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Chapter 1496: 1496

Chapter 1496: The Man Behind Lord Dog

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A peerless fierce dog! It’s a really peerless fierce dog!

Black Armor was taken aback when he sensed the terrible aura of a savage monster that came slapping at his face . He shrunk a little and felt a great terror was surging . Although the black dog was just a high-grade God, it somehow filled his heart with fear .

And, perhaps because of the sight he was looking at right now, he felt a chill run down his back .

The sky was littered with the broken bodies of God Kings, and in the middle of them was the frightful black dog bathed in the blood of Gods . The black Earth Prison Flames and the bloody Heavengod’s bone gave him the look of a soul reaper from hell .

The experts from the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty were stunned . They had never thought that the Titan Divine Dynasty’s experts would end up in such a miserable fate, with so many God Kings dying miserably here, even though a great number of them had struck out at the same time .

The guards behind Black Armor were gasping, and King Pingyang, King Tianlong, and the other experts felt chills ran through them . It was a horrible sight . The black dog bathed in the blood of Gods had completely changed their views . They couldn’t believe that he dared to slaughter so wantonly .

However, they secretly praised him for killing these God Kings . The emissaries of the Titan Divine Dynasty were quite humble when they arrived, but a few days later, they grew wilder and wilder . Perhaps because they had learned the Divine Emperor’s end was near, so they became so unbridled .

King Pingyang and the others had been holding back themselves because they did not want to bring trouble to the divine dynasty and give the Titan Divine Dynasty excuses to start a war . Therefore, when they saw what happened here, they felt great relief and a sense of pleasure .

Bu Fang was having a good time too . His Divine flame was devouring happily; countless Laws had merged into it, intensifying its silver glow . It now burned like melted silver, emitting a scorching heat that twisted the void . The crowd’s attention was not on this flame, however, but on the black dog with the Heavengod’s bone .

In the sky, a menacing aura was approaching . It came from a high-grade God King and was much stronger than that of the two old men, Black and White . This was a top expert of the Titan Divine Dynasty, whose duty was to protect the geniuses of this trip .

He was burning with rage, roaring as he flew across the sky with so much power that he seemed to rip the sky in half . Even the void around him was distorting . It proved that he truly was a terrible existence . At this moment, the air in the whole capital seemed to boil .

“That’s Heaven King Tai Hang!”

“We’re saved! Damn this black dog!”

“It’s so horrible! The combination of the Law of Time and the Heavengod’s bone is simply… invincible!”

The bloody God Kings of the Titan Divine Dynasty breathed sighs of relief and felt fortunate that they had escaped death . They were not dead, and they had survived the attack . Now that Heaven King Tai Hang had arrived, he could definitely save them . After all, he was a high-grade God King who had comprehended over one thousand Laws! He was a mighty expert with fearsome prowess!

As for the Xiayi Divine Dynasty’s accusation, these mid-grade God Kings did not care anymore . They would be afraid of the Divine Emperor if they seized the Heavengod’s bone . He might be in his twilight years, but he was still the Divine Emperor…

However, they had not seized the bone, and that made all the difference . Since they did not have the bone, if the Divine Emperor accused them, Elder Tai Hang could certainly protect them . Besides, if the Divine Emperor insisted on killing them, it would definitely lead to conflicts between the two divine dynasties . That was more than he could afford now .

So they knew that when Elder Tai Hang showed up, they survived . A pity that they would not have a chance to get the Heavengod’s bone again . The combination of the Law of Time and the bone was indeed terrifying, so much so that even a dog could stir up a storm .

The terrible voice with an interrogative tone made the void constantly tremble and crack . All three of Lord Dog’s heads raised at the same time, staring at the sky with gleaming, bloodshot eyes .

There, a bare-chested expert with strange patterns drawn all over his body was walking over in the air . He was a burly man, his hair standing straight and hard like needles . His eyes flashed brightly, and his aura fluctuated violently .

“Oh? A high-grade God King?”

Lord Dog studied the man with a grave expression, but he was not too worried . He would still struggle a little now if he were to face a high-grade God King, but he was strong enough to fend for himself . Besides, he did not believe that this guy would dare to wantonly make a move in the capital and under the nose of the Divine Emperor .

Although the Divine Emperor was old, he had not died yet .

As Tai Hang approached, his every step rumbled like a drum, causing everyone’s blood and energy to boil . At the same time, his aura swept out like waves, which pounded at everything and everyone like waves slamming at the rocks along the shores . A high-grade God King was indeed terrifying .

Unable to withstand the mighty aura, some Demigods watching in the dark grunted and coughed blood, while the heirs of aristocratic families and young masters all looked shocked .

As all the high-grade God Kings of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty had gone to the ancient Heavengod’s relic, they did not have any chance to see them at other times . That explained why they were so surprised when they saw one now .

The Divine Emperor was, of course, stronger than any high-grade God King . However, his strength had reached a point where it was returning to its original nature . If he did not release his aura, he was no different from the average old man .

This high-grade God King of the Titan Divine Dynasty, on the other hand, was emanating an imposing aura that threatened everyone present .

The void seemed to freeze . Heaven King Tai Hang’s eyes shone like torches . Over his head, a Wheel of Law emerged, with one thousand Laws swirling inside . This was the foundation of a high-grade God King . As he glanced around, his gaze gave some Demigods so much pressure that it almost caused their bodies to crack .

Heaven King Tai Hang was a top expert of the Titan Divine Dynasty . There were four Heaven Kings in the Titan Divine Dynasty, and he was one of them . The Titan Divine Emperor attached great importance to this exchange, so he sent him over . Now, however, the God Kings who came with him were slaughtered by a dog .

