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In Wei Suo's hand, there was a green jade bracelet with a purple glow and a small purple dagger.

The jade bracelet was round and smooth without any runes on it. It was like a pool of green water, and the green light it emitted made his entire body turn green.

The purple dagger was crafted from some kind of unique crystal. On it were lines like phoenix feathers that occasionally emitted an intoxicating purple light. The purple color spread and auspicious colors curled around it, giving off an unusual feeling.

"The power of this material itself is already extremely astonishing. If the divine ability was astonishing enough and the divine imprint was refined again, it would definitely become a true immortal weapon!"

Wei Suo and Ling Long exchanged a glance and saw the meaning in each other's eyes.

The exquisite purple phoenix feather daggers were nothing to the two of them and should be a low-grade Mysterious rank magic treasure. However, this azure jade bracelet was extremely extraordinary, and its entire body was comparable to divine iron. Just the power of the jade and the array formation alone was comparable to Qing Gu's.

"Hand over the thing in your hand!" The Huangpu patriarch pointed out four rays of light, and once again looked at Wei Suo with a cold snort, forcing him to hand over the two things in his hands.

Wei Suo's expression didn't change at all. He stretched out his hand and pointed his green jade bracelet and purple dagger into the air. These two things weren't enough to make him fight for his life. And until the end, no one knew who would have these things.

"This is a great treasure! The power of more than half of a celestial item, is close to that of an immortal item! "

"This kid actually took such a thing in one go!"

The moment Wei Suo's green jade bracelet was thrown out, almost all of the cultivators present immediately noticed how extraordinary this jade bracelet was. It was like a pool of green mist completely suppressing the magic treasures of the others.

Soon enough, everyone handed over their captured magic treasures. On the golden warship of the True Thunder Sect outside, they also handed over their captured magic treasures. Hundreds of magic treasures flashed with divine light, causing one's heart to race. Many magical treasures were of extraordinary grade. Nearly half of them didn't even need to be wrapped with true essence to float in the air, as if they were alive. They were filled with spirituality.

These hundreds of magic treasures all had different styles; none of them were identical. There was an ancient looking stone coin, a massive golden lump, a resplendent and resplendent robe made of dozens of different types of feathers, a red pot that burned with divine fire, and a huge, ghastly, white, ancient spear shaped bone soldier …

"One more."

At this moment, Yuhua gave Extreme Yin a calm glance and said.

"Damn, we can even tell that clearly." The Extreme Yin Divine Lord couldn't help but silently curse in his heart, but on his face, he appeared to be embarrassed. "Ah, right. I forgot that there's something else that I kept in my storeroom."

"This old geezer is extremely crafty." Many people couldn't help but curse in their hearts. The Extreme Yin God took out a red light and it actually faintly condensed into a palace-shaped bead. It was the size of a pigeon's egg and dazzled with light.

"I say, everyone, how do we divide these things? "It can't be counted by the number of pieces. The two things that this little friend and I have can't be on the same level as the others, can they?" However, Extreme Yin Divine Monarch was extremely thick-skinned. He didn't think much of it and pretended as if nothing had happened as he spoke.

"Everyone is very clear on the value of the half-immortal and the treasures that are close to the immortal. How about the half-immortal weapons have five Xuan level magic treasures and the ones that are close to the Immortal ones? What about the ten Xuan level magic treasures?" God Lord Thunder said with a cold smile.

"We have no objections." Yu Hua Tian said indifferently.

"Then who will be the first to choose?" Extreme Yin immediately asked.

"This is the first time the True Thunder Sect and Huangpu Family have discovered us. Let the Sovereign of Lightning and the Patriarch of the Huangpu Family be the first ones to choose, then we'll choose, then you guys can choose, then the second round will be reversed." Yinyang took a glance at Extreme Yin and Wei Suo. "I wonder what you think, Extreme Yin?"

"According to the order of arrival, we are at least second in line. I had long since sneakily arrived at this place. "He came earlier than all of you." The words of Extreme Yin God caused many to roll their eyes. This old man was also like a merchant; he had no demeanor of a Divine Profound Supreme Elder.

"Okay, you can choose the second one." Yu Hua Tian did not say anything unnecessary. He indifferently said this as his gaze continued to sweep towards the ancient hall at the top. It was as if he did not care about anything of these grades.

The gray fog on the peak of the mountain had completely dissipated, revealing the ancient palace. It was square, almost like a cauldron, entirely made of bronze and gold. It looked very deep inside, emitting an ancient aura.

Hearing Yu Hua and Ying Tian say this, Extreme Yin rolled his eyes and didn't say anything further.

"Let's choose this one." The Huangpu clan leader was the first to make a move, directly taking the azure jade bracelet that Wei Suo handed over, at the same time coldly smiling as he swept over it.

