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Chapter 1462: 1462

Chapter 1462: Whitey, Immune to Laws

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“All troublemakers will be stripped,” Whitey said, its mechanical eyes flashing . Its voice seemed to have become a little forceful .

Bu Fang took a step back with the corners of his mouth curved upward slightly . A minute had gone by quickly . He couldn’t wait to see Whitey strip these Silver Armor Guards naked .


The onlookers’ pupils constricted . They couldn’t believe that the puppet would dare to attack . It was strong, but it was no match for a high-grade God . From their brief exchange just now, everyone could tell that its fighting strength was only about the same as a mid-grade God, which was weaker than the captain .

On the other hand, Hu Lu’s face was cold . The captain had brushed him aside, and he didn’t feel good about it . He didn’t depend on his father, but when he found that his dad’s name was no longer as useful as before, he felt somewhat uncomfortable .

Had King Pingyang lost his influence? If that was the case, Hu Lu, as his son, would naturally need to bring the glory back to his father! For a moment, the young master’s fighting spirit was burning .

Luo Sanniang looked worriedly at Bu Fang . Although he had come out with multiple trump cards last time, he had only killed Mo Feng, a newly promoted high-grade God . Besides, he had used up all his trump cards .

It was its unexpectedness and rarity that gave the trump card its name, and it would not be called that if it could be used normally . ‘What should Bu Fang do this time? Use that lump of metal? How could a mere puppet resist a high-grade God?’

“Strip?” The captain stared at Whitey with flashing eyes . He could feel the pressure from its huge palm and tell that the puppet had changed significantly, but he didn’t care . It was just a puppet .

“What a braggart… Your metal skin must be very itchy now!” he sneered . The next moment, his Power of Law swirled and smashed down, trying to push Whitey to the ground .

Bu Fang took a few steps back, sat down in a chair, and watched with great interest . Nethery and the others stood beside him and felt a little strange about his calmness . In fact, he wasn’t worried at all . Since the System said that it would upgrade Whitey’s ability, it would not lie . It was time for Whitey to show off its prowess .

In the face of the suppression coming from the captain’s Laws, Whitey’s eyes burst into light, and then it threw out a punch . A rumble rang out as the fist ignored the Power of the Laws and hit the captain on the head .

The onlookers shuddered as they watched the iron fist sink into the flesh . Clearly, it was a powerful punch!

Blood spilled . The captain didn’t expect this to happen . With widened eyes, he was knocked flying backward, his body spinning as he smashed hard onto the ground . He could not understand why the suppression of his Laws was useless against Whitey . He was a man with fifty Laws!

Whitey held its punching pose . Its eyes fixed on the captain again, then it walked forward, its body clanging with every step .


The captain was a high-grade God, after all, so he would not be defeated so easily . He rolled and jumped to his feet, roaring . The Power of fifty Laws was unleashed by him at the same time, and it smashed down like thunder, shaking the whole building .

Despite this, everything in the restaurant was intact because of the System .

The eyes of the woman eating the oyster pancake lit up slightly as she gave Whitey a surprised look . “Immune to Laws? Interesting…” she muttered .

Whitey vanished like lightning . When it reappeared, the flag behind its back smashed down with a boom, and its spear thrust out and knocked the captain away .

“You’re dead!” The captain, hovering in midair, gathered the Power of Laws in his hands and slapped down toward Whitey . With a thump, he struck its head . However, his expression changed in an instant . His brutal blow didn’t smash Whitey’s head . The moment his Power of Laws hit Whitey, it scattered . It was a very strange feeling .

‘Could it be that the Laws do not affect this puppet? This could not be… I’ve used it to suppress this metal ingot just now! Why did it suddenly become stronger? Does this mean I have to fight it with pure physical strength?’

The flesh of a high-grade God was not weak, but this captain focused on cultivating the Power of Laws . If he were to give up using the Laws and fight Whitey with physical strength, he would be brutally beaten .

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Whitey’s mechanical eyes flashed as it threw out its huge palm, blocking all the escape paths of the captain like a giant net .

The captain felt a shock of cold as if he had fallen into an ice cave . He seemed to sense something was amiss . He raised his hand, but his palm was forcefully suppressed by Whitey . Then, the huge palm fell and knocked him to his knees . His silver armor began to crack .

Whitey’s palm jerked up suddenly . A clanging sound exploded out . The next moment, the silver armor was ripped apart and thrown to the ground .


The captain felt cold all over . The armor on his arm was stripped, and it shocked him . He had never come across a situation like this . Moreover, his Power of Laws didn’t work . Without it, was he still a God? Did he really have to fight with his physical strength like a savage?

“The captain is pressed on the ground by a puppet?!” The mid-grade Gods around them all stared with wide eyes . It never occurred to them that this would happen . At this moment, the battle had gone completely beyond their expectation .

