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Demon beast siege?

Monster siege?

Hearing these words, Long Fei's eyes immediately shook, his heart becoming excited, "Damn, knowing that my immortal domain needs experience to level up, this isn't a behemoth attacking a city, is this the way to send me experience?"


"I'll go take a look first..."

Without waiting for Yi Yi's consent, Long Fei had already rushed out.

The levels of immortal domain are different.

Furthermore, even though he was currently in the war king Realm, his strength was only at the third level of the Nascent Immortal Stage, an existence that was completely unranked.

Want to become stronger?

Upgrade was the only way!


Yi Yi was startled, when he reacted, Long Fei had already disappeared into the crowd of people who were fleeing in panic.

The others were all running away, but he was running for his life?

This …

It had to be said that Yi Yi could not understand Long Fei.

However …

Long Fei could not let anything happen to him, so he quickly followed. At the same time, he vaguely guessed the reason behind the demonic beast's attack, "That fairy beast …"

… ….

"Quick, run."

"Flee, the demon beasts are running into the town."

"Aren't the experts of god emperor academy here? Are they not going to take action? "

"And the experts of the Dark Academy …"

… ….

People on the streets were fleeing like mad tide. At the same time, there were also people shouting from the crowd of people, many of them knew that the experts from the god emperor academy and the Dark Academy had entered the town, but did not take action.

They attacked?

In a luxurious private room of a teahouse.

"Boss, it seems like that fairy beast is angry, our medicine is working." A young man around twenty years old who was dressed in the god emperor academy student uniform laughed proudly.

He was an immortal poison master.

Professional poison!

Every time before he killed a demon beast, he would make the first move. This profession was very treacherous.

There were five people in the room.

It was a small group, and everyone had their own responsibilities and division of labor.

"Boss, should we make a move? If this goes on, this town will be destroyed."

"If these demonic beasts rush out like crazy, these commoners definitely won't be able to withstand it. We …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

A skinny man coldly laughed, "Ol 'Five, did you lose your mind? What does the death of these people have to do with us? "

"If they die, they die. If they die, they die."

"Our purpose in coming here is not to save them, but the fairy beast. Do you understand? It's the fairy beast! "


As soon as he finished.

The other three couldn't help but laugh loudly.

They did not even think about the lives of these civilians. In fact, they knew that the fairy beast was crazy even before they tried to use poison. Those demon beasts would charge out of the forest crazily and attack the town for sure.

However …

They did not consider these civilians at all.

In their eyes, there was no need for ordinary people to live.

This was the world.

So what if he's a student of the god emperor academy?

They were all thinking about themselves.

As for the weak?

He could only be crushed like an ant by the giant wheels of this era. He had no dignity and could only talk about human rights.

In the South Horizon Region, this immortal domain was even more prominent!

They did not act.

While sipping tea in the box with incomparable satisfaction, Ji Hao looked at those poor people madly fleeing on the street, occasionally letting out loud sounds of ridicule and laughter.

This is the student of the god emperor academy?

In another place.

The small battle squadron of the Dark Academy was more or less the same.

"Seems like Lin Long has already made his move on the fairy beast."

"Big brother, we …"

In a small forest, a man asked.

The man in charge smiled and said, "No rush!"

"Big brother, the poor people of this town …"

"This is the immortal domain, they are not going to save us, what's the use of us doing that? Furthermore, we need to conserve our strength to deal with the fairy beast and Lin Long. As for these poor people, whether they die or not has nothing to do with us."

It's all the same.

No one cares about the weak.

… ….

And then there was Long Fei.

He rushed madly towards the entrance of the town, the sand and dust on the mountain side billowing, the beasts blotting out the sky and covering the earth, Long Fei clenched his fists, "Long time no see!"

He was excited.

In the game, what he liked the most was monsters attacking the city. This was because this was a Level Dungeon and the drop rate was at least twice as high.

This must be a great feeling.


This was just a small town. The walls were made of wooden fences, and the first wave of impact was probably not enough to stop it.

Once the demonic beasts had charged into the town, they would inevitably drive straight in. The innocent commoners in the town would definitely suffer countless casualties.

Long Fei's mind raced, "What do we do?"

"What should we do?"

"I don't care!"

Long Fei walked over to a guard leader who was standing on top of the fence and asked: "You are the defense army here?"

His head was drenched in cold sweat, and his body was trembling uncontrollably. If not for the tiny bit of responsibility he still had in his heart, he would have escaped long ago.

He looked at Long Fei and said: "You are only a third stage Immortal, hurry up and flee, this is not a place for you."

Long Fei asked: How many of you are there?

chief bodyguard didn't want to pay attention to Long Fei and said: "Brat, do you know what this is? This is the first time I've seen a demon beast attack a city, but I've heard about this countless times. Do you know what the consequences are? "It was all killed. Now get the hell off the fence."

His expression was too nervous, adding on to the cold sweat that was pouring down like rain, his entire body was trembling non-stop, and his saliva sprayed all over Long Fei's face.

Long Fei grabbed him by the collar, his gaze darkened, and he bellowed: "Stop it right there, your father has seen more monsters attacking than you can even imagine, if you want to live, you should all gather all of you, and listen to my commands, understand?"

Several guards rushed forward.

Long Fei glared and those people suddenly stopped.

The chief bodyguard's face turned cold, he was panicking in his heart and did not know how to deal with it. Long Fei's sudden appearance, he did not care if it was useful or not, and stared at Long Fei: "Let's see what tricks you can come up with."

At this point in time, he had no other choice.

He could only choose to believe in Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at the distance between the mountain slope and the town, and started to wildly calculate in his mind, and at the same time crazily said, "Replace them all with crossbows."

"The catapult is ready."

"Do you have kerosene?"

"Collect some kerosene! Quick! Quick! Quick!"

"There's no time, move faster, move faster."

"Listen to my commands!"

Long Fei spoke extremely quickly, and those guards were busy. It was unknown if they trusted Long Fei, or if they were too busy to be afraid, but they calmed down for a moment.

He was much calmer than before.

In another place.

Yi Yi Yi stood quietly at the side, looking at Long Fei and his busy commanding look, he became more excited in his heart, "A talent from god's general!"

"It's definitely the Demon Slayer!"

"Under his lead, the blood million demonic owls will be suppressed again."

Half an hour later.

Everything was ready.

The demonic beast was about to arrive.

Long Fei was excited in his heart, he clenched his fists and said: "Come! My first time! "

Chapter I

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