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With the scarf wrapped around his neck, Bu Fang walked out of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. The moment he stepped out of the warm interior of the building, the cold air rushed into his face, causing his entire body to shudder. He could not help but cross his arms across his chest as he walked.

However, even though the temperature was very low, Bu Fang was feeling abnormally fervent. The reason was the system just announced in his mind that he succeeded his mission and he was about to receive the mission reward.

Ten percent of true energy cultivation progression, and the advanced cooking method of a dish from Immortal Phoenix Restaurant were very generous rewards. Bu Fang was obviously feeling overjoyed.

Xiao Xiaolong and the others had caught up with him and were walking next to him. Ouyang Xiaoyi and Xiao Xiaolong were chatting nonstop and continuously praising Bu Fang's mystical and wondrous ability to render the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's chef speechless just by tasting the dish once.

Xiao Yanyu had once again put on her veil and concealed her peerless beauty. She seemed calm and elegant as she quietly walked along with them.

The four of them bid farewell as they reached the entrance of the alleyway. Xiao Xiaolong and the others went back home while Bu Fang stepped into the alleyway and returned to his store.

At the entrance of the store, Blacky was fast asleep on its belly. Even though Bu Fang returned, he was still soundly asleep.

"The mission reward has been released. Ten percent of true energy cultivation progression has been obtained. The system will now randomly draw from the dishes that were assessed." The system's solemn voice rang out in Bu Fang's mind.

Bu Fang was slightly startled. His eyes narrowed as his mind settled down. He was suddenly curious about which dish he would draw.

Obviously, the dish he least wanted was the Sweet 'n' Sour Drunken Ribs since he already had Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs on his store's menu.

Within his mind, the names of various dishes rapidly flashed by and continuously changed. This was the system performing a random drawing...

At last, the changing of the dishes gradually became slower and then stopped. Finally, it was reflected clearly within Bu Fang's mind.

"The dish, Pan-Fried Flower Crab, has been drawn. After advancement, it is now Pan-Fried Tyrant Flower Crab."

Bu Fang could not help but recall the alluring and fragrant Pan-Fried Flower Crab and started to drool. Compared to drawing the Sweet 'n' Sour Drunken Ribs, the Pan-Fried Flower Crab was already considered pretty good.

Since a wooden board was hung at the entrance informing customers that business was suspended for that day, many customers excitedly arrived only to dejectedly depart. For example, Fatty Jin and his buddies waited for a while and only resentfully left after realizing that the store was really not opening for business.

The other customers also experienced the same situation.

After Bu Fang returned to the store, he did not plan to open for business as it was getting late. After a quick change of clothes, he stepped into the kitchen and was ready to start learning the new dish, Pan-Fried Tyrant Flower Crab.

Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

Qian Bao was sitting upright on a chair with one hand holding his chin while frowning. He seemed to be thinking about something.

"Young master Bu is actually the owner of the black-hearted store? He actually came to Immortal Phoenix Restaurant and criticized all of our dishes. Who does he think he is? How dare he look down on us!" Qian Bao clenched his fist and furrowed his eyebrows in fury.

Suddenly, he unclenched his fists and sighed. "However, even so… This Owner Bu's level is high indeed. To be able to analyze a dish just by tasting it once, how terrifying!"

He originally planned to have the chefs on his side challenge Bu Fang's store. However, from the looks of it, it was fortunate that they had not gone yet. Otherwise, their reputation would have gone down the drain. It was evident that there was a marginal difference in ability between Bu Fang and the chefs of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

However, Qian Bao could not resign himself to let things live down like this. Swallowing his own anger was not his way of handling affairs.

Wait a moment! Qian Bao's eyes suddenly lit up as if he thought of something.

"I can let the chefs compete with him in knife skills! Without putting in a certain amount of time, it's impossible for anyone to master it! Even though we can't compete with Owner Bu when it comes to cooking methods, we can still defeat him with skills that require time to master!"

Qian Bao excitedly banged the table as a smile appeared on his face and finally laughed out loud. Then, he ordered his subordinates to gather all of the chefs. He needed to pick the chef that was most skillful with knives.

Qian Bao had already witnessed Bu Fang's understanding of dishes and cooking methods, so he could only proceed from the knife skills aspect.