“Immune to the Power of Laws… What a naughty ability . ” The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched slightly . He finally figured out the ability the System had upgraded for Whitey . After losing the Power of Laws, the fighting strength of many Gods would drop significantly . It was an excellent upgrade . Whitey never feared fighting with pure physical strength .

The captain felt a faint sense of despair as another part of his silver armor was stripped, exposing the thin gown underneath . “How dare you! I’m the captain of the Silver Armor Guard serving the Divine Emperor!” he roared, flying into a rage . He could not accept what was happening to him!

The mid-grade Gods around him stopped watching and moved, all charging toward Whitey with silver spears in hand . The Power of Laws surged around them, turning their spears into roaring silver dragons .

Whitey held the captain down with one hand and swept out another hand, scattering the spears . Then, the huge palm thrust out . A mid-grade God’s pupils constricted as he was slapped hard to the ground . The next moment, his silver armor was completely stripped from him . He howled in shame, rose to his feet, and wanted to fight back, but Whitey grabbed him up from the ground like a chicken and threw him out of the door .

The same thing happened to the other Silver Armor Guards . One by one, they were picked up like chickens and thrown out of the restaurant .

The captain exploded with rage . “How dare you…” He turned and looked at Bu Fang, who was sitting in a chair and looking playfully at him . “How dare you openly resist the Silver Armor Guard! You will be punished!” he bellowed .

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A puppet who was almost invincible in melee combat and, most importantly, immune to the Power of Laws, had turned this into a very awkward situation for the captain .

“You’re very annoying… Whitey, strip him of all his clothes,” Bu Fang said .

Whitey’s mechanical eyes flashed, then its movements sped up like a whirlwind . With a ripping sound, the last piece of armor on the captain’s body was stripped, together with his thin gown .

Fully naked, the captain was overwhelmed by a sense of shame and fury . As the captain of the Silver Armor Guard, he had never been humiliated like this . Covering his manhood with both hands, he growled again . However, one of his legs was grabbed by Whitey, then he was flung out of the restaurant and fell onto the pile of guards outside .

At this moment, the mighty Silver Armor Guards were all stripped naked, rolling and struggling on the ground in horror . A cloth-stripping puppet had scared off a team of Silver Armor Guard! The scene stunned everyone in the restaurant .

Luo Sanniang’s friends were all staring at Whitey with their eyes gleaming in admiration . For some reason, the puppet who was an expert in stripping clothes filled them with excitement .


Nethery narrowed her eyes . “Whitey is still the same Clothes-Stripping Crazy Demon…”

Er Ha slumped to the ground, disheartened . He recalled the time when he was an existence who could fight with the Clothes-Stripping Crazy Demon . No one had been able to resist his Clothes Stripping Finger . But now… he had been left far behind . Each new generation excels the last one, and he had been greatly suppressed by Whitey .

He felt somewhat lost . He could not be lazy anymore . He must cultivate hard and become a God as soon as possible . He wanted to reclaim his honor of the Clothes-Stripping Nether King, and he wanted to show the world his Clothes Striping Finger!


Luo Sanniang and Hu Lu were stunned . They couldn’t believe that the puppet was actually so fierce . As he looked at the Silver Armor Guards, who were proud and arrogant a moment ago but miserable now, the young master felt a pleasant feeling spread from the bottom of his feet to his whole body in an instant .

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‘System, what ability did you upgrade for Whitey?’ Bu Fang couldn’t help asking in his head .

‘In the restaurant managed by the System, Whitey’s foundation is completely modified . Its overall attributes are improved significantly, and it is immune to the Power of Laws,” the System’s serious voice rang out .

If its overall attributes were greatly improved, wasn’t that a substantial increase in its fighting strength? On top of that, it was immune to the Power of Laws . In other words, even a Perfected God would be forced to fight Whitey with pure physical strength in the restaurant!

The upgrade was indeed terrifying! The Clothes-Stripping Crazy Demon has finally returned!

A hint of a smile brushed Bu Fang’s lips . ‘Unless a God King comes to cause trouble in the restaurant… But then, how does a God King have the free time to cause trouble here?’

Just as Bu Fang thought of that, a burst of terrible pressure descended and completely enveloped the whole building .


Everyone’s expression changed dramatically . The woman, who was eating the oyster pancake, frowned and glanced at the door, where a clear sound of footsteps was coming .

Soon, a man fully clad in silver armor appeared . He was tall and lean, and the armor made him even taller and mightier . A slim longsword hung from his waist, glinting brilliantly .

“Her Highness said that you are a bold chef, and I didn’t believe her . But now that I’ve seen you… You are indeed bold,” a faint voice rang out, enveloping the restaurant with a chill . The eyes under the silver mask glowed sharply as the pressure of a God King spread .

Luo Sanniang, Hu Lu, and the others all turned pale .

“The imperial guard of the Divine Emperor, Silver Armor?!”

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