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Chapter 1389: 1389

“I’m God, and God says, let there be light…”

Di Ting’s mellow voice rang out . At this moment, he looked every inch a winner . He was upset by the fact that he had to use the warship’s source stone to break through the God Realm, but when he felt the power of God, he was left with only excitement and satisfaction .

It turned out that… the power of God was so formidable . In the face of Gods, Nine-revolution Great Saints and Perfected Great Saints were mere specks of dust that could be wiped out with a wave of a hand .

He enjoyed this new power, and he regretted why he did not break through earlier so he could feel the power earlier . What a joy it was to have heaven and earth under his control!

Di Ting’s body shone brightly . The light soared into the sky and seemed to envelop the whole Earth Prison . After comprehending the Law of Light, it was as though he had become the spokesperson of light .

He closed his eyes . A great change had taken place in his body . His flesh was many times stronger than when he was a Demigod, with every cell and every drop of blood in it seemingly condensed from the energy of light . It was no longer a fleshly body, but an energy body .

Now, he could be regarded as immortal and had truly transcended the mortal realm . His body was hard to destroy, and even if his arms or legs were broken, they could be reborn in an instant . This was the power of God!

The God’s Heart floated in his spirit sea . It was the Source of God condensed by the Power of the Law . In fact, it was not appropriate to call it the God’s Heart . That was the name Di Ting gave it . At the moment of becoming a God, he understood what this shining thing that gave him supreme power was .

It was called the Divine Core .

As the core floated in the spirit sea, liquid drops kept condensing around it . The power in his body was going through a tremendous change, and his blood and energy were being purified . When the purification was completed, they would turn into a milky white liquid drop and hover around the Divine Core to nourish it . This was his divine power . Soon, his body would be filled with divine power .

Di Ting narrowed his eyes as he felt the fearsome power in him . Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked at Bu Fang, who was on the wall .

Bu Fang slowly straightened his body and looked indifferently at Di Ting .

“Are you not convinced?” The corner of Di Ting’s mouth twitched slightly as if he was sneering . When he saw all the people in Yellow Spring City kneel in front of him, he couldn’t help but chuckle . Then, he flicked his finger, and a spherical light ball immediately shot toward Bu Fang, shining brilliantly .

“The Bondage of Light,” Di Ting said softly .

Bu Fang’s pupils constricted . The next moment, he found that he was enveloped in a cylindrical column of light! He furrowed his brows, spun the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, and smashed it at the column of light . However, the knife only produced a clanging sound and could not break it .

“You cannot defy God’s Power,” Di Ting said . “Stay in there . I’ll come back and deal with you once I help Earth Prison Dog cut off his connection with the Law of the Universe . ”

Di Ting, in his little boy form, chuckled and looked somewhat naughty . The next moment, he turned into a beam of light and sped toward the restaurant in the distance .

Bu Fang fixed his eyes at Di Ting . Suddenly, he froze . He saw a silver beam of light shot out of the restaurant, which turned into a burly figure and hovered in the sky . A clanging sound rang out as a pair of metal wings spread behind the figure .

Whitey stared at Di Ting, its mechanical eyes flashing .

“Hmm?!” The moment Di Ting saw Whitey, his eyes seemed to flash with fury! “I know you, puppet… How dare you show up after eating my God’s Heart?!” At the sight of Whitey, he immediately thought of the God’s Heart . Even though he had become a God now, he still could not control his anger .


Di Ting flicked his finger and shot out another Bondage of Light . Anyone who became a God would comprehend divine abilities, and he had naturally comprehended his .

Whitey floated in the sky . After devouring the God’s Heart for so long, it had finally completed the digestion . Its white body had turned silvery-white, which made it look even more coquettish . Even then, the pair of metal wings on its back clanged, and they began to twist and tangle, gradually turning into a spear .

The spear was black and covered with patterns . It was carried by Whitey on its back, and it looked as if it was grown out of the Chaos . In the face of the Bondage of Light threw out by Di Ting, Whitey raised its huge palm, grabbed the spear, and smashed it down hard at the light ball .


A loud explosion rang out . Whitey flew back instantly, tumbling in the air and causing the void to crack . Countless turbulences emerged and kept lashing at its body .

“Sure enough… After fusing with my God’s Heart, you have become much stronger!” Di Ting said, his eyes cold and flashing with killing intent .

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Whitey turned and jumped to its feet . A clanging sound rang out from its back again, then one flag after another began to emerge . They unfolded and flapped noisily in the wind, giving Whitey a heroic air .

“Your fusion with the heart is more thorough than Nether Puppeteer… A pity that the God’s Heart is broken . If you fuse with a complete God’s Heart, you may really become a God… Unfortunately, you are nothing but a heap of scrap metal in my eyes now!” Di Ting said coldly .

He flicked his fingers again, and two more light beams shot out, flying toward Whitey in midair .

Bu Fang, standing on the wall, furrowed his brow . ‘The God’s Heart should be the source stone Whitey obtained from inside Nether Puppeteer Patriarch’s body,’ he thought . ‘I can’t believe it gave it such a tremendous breakthrough . In terms of fighting capacity alone, Whitey should have reached the level of a Demigod… A pity that Di Ting has become a God . ’

Although God and Demigod were just one word apart, the difference between their strength was too great . Bu Fang could clearly sense that . ‘I can’t stay in here…’ He took a deep breath . The next moment, his pupils changed, and then his black hair began to turn white at a rate visible to the naked eyes .

