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When the single-handed sword 'Arthur' was less than five centimeters away from the top of Zero's head, Laine heard a cold snort. A cold snort came from who knows where, but it reverberated clearly in Laine's ears, as if an invisible person was staying behind him.

Levin's body immediately sent out the highest level of alert signal, thus the longsword aimed at zero was slashed right above Zero's head. As he was lifting a few strands of hair up in the air, he slashed out at a ray of golden light with his single-handed sword.

As if he had been hit by a speeding train, Laine let out a groan and was pushed to the side. Even though his feet were firmly nailed to the ground, he was unable to stop his movements other than plowing two deep ditches in the ground. He crashed through the side wall of the house and into another building. Only then did he stop. At this moment, the golden light that was nailed to his sword pierced diagonally into the ground, and the light vanished, revealing its true form.

This was a spear that seemed to be forged out of gold. The length of the spear was close to three meters, and the spear's body was engraved with beautiful silver lines. These lines had light flowing through them, obviously not as simple as decorations. The spearhead was rhombus shaped, with a crescent-shaped axe blade on either side of it. A silver groove appeared on the tip of the spear, extending all the way to a blood-red gem.

From time to time, the gem would spew out a bright red energy beam. Like a raging flame, the energy quickly ran from the tip of the spear to the end of the spear, disappearing without a trace.

Levin looked at the spear in a conquest. In his memory, the shape and characteristics of a certain weapon coincided with the object in front of him.

"Kungnier... "Eternal Spear?" Laine's breathing was disordered.

Just at this moment, the battle spear once again released a golden light that shot out. It directly shattered the wall of the house facing the street. In the dazzling golden light, Laine saw a graceful figure reaching out her slender arms from the countless flying debris of bricks, gently catching the spear.

As the dust settled, Levin was lost in thought as he looked at the blue-haired lady outside the house. The woman wore a tight black tactical suit, while the alloy light armor, mainly gold and red, protected the important parts of her body. She stood with the gun in her hand, her long hair fluttering like blue flames.

Looking at this Valkyrie like figure, Laine shook his head and said, "I had long heard that Odin of the Heroic Spirit Hall gave the Eternal Spear to his daughter, Valkyrie. I had always thought that it was just a rumor, but I didn't expect it to be true. However, as the War Goddess of the Twelve Sovereigns' Hall of the Heroic Spirits, have you forgotten the peace treaty that you signed with our council forbidding you from entering each other's territory? And I was prevented from punishing a madman who dared to challenge the authority of my council by disregarding the restrictive terms of a third party, Lord Valkyrie. If you do not have a reasonable explanation, I shall regard it as a provocation. I am not responsible for any of the consequences of this. "

The person who had just saved Zero was precisely the one from the Hall of Heroic Spirits, Valkyrie. When she arrived at the Shadow City, she discovered Levin's energy fluctuation. Without delay, Valkyrie put on his alloy light armor, "Dawn," and hurried to the outskirts of the city, which had become a battlefield.

The light armor that Valkyrie is equipped with is a set of nail stomach, which is made in the style of Viking warriors of northern Europe. It is light, flexible and practical. It could also provide him with a certain level of physical and energy resistance.

Matched with Dawn's Armored Mouth was the shield, called Breaking Dawn, that Valkyrie wore on his left hand. The Breaking Dawn Shield was made of the same alloy, but in the center, there was a fist-sized red crystal. With the crystal as the center, complicated patterns extended outwards, making the shield seem as if it had other functions besides being used for defense.

But the most dazzling was none other than the golden spear in Valkyrie's hands. This weapon, which Laine had called the Kungnier, or the Spear of Eternity, had tremendous power. In the legends, the Eternal Spear was Odin's weapon, the father of the gods, equipped with the special ability of 'Definitely hitting the opponent'. The spear in Valkyrie's hand, according to what Levin knew, was made from some special meteorite left behind on the surface of the earth by the Heroic Spirit Palace after the Cataclysm.

Although it did not have the legendary special ability of 100% hit rate, but the special radioactive substance contained in this piece of meteorite had the special characteristic of automatically moving towards the huge energy source. Thus, high-ranked espers were like a giant magnet that attracted the attention of the Eternal Spear. Thus, under the manipulation of those with domain abilities, the Eternal Spear could achieve some of the characteristics of the legendary weapon. This was also the origin of the name of the war lance.

Valkyrie was also a cross-domain esper like Laine. Her ability was the "goddess of war" that focused on the Fighting Domains and Perception Domains. As far as Laine knew, almost all of Valkyrie's abilities were focused on attack and reduction effects, but Valkyrie also had a special buff skill, 'War Halo'. When Valkyrie activated this ability, it would reduce the opponent's energy level and ability rank according to a certain proportion. This was equivalent to a sub-domain ability, allowing Valkyrie to be one of the powerhouses of the ninth step, and even be able to contend against ordinary tenth step powerhouses.

So when Laine saw Valkyrie's Eternal Spear, he knew he would never be able to complete his mission. Unless a Tenth Order warrior had a chance to win against Valkyrie's spear, a warrior of the eighth step like him would be weakened by Valkyrie's "War Halo," and even escaping would be a problem. Otherwise, the Ninth Knight would never have taken the rules of the council seriously, and wouldn't have come up with such a diplomatic excuse.

After hearing what Laine had said, Valkyrie remained unmoved. She said coldly, "Sir Knight Layne, regarding your protest, I think it's necessary to correct the mistakes you made in your words."

The Eternal Spear was pointed in the direction of zero. "The man you want to kill is in fact a member of our Heroic Spirit Hall," he said faintly.

The expression on Levin's face suddenly became very wonderful. He said almost helplessly, "Dear Valkyrie, I hope you understand that there is no excuse more perfunctory than this one."

"I'm not trying to put you off. In fact, the sniper rifle he used was my father's love gun, Colt, when he was young. If he wasn't a member of our Heroic Spirit Hall, why would this spear be on him? "

Laine was stunned. He also knew why Zero's sniper rifle was able to block his wind blades and only left a shallow mark.

As the legendary love gun, Colt, Laine knew that the metal of the gun was made of meteoric iron. The only difference between them was that Colt's metal materials did not contain any special energy. It was purely sturdy enough. It was also because of this that, after special modifications, Colt was able to provide a greater amount of kinetic energy than that of an ordinary sniper rifle. However, he was not going to let the rifle disintegrate.

What Levin's Wind Blades could not cut, naturally included meteoric iron. Even a thin layer of the outer shell of the gun, which had been made with special craftsmanship and great strength, was indestructible by the Wind Blades.

Because of Colt's special characteristics, as Valkyrie had said, if Zero was not a member of the Heroic Spirit Hall and had a special relationship with that person, it was impossible to bring Colt along with him. Levin could only bitterly smile, "Then what is your purpose in coming?"

"I want to take him away. The Dark Council must stop their pursuit, otherwise, the ones who will start a war will not be me, but you!"

said Valkyrie in an irrefutable tone.

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