"That old fellow, who knows what sort of thing he has next to him, and he's still feeling proud of it." Right now, he didn't have the slightest bit of anger towards the Huangpu Family's Patriarch targeting him. He only felt that with such an 'old antique' standing next to the Huangpu Family's Patriarch, he definitely wouldn't have a good ending.

"Brat, it's our turn now. Show us your talent, don't pick things that aren't worth spirit stones." The Extreme Yin God sent a mental message to Wei Suo. He couldn't wait any longer. He reached out with his hand, collecting that beaded red light that he had just handed over.

Wei Sou remained silent as he reached out to grab a light yellow robe that looked like clouds. This robe was of a medium quality and even male nun cultivators could wear it. Moreover, it had a divine aura and should have been refined by a Divine Profound Realm expert of the Primordial Era. Right now, for the likes of Wei Suo and Jia Ya, there were many powerful Magic Treasures. However, there were still not many top quality Magic Rooms. It was quite possible to use a Magic Robe of this level.

"Good, this kid's eyesight is quite good. It looks like I don't need to say more." When Extreme Yin saw Wei Chen take the magic robe, he immediately sent a mental message to Wei Yan Er.

Amongst the hundreds of magic treasures, only the jade bracelet was close to being an immortal equipment. Aside from this, there were also a few half-immortal equipment. The rest were Xuan grade magic treasures, Dao-level treasures and spirit-level treasures. After that, Yuhua, Ying Tian, did not move. Yuhua, Ruxing, did not choose a half-immortal artifact. Instead, he chose ten Mysterious rank magic treasures. Then, it was their turn to choose first, and he chose ten Mysterious rank magic treasures.

"Damn brat, you have such sharp eyes. I wish I could blind you." This caused Extreme Yin Monarch to be extremely unhappy, as the Eternal Star had almost all of the treasures of the Xuan level magic treasure.

"Help me get that crescent-shaped magic treasure. Gold essence is useful for my cultivation." At this time, a high-pitched sound was transmitted into Wei Suo's ears. Wei Suo did not hesitate and grabbed it with his hand. The crescent moon magic treasure that Ling Tian had mentioned was completely golden. This magic treasure emitted a dense cold aura and also had the might of a half-immortal artifact.

As for the Extreme Yin God, he impatiently took out another half-Immortal level jade pendant, which he could use to activate the white light barrier. He then put it away.

Following that, because according to the agreement, even the combined forces of Wei Suo and the Extreme Yin God Monarch could only take up 20% of the treasure, the two of them quickly became spectators and lost the right to obtain the treasures.

"It would be best if a few of them died from the restriction. That way, we can discuss how to get the rights to split the loot." The lowest of these hundred magic treasures was a medium-grade spirit-ranked magic treasure. It was extremely useful to the disciples of the sect and could greatly increase the overall strength of the sect.

"Let's go."

After dividing up all the magical equipment that flew out, no one had any intention of stopping as they advanced towards the ancient palace at the very top.

Wei Suo and Ling Tian had a tacit understanding. They were far away from the Huangpu patriarch and Divine Lord Lei Chi. They were even separated by Ying Tian and Yu Hua. Right now, God Lord Lei Chi and the white jade sculpture of the God of Slaughter, Huangpu Pu, were also right next to the "old antiques". However, not a single one of them discovered that the "old antiques" were being controlled by an inexplicable demon beast.

Everyone had evil intentions in their hearts as they silently walked to the front of the ancient palace.

This ancient palace seemed extremely cold and grand, with no entrance that could be entered. A cold aura emanated from within.

"This kid!"

The Extreme Yin God immediately became so furious that his nose became crooked. After he had circled around the square shaped ancient palace, Yu Yingtian didn't even say anything. Instead, a black light shot out and struck towards the somewhat dilapidated corner of the ancient palace.


However, the ancient palace didn't launch any counterattacks this time. No supreme divine might dragged everyone into the water. The enormous power released by Yu Hua's attack split that part of the ancient palace into pieces, creating a fifty-meter-square hole.

Yu Hua Ying Tian and Yu Hua Ruxing looked at each other and immediately rushed inside.

"F * ck, boy, follow me closely!" The Extreme Yin God Lord clearly hesitated for a moment, but he was afraid that the treasure might be taken away by Yu Hua, so after gritting his teeth, he immediately sent a sound transmission to Wei Suo and followed up.

The internal force was completely empty. There were no orifices or holes leading to the mountain, just like a vast hall. The light was a bit dim, and many shattered crystal pillars had collapsed.

"Hiss …"

Upon seeing the scene inside, Extreme Yin and the others sucked in a breath of cold air.

In the center of the ancient palace, there was a tall platform made of gray jade. There were layers of gray light revolving around it, making it seem extremely mysterious and terrifying. Inside the tower, a figure could faintly be seen sitting cross-legged, emitting an aura that made everyone's heart palpitate.

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