Suddenly, he straightened his body and slightly raised his chin . “A God? Haha… In Howling’s eyes, that’s no different from rubbish,” White-haired Bu Fang said cockily .

That immediately struck all the people on the wall dumb . Ah Zi, who was kneeling on the ground, was stupefied . ‘Gods are rubbish? Where did he find his confidence to say that?’

White-haired Bu Fang reached out a hand, closed and opened his fingers, and felt the power in his body . He nodded in satisfaction . The little host’s power was getting stronger, and so was the power he could exert .

He looked up, fixed his sword pupils at Di Ting in the distance, and twitched his lips in disdain . With a thought, the White Tiger Heaven Stove appeared at his side, with its mouth open like a roaring tiger head . He grabbed it and smashed it at the Bondage of Light .


The first strike did not work, so he gave it a second strike . At the second strike, the Bondage of Light shattered, breaking into specks of light and drifting away . Bu Fang’s white hair waved in the wind, making him look like an immortal . Of course, he could look better if he was not holding a stove in one hand .

With the stove in hand, White-haired Bu Fang raised his chin and grinned, revealing his canine teeth . Then, he flung out the stove! Weighing tens of thousands of kilograms, the stove sped toward Di Ting’s back .

However, Di Ting’s divine sense improved even more after becoming a God . He spun and flicked his finger . A ring of light immediately spread and turned into a thick light shield around him . The stove hit the shield but did not damage it even slightly .

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“You still don’t want to admit that you are weak?” Di Ting said coldly, looking at White-haired Bu Fang .

“In Howling’s eyes, you are just rubbish…” White-haired Bu Fang said with his chin raised and a proud and disdainful look on his face .

As he said that, Whitey moved in the distance . Its mechanical eyes burst into bright light as a flag flew out from its back, sped across the sky, and fell behind Di Ting, stabbing into the void and causing the void to crack .

Di Ting rolled his eyes, fixed them on Whitey again, and casually waved a hand . “The Extermination of Light!” A huge spherical light ball sped out of his hand, smashed the place where Whitey was, and exploded . A patch of void immediately distorted and vanished, leaving only the violent turbulence .

Even then, Whitey roared like a dragon and thrust the spear toward the flag . In a flash, the distance of thousands of miles was shortened . The flag seemed to be a waypoint . Whitey bolted across the starry sky like a silver dragon, went past Di Ting’s body, and picked up the flag with the spear .


The attack hit Di Ting’s light shield but did not break it . However, he was impacted by an irresistible force, which threw him into the sky . The moment he was hit, he could not move at all . He was stunned!

The corner of white-haired Bu Fang’s mouth twitched . “Well done, you metallic lump!” Then, he roared . His white hair fluttered wildly as an energy white tiger emerged behind him . The next moment, the white tiger rushed toward Di Ting, cracking the void as it drew nearer!

The people in Yellow Spring City were shocked . No one had thought that the owner of the Yellow Spring Little Restaurant was so fearsome! He was trying to slay a God in front of so many people!

A tiger roar shook the skies . Di Ting woke from the stun that was brought to him by the impact, and his pupils constricted .

“How presumptuous!” he growled, the Power of the Law swirling in his palm as he threw it at the white tiger . The next moment, a straight beam of light shot out of the palm and pierced the tiger in an instant, scattering it .

White-haired Bu Fang landed and staggered back a few steps . With each step, the wall crumbled .

Whitey’s mechanical eyes flashed again . It did not back off . A rumbling sound rang out as three flags fell in a row .

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However, Di Ting would not fall for it this time . He was boiling with rage . As a God, he was hit by a puppet . That, to him, was an insult! The Power of the Law enveloped him, and another beam of light shot out of his palm, heading straight toward Whitey .


Whitey blocked it with the spear and was knocked flying away in an instant! Its body flew out of Yellow Spring City like a cannonball and smashed into the ground, leaving many holes . It was unscathed, however, and it rolled over and rose into the sky again .

Meanwhile, Bu Fang’s white hair turned black, and he resumed his indifferent look again . As he stared at the exasperated Di Ting in the sky, the corner of his mouth curved upward .

“Those who insulted Gods will die!”

Di Ting’s eyes were filled with monstrous killing intent as he glared at Bu Fang, and seeing the hint of disdain on the latter’s lips drove him even crazier .

“Well… It’s too late,” Bu Fang said, looking playfully at Di Ting .

Upon hearing that, Di Ting’s pupils constricted . Then, he turned to look in the direction of Yellow Spring Little Restaurant .

There, a light beam was connected to the starry sky, while a white stream of light was coming down from the boundless universe . Just like Di Ting’s breakthrough, a God who mastered the Law of Time in the Chaotic Universe had finally responded!


The milky white stream of light fell from the sky, hitting Yellow Spring Little Restaurant in a flash . A terrible blaze of light exploded in an instant!

Di Ting sucked in a cold breath .

The restaurant door opened with a creak, and then a black dog walked out with enchanting cat-like steps . There seemed to be time flowing in his eyes as he looked at the arrogant Di Ting in the sky with amusement .

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