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The ice dragon with the Icy Frost Snow Dragon souls inside it moved while releasing the bone-chilling cold air, which was cold enough to freeze even the void.

Shi Yan squinted, his eyes filled with bright starlight and his face heavy.

This body was just a clone, and his real body wasn't here. Facing the ice dragon attack with the cold energy, he was a little afraid. Hence, he decided to dodge.


His hands made a cutting gesture and bands of brilliant galaxies emerged, filling up this patch of void. The magnificent star rivers weaved with each other into a marvelous star map.

Shi Yan's clone shrank into a tiny light dot that flashed twice and then disappeared into the star map.

The ice dragon fell into the star map when the crackling sounds of freezing void arose. The brilliant stars and weaving star rivers were frozen, and the spinning star map was halted.

Space and void, everything visible and invisible was frozen by the cold power of several thousand Icy Frost Snow Dragon souls inside the ice dragon. Everything looked like a mosquito trapped in amber forever, or the eternal self Shi Yan and Montecie had cast.

The star map with many star rivers crossing each other became frozen in crystal ice. Xue Yuan and Xue Feng exchanged looks, then swayed and flew toward the ice dragon that was hovering in the middle of the frozen star rivers.

"Where's he?" Xue Feng used his soul to check as a flow of cold air that seemed like frost tried to search for Shi Yan's body.

"It is rumored that this man has supernatural abilities, and that he has numerous Power Upanishads as well. Turns out he's not really bold." Xue Yuan frowned while shaking his head. "We can't trust rumors, you know? I thought he was tough. Seems like we've overestimated him."

"Haha, it has also proven our superb techniques." Xue Feng wore an arrogant face. "The cold energy by the Icy Frost Snow Dragon is even stronger than my father's full-force attack. Let alone Shi Yan, even Han Tian can't endure it!"

Xue Yuan nodded in agreement.

They had come from the All-cold Snow Territory that was thousands of miles away. Of course, they had some tricks. Otherwise, they wouldn't dare to confront Han Tian. They could come and follow Sauron because of the fierce Icy Frost Snow Dragon anyway.

"I think he's frozen in the star rivers!" Xue Feng confirmed. He looked at the crystal starlight underneath while snorting. "As long as we crush this star river, his body will be crushed too. Even if his soul isn't affected, his body will be destroyed!"

Xue Yuan's eyes brightened. "They say he has the Absolute Beginning body. So…he must have the Absolute Beginning blood in his body!"

Xue Feng became greedy, licking his lips as his eyes turned hot. "If we suck his blood, we can have the Absolute Beginning body too?"

"Theoretically indeed," Xue Yuan lowered his voice, his eyes also turning hot.

The brothers paused for a few seconds and then suddenly urged power at the same time. Deep in their eyes, numerous icicles, ice columns, and snowflakes twirled and roared like a frantic tornado, heading toward the frozen star rivers!


Earth-shaking explosions reverberated as starlight shot out of the star rivers together with pieces of ice. The star map created by the star rives shattered in just a blink. A wave of immense and mysterious star energy rippled, creating more explosions.

Shortly, the star river was crushed, disappearing away. All of the light rays, dots, and pieces of ice spread out in the endless void.

The two brothers focused on sensing, using their Soul Consciousness to check every minute energy fluctuation. They wanted to find Shi Yan's body to suck his Absolute Beginning blood and transform themselves.

However, even until the last beam vanished, they didn't find a wisp of Shi Yan's aura. Shi Yan had disappeared, as if he had never existed here. This strange situation raised an insecure feeling in the two brothers.

"Brother, this is not normal!" Xue Feng muttered, his eyes sparkling. Eventually, his gaze fell on the glacier not far from there. "Did he enter the Power Upanishad Origin just like that woman?"

Xue Yuan was surprised. "Could be!"

When they had joined hands to attack Mei Ji, she had plunged into the glacier that represented the Ice Power Upanishad Origin as soon as she realized that she couldn't defeat them. The ice dragon couldn't attack her, and now, Shi Yan had disappeared similarly. They naturally assumed that Shi Yan had entered glacier like Mei Ji when he saw the situation turn bad.

"Then what should we do?" Xue Feng was a little worried. "Sauron said that if we can obtain a Power Upanishad Origin, we will become the sole God of that Power Upanishad. We can even make rules! That woman has got in there. Should we hurry as well?"

"Do you know how to obtain the Power Upanishad Origin?" Xue Yuan shot him a look.