Of course, Tai Hang also knew that they were the ones at fault . But so what? As long as he was here, no one could touch them . Since they didn’t get the Heavengod’s bone, on what ground could the Xiayi Divine Emperor kill them all?

Moreover, as the Heaven King of the Titan Divine Dynasty, killing him would be equivalent to starting a war between the two divine dynasties! Would the Xiayi Divine Emperor, who was already in his twilight years, dare to do this?

As Tai Hang brazenly walked toward Lord Dog, his terrible aura soared into the sky, setting off a powerful storm .

“Damn dog! How dare you murder the Titan Divine Dynasty’s God Kings?! You will die with them!”

His words kicked up a strong wind that trembled and cracked the void . Spatial turbulence leaked from the fissures and lashed at him, but he was unharmed . His body was too tough . As a Heaven King, he not only possessed mighty Power of Laws, but also an incredibly fearsome fleshly body! In fact, those who could become Heaven Kings were also the top existences among high-grade God Kings!

Lord Dog’s three heads grinned disdainfully at the same time .

In midair, the mid-grade God Kings of the Titan Divine Dynasty fled frantically toward the distance .

“The moment you tried to rob my Heavengod’s bone, you must be prepared to die . They have brought it on themselves!” Lord Dog said gently .

“They have brought it on themselves? What an excuse! Now I’m going to kill you, and you have brought this on yourself!” Heaven King Tai Hang’s eyes burst into dazzling light as he roared and threw out his hand . As it went forward, his palm began to expand, growing bigger and bigger in midair . In just a flash, it was bigger than all the buildings in the city, and it slapped straight toward Lord Dog .

Earth Prison Flames were burning around Lord Dog . His eyes also burst into bright light . The next moment, he let out a bark that shook the whole sky! He was using the Law of Time!

The surrounding void seemed to freeze suddenly . It was a heaven-defying means, but…

“The Law of Time?! Break!”

Heaven King Tai Hang’s blood and energy churned . Roaring, he forcefully broke away from the shackles of the Law of Time with his physical strength! This was the horrible strength of a Heaven King!

As the palm continued to fall, Black Armor’s expression changed drastically . The Heaven King’s attack was beyond his ability to contain .

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The two high-grade God Kings who led the emissaries of the two divine dynasties this time were no ordinary God Kings . Each of them was fearsome enough to set off a storm in the divine dynasty .

Black Armor had never thought that these two God Kings would easily attack someone in the capital .

Barbaric glyphs were moving all over the frightening palm .

Although Heaven King Tai Hang had broken free of Lord Dog’s Law of Time, the others could not . The few fleeing mid-grade God Kings felt as if they had sunk into muds and couldn’t move at all . That greatly frightened them .

Suddenly, a three-headed black dog appeared in front of them, strutting elegant cat-like steps and smashing a bloody bone down toward them . With a bam, the body of a mid-grade God King cracked and shattered into pieces!

In the restaurant, Bu Fang’s eyes were bright . His divine sense surged as he controlled the Divine flame, making it move toward the body of that mid-grade God King . Soon, the dissipating Laws were devoured by it . He felt a sense of pleasure .

“Both of you are dead!” Tai Hang’s face grew cold as he fixed his eyes on Bu Fang and Lord Dog . The dog had killed Titan’s God Kings, and the man had devoured these God King’s Laws! This was a blasphemy against the Titan Divine Clan!

The palm that blotted out the sky slapped straight toward the restaurant to destroy everything! The black dog could not escape!

In midair, the experts from both the Xiayi Divine Dynasty and the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty felt a little scared, while Black Armor was even more worried .

‘Why hasn’t His Majesty made a move?! If His Majesty delays further, the whole capital would be turned upside down!’

Bu Fang stared with a straight face at the colossal palm . Its power frightened him, and he knew he could not resist it . He was just a Demigod, after all .

Being able to kill low-grade God Kings and fight mid-grade God Kings was already his limit . Besides, that was under the situation when those God Kings did not comprehend the supreme Laws of the Universe .

There was no way he could defeat a high-grade God King . He might be able to fight one if he crushed a divine power liquid drop, but he also did not know the limit of this liquid drop…

Lord Dog’s three heads turned around, and his eyes seemed to grow sharper . ‘Why hasn’t the Divine Emperor shown up? Is that old man trying to play a trick with me? Why is he so naughty? Unfortunately… that old man has forgotten that behind me stands an awesome chef!’

His body flickered, then he was blocking in front of the restaurant . “Bu Fang boy… The Fortune Flatbread!” Lord Dog’s gentle and magnetic voice rang out .

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Standing on the top of the building with his Vermilion Robe flapping noisily, Bu Fang narrowed his eyes . ‘The Fortune Flatbread?’ He understood what Lord Dog was trying to do immediately . He twitched the corner of his mouth, then, with a thought in his mind, he raised a hand .

The silver Divine flame returned, floating and burning over his hand . Three Fortune Flatbreads emerged and were wrapped by the silver flame . The next moment, Bu Fang flicked his fingers .

The three Fortune Flatbreads turned into streams of light and shot toward Lord Dog, who was standing in the sky and shrouded in raging Earth Prison Flames…

As the man standing behind Lord Dog, Bu Fang consciously added an extra ingredient to the flatbreads! They were now called the Fortune Flatbreads baked with Divine flames!

‘Unleash your power, Lord Dog!’

With a whistle, three Fortune Flatbreads turned into three streams of silver light and sped away .

The bloody light in Lord Dog’s eyes swirled as he opened all three of his mouths and swallowed the Fortune Flatbreads . When he had swallowed them all, he looked up at the cold Tai Hang in the sky, the approaching palm, and the pair of eyes secretly watching the battle in the void…


He twitched the corners of his mouths and belched .

‘These people… have no idea what Bu Fang boy is really good at!’


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