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Ouyang Zongheng narrowed his eyes as he stretched his neck in an attempt to clearly observe the situation within the store.

"As long as that damn eunuch, Lian Fu, participates, victory should be guaranteed. After all, even though that damn eunuch looks like a transvestite, his cultivation level is indeed strong.

"As a seventh grade Battle-Saint, even though he's weaker than Old Xiao by just a little and stronger than me by just a bit, capturing the heavily injured Xiao Yue should still be effortless for him," Ouyang Zongheng thought as he cringed his nose and twitched his mouth.

The other soldiers behind him were also curiously trying to peek into the store. If they could capture Xiao Yue, it would be a big event that would shock the entire empire! They did not want to miss such a chance to witness this historic moment.

Xiao Meng's eyebrows were knitted together when his expression abruptly changed. True energy instantly gushed out from his entire body and enveloped the surface of his armor.

From within the store, a burst of violent wind suddenly gushed out. It was like a rampaging dragon as an intimidating aura surged out and spread with a loud rumble.

Ouyang Zongheng, who was stretching his neck out, suddenly froze as his eyes widened and he angrily cursed, "God damn!"

He turned around and hugged Ouyang Xiaoyi. Boom! The violent wind was like a spiraling dragon as it directly smashed on his back and sent him flying.

Fortunately, even though this violent wind was fierce and was also mixed with bad breath… Ouyang Zongheng did not embarrass himself too much due to his huge body and the fact the force of the wind had weakened.

After all, Ouyang Zongheng was a peak-level Battle-Emperor.

With a somersault, he landed onto the ground in an elegant manner. Ouyang Zongheng patted the head of Ouyang Xiaoyi and laughed as he said, "My obedient daughter, isn't daddy awesome?"

Ouyang Xiaoyi speechlessly rolled her eyes and snorted.

Xiu xiu xu!

A loud and clear bark of a dog that sounded like the roar of an ancient ominous beast rang out, and was followed by the whistling sound of a hurricane.

Three figures flew out from the store while whirling in the air, accompanied by blood-curdling screams and cries of fear.

Even though Xiao Meng's hair was fluttering in the wind, his body was firmly planted to the ground and unaffected by the violent wind. He was swift as the wind as he reached out his hand and grabbed one of the figures.

"Hmm?" Xiao Meng was startled as he thought, "What's with this smooth feeling in my hands?"

"Oh my! How annoying, General Xiao! Let me down!" A high-pitched voice filled with resentment and a little shyness rang out.

Xiao Meng expressionlessly looked at the person in his hands, who was wearing nothing but an underwear… the Chief Eunuch Lian Fu.

"Cough… Your skin isn't bad," Xiao Meng calmly said as he lightly coughed and lay down Lian Fu.

Lian Fu resentfully rolled his eyes at Xiao Meng. When he looked toward the store, his eyes were filled with shame and anger. That dog… was definitely not a normal breed of dog!

Boom boom!!

Xiao Yue and Hun Qianduan ruthlessly slammed into the wall and fell onto the ground. Both of their clothes were torn into pieces in the violent wind and revealed their naked bodies with only a loincloth left on their bodies.

"Xiao Yue!" Xiao Meng instantly noticed Xiao Yue who was thrown out and an overwhelming killing intent immediately burst forth from his eyes. As he ferociously stomped the ground, the tiles underneath him collapsed and broke into pieces, and he charged toward Xiao Yue with a single step.

Xiao Yue was bleeding all over his body as he unsteadily stood up from the ground. There was a strange smile on his face.

"Xiao Meng… You can't keep me here. You couldn't do it yesterday, you won't be able to do it today as well!"

As he finished speaking, a few sword cries that sounded like dragons came from above as four figures suddenly descended and landed in front of Xiao Yue.

As the four figures and three swords suspended in the air appeared, a powerful and intimidating aura suddenly exploded.

"Void Sword Pavilion! Nine Stars Temple!"

Xiao Meng's pupils constricted but his movements did not stop. His fist flew out with an unmatchable might and the true energy was practically tearing up the air.

The three swordsman waved their fingers like swords and the three flying swords immediately formed a sword formation to block the attack.

The remaining taoist priest formed several hand seals as he gathered true energy into his hand and threw his fist toward Xiao Meng as well. The three of them collided in the air and created an astonishing shockwave.

Chi chi!

Each of the four men blocking in front of Xiao Yue spat out a mouthful of blood as they took a step back. They grabbed hold of Xiao Yue and Hun Qianduan, and escaped by flying away.