Just when Qian Bao was assembling the chefs and was preparing to pick out the chef most proficient in knife skills, a Blood Phoenix Chicken was already secretly delivered to the crown prince's palace.

Within the majestic palace of the crown prince, Ji Chengan was standing with his hands behind his back. He was curiously looking at the metallic cage made from fine iron in front of him. Within the cage, a lustrous chicken, that was entirely blood red in color, was imprisoned.

"Is this the fifth grade spirit beast, Blood Phoenix Chicken? The appearance is peculiar indeed," Ji Chengan nodded and said as the corner of his mouth curled up.

Xushi was respectfully standing at a distance as he said, "The Blood Phoenix Chicken is a fifth grade spirit beast with a fast movement speed. Even though its combat ability is very weak among the fifth grade spirit beasts, it's still comparable to a fourth grade Battle-Spirit. It took them some time to capture it."

"You did well, Xushi," the crown prince emotionally said as he turned around and looked toward Xushi.

Xushi bowed once more and did not say anything else.

"The Blood Phoenix Chicken and the Sage Herb are all prepared. Even the valuable medicinal ingredients are mostly gathered. Now, we only need to have Owner Bu cook the Elixir Cuisine. If this Elixir Cuisine can improve father's health, then my position as the emperor… will be settled." The crown prince stood with his hands held behind his back as he excitedly looked toward the Main Hall at a distance with many thoughts going through his mind.

For the sake of becoming the emperor, he invested far too much. Every single step was like walking on thin ice. That was because he was afraid that if he took the wrong step, his beloved younger brother would obtain a ruinous weakness that would completely destroy him.

"Xushi, make preparations. I will personally head to Owner Bu's store tomorrow. We must ensure the Elixir Cuisine is produced." The crown prince solemnly said, "Before we succeed, information about this Elixir Cuisine must be kept a secret. Do not let King Yu's subordinates find out about this."

"Yes, Your Highness!" Xushi respectfully said.

King Yu's manor.

Within a secret chamber, King Yu, Ji Chengyu, opened his eyes and turbid energy was expelled from his mouth. The true energy outside of his body was seething like boiling water. After a long while, it began to calm down and drew back within his body.

"Sixth grade Battle-Emperor is truly difficult to reach. I've been stuck at this bottleneck for over a year." King Yu heavily breathed out while feeling slightly helpless. However, he knew that he should not rush when it came to cultivation and he did not know of any solution either.

The door to the cultivation chamber was opened. A figure enveloped within a black robe was standing at the entrance and a hoarse voice sounded out. "Your Highness seems to be troubled over cultivating matters? Actually, Your Highness could use our Soul Sect's cultivation method. Advancing to sixth grade Battle-Emperor would not be an issue."

King Yu glanced at him and sneered. "After that, I'll turn into a monster that doesn't resemble humans or ghosts like you? I am someone who is going to be the emperor. How could I have an ugly appearance like the likes of you?"

King Yu's words were slightly sarcastic, but this was his usual style of speaking. The head elder of Soul Sect, Hun Qianyun, was not angry despite being on the receiving end and only eerily chuckled.

Suddenly, a figure came from the door and handed over a secret letter to Ji Chengyu.

Ji Chengyu nodded and without making any attempts in concealment, he directly tore open the letter and started reading from it. As he read the letter, his expression became somewhat grave.

"This brother of mine has truly been working hard for the sake of becoming emperor. Even this sort of method was employed. Everyone is well aware of father's health. There's simply no possibility of a cure at this point. He's actually placing his hope on a little store's Elixir Cuisine? How laughable."

As a burst of energy gushed out from King Yu's palm, the letter was immediately set on fire. Finally, it turned into ashes and drifted away.

His eyes were extremely cold as he spoke with a trace of coldness in his voice, "Hun Qianyun, it is time for you to show your capabilities. Since my elder brother wishes to prolong father's life… then I shall stop him. Tonight, bring your men to that Fang Fang's Little Store and kill the owner. Remember, it must be a silent assassination. After all, that store is extraordinary according to the rumors."

Hun Qianyun began to laugh with his hoarse voice. "When it comes to assassination… if the Soul Sect claims to be in the second place, no one in the world would dare to claim first place. King Yu, just wait for my good news."

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