Burial Grass’. It’s considered rare even during ancient times. It isn’t a spiritual herb so it doesn’t have any medicinal power. However, it’s an indispensable item for some cultivation methods of the Dao of Slaughter in ancient times. If I am not wrong, in the broken world that the two elders of Ling Nan intruded, all the female cultivators inside were cultivating their slaughter cultivation methods using this grass. It’s not simple… The red-haired lady that I captured and all the experts inside the broken world… They probably have a powerful background.”

Ning Fan kept the Blood Burial Grass and continued speaking.

“The ancient remains have already collapsed and it can’t be located now. The passage connecting to the broken world has also been destroyed by the two elders and there’s no way to enter that world again… Perhaps the red-haired lady comes from a powerful background, her comrades won’t find out that she is in my hands since they can’t leave the broken world. In this case, there isn’t any potential trouble in the future after abducting this lady.”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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