Xiao Meng's figure trembled and his entire body convulsed before he was able to dissipate the energy that was twined around his body. However, within that short period of time, Xiao Yue was already taken away.

"Damn it… I knew Xiao Yue had a backup plan!" Xiao Meng was unable to accept it as he silently cursed. He smashed his fist into the wall out of frustration and innumerous cracks immediately appeared.

"It's all because of this big black dog! Xiao Yue was already surrounded by us… and his capture was nigh! Why did you blow him out!" Lian Fu was exasperated as he turned around and gestured toward the interior of the store with his thumb and middle finger pinched together.

"Are you pointing at me with your fingers?" A dog strode out of the store like a cat and stood at the entrance as it arrogantly looked toward Lian Fu.

"I am talking about you! Don't think that I would be afraid of you just because your surprise attack succeeded!" Lian Fu said as he rocked and swinged his slim waist.

Blacky's doggy mouth slightly widened into a meaningful smile...

Then, Lian Fu felt a surge of intimidating aura poured down from above the nine heavens and instantly pressed down on him. It was like he was being pressed down by a majestic mountain as he lay on his stomach and could not move.

Lian Fu went into a daze as his white hair dangled in front of him and completely covered his face… How embarrassing.

Xiao Meng's pupils constricted as he thought, "This intimidating aura… This big black dog is actually… a ninth grade supreme beast!"

"Owner Bu… This time, it's our fault for offending you. Could you let this… lord dog back off?" Xiao Meng said toward the store as he executed a fist and palm salute.

Bu Fang walked out from the store. His lean figure and tied up long hair made him appear neat and tidy.

"This lazy dog, Blacky, has a bad temper… I will take this time as a lesson to the eunuch. Remember, next time when you're here… Make sure to follow the rules," Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

After he finished speaking, Bu Fang stroked Blacky's smooth and immaculate fur, and indifferently said, "Stop fooling around and release that eunuch."

Blacky turned its head and said, "What if I said no?"

"Then I'll wake up later tomorrow and skip cooking practice..." Bu Fang remained expressionless as he seriously said.

"Alright, I'll let him go." Blacky snorted as it rolled his eyes at Bu Fang. It strode like a cat toward the corner of the wall and went to sleep at a comfortable spot.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth slightly widened as he thought, "So, the final line of defence mentioned by the system was this freeloading dog. No wonder… With the system's miserly personality, there's no way that the system would be raising a big black dog that was ready to evolve into a pig."

"Oh, my waist!" When Lian Fu felt that the intimidating aura pressing down on him had disappeared, he hurriedly got up from the ground and fearfully looked toward Blacky. He did not dare to say anything else and ran away with his tail between his legs while only wearing a loincloth.

"Blacky is awesome!" Ouyang Xiaoyi happily clapped her hands as her eyes narrowed into a crescent shape. "He's so much stronger than dad."

General Ouyang Zongheng felt as if an invisible arrow had pierced into his chest… In the eyes of his obedient daughter, he was already incomparable to a dog.

"Thank you, Owner Bu," Xiao Meng solemnly thanked Bu Fang. Then he meaningfully looked toward Blacky who was soundly asleep and left.

Xiao Meng needed to report to the emperor that the plan to capture Xiao Yue and Hun Qianduan had failed.

Immediately, the exponents within the alleyway quickly disappeared like a receding tide. Ouyang Xiaoyi was taken away by Ouyang Zongheng as well. While she was leaving, she even happily waved toward Bu Fang.

Once everyone had left, Bu Fang glanced toward Blacky, who was soundly asleep. He then entered the store and closed up the entrance.

"Your Majesty, you must seek justice for me! That unscrupulous store is really impudent and has no respect for the law! They actually dare to shelter criminals from the sects! When I tried to intervene… They even tore off my clothes!" Lian Fu grievously complained to Ji Changfeng, who was sitting on the imperial throne. His entire face was filled with tears.

The emperor only chuckled as he placated Lian Fu. His gaze shifted toward Xiao Meng who was standing upright within the large hall.

"General Xiao… Is the store really as magical as you said? There's a ninth grade supreme beast guarding the place?"

"Your humble servant's words are all true," Xiao Meng solemnly said.

The emperor's eyes narrowed as he stroked his white beard and faintly smiled. "I heard that the dishes within the store are delicious… That there's even a rumor of a wine that's better than the Bejewelled Nectar Wine?

"I… am really quite curious."

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