"I don't know."

"Then why are you hurried to get there?"

"But, but…"

"No buts! We just wait here to see if something's going to change!" Xue Yuan pulled himself together. "Fusing with the Power Upanishad Origin isn't something easy. If that woman wants to take it, something strange will happen here. We just wait here to see that. When we find the chance, we will kill her!"


The two brothers didn't want to act rashly. They hovered by the perpetual glacier, observing daily and noticing every small detail of the glacier.

The glacier was the Ice Power Upanishad Origin. The two brothers hovered silently, using their minds to observe. Gradually, they were surprised when they found their understanding of Ice power Upanishad getting more profound.

This finding thrilled them, and they got even more certain about their decision of not going over to the glacier. They sensed the cold energy moving inside the glacier and carefully seized the chance to learn more.

In the serene void, a drop of bright and clear blood was moving swiftly like a stunning ruby; Shi Yan's soul resided inside that drop. This drop of blood was Shi Yan's clone that had escaped the glacier area.

Xue Yuan's strange ice dragon had sealed thousands of Icy Frost Snow Dragons in it, all having a formidable power. It wasn't wise to take on the dragon with only a clone, so he decided to dodge the spear and find another clone nearby to fuse with.

Meanwhile, another clone approached him.


This clone halted while flying and the drop of ruby blood came over to his chest, merging with his blood. After this fusion, his life energy fluctuation became twice as strong, his soul and energy enhanced greatly.

"Hm, still need a bit more. Two clones aren't enough. To be safer, I should get another clone…" Then, Shi Yan's clone went to another clone.

Two identical Shi Yan merged with each other like some illusions, becoming one.

The Shi Yan created by three clones had his life, soul, and aura increased sharply. This Shi Yan had a closer relationship with the host body, and he could even receive power from the host body through space.

"It's good now..."

Shi Yan's lips moved and he turned into an invisible flow of energy, shooting across ten thousand miles to reach the glacier.

"Brother, did you feel something… strange?" Xue Feng was sitting by the glacier. He opened his eyes and stopped comprehending the power. "Seems like the glacier's moving. It's slowly moving as if it has a life. Do you feel it?"

Xue Yuan changed his countenance as he turned to the glacier. " I got that feeling too."

In front of them, the perpetual glacier emitted a cold energy while moving. However, only the two of them who cultivated Ice Power Upanishad could sense such a minor motion. They thus sent their Soul Consciousness there to check and confirm as well.

"The glacier is shrinking…" All of a sudden, Xue Yuan jolted up. He hurried to float up in the void to observe as if he had spotted something terrifying.

"Gosh! What…What's going on?" Xue Yuan screamed hoarsely.

They then saw the perpetual glacier shrink from two sides. From their position, they saw the glacier turn into a woman's shape.

It was Mei Ji's body!

"She…She's attempting to take the Ice Power Upanishad Origin!" Xue Feng hovered in the air as he understood immediately, "We can't let her get it at any cost!"

"Of course, we must stop her!" Xue Yuan's face was cold. He immediately urged all of his power to break Mei Ji's chance that happened once in a blue moon.

"He… He's back!" Xue Feng staggered backward unconsciously when he saw a shadow emerge.

"Shi Yan!" Xue Yuan screamed.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The two of them didn't hesitate as they used the same trick to attack him. The cold light shot out of their bodies, creating the ice dragon.

This time, Shi Yan's face was calm. He touched his glabella, and the Skyfall Star River shot out.

The entire sky was brilliant and dazzling in this dark and quiet place. The stars were shining like massive gemstone at the same time.

It was the same star map made of the weaving star rivers!

This star map was actually an Absolute Beginning divine weapon that had opened a bright territory with an immense space.

The ice dragon that sealed thousands of Icy Frost Snow Dragon souls in it released the cold, white mist. However, the star map was still moving as if it would never cease.

Quite the contrary, the starlight seeped into those dragon souls, greatly reducing their cold air.

"Stars burst!"

The stars that sparkled like gemstones exploded at the same time and the star map changed again. An entire starry sky was falling like a catastrophe that could annihilate the everlasting galaxy and everything in it!

With that, the ice dragon cracked!

Thousands of Icy Frost Snow Dragon souls got rid of the ice dragon, howling and roaring indignantly. They swarmed toward Xue Feng and Xue Yuan in the form of a backlash, biting and tearing them.

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