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Xiao Xiaolong was worriedly standing at the entrance of the alleyway. He could not get past as there were too many people within the alleyway, and there were many spectators as well.

Whether it was in another world or on Earth, there would always be onlookers. It was the natural behavior of humans. However, among the ones watching there were many that had no idea what was going on. They only gathered due to their herd mentality.

While Xiao Xiaolong was thinking about how to get past the crowd, he felt someone tapping on his shoulder and he turned his head in surprise.

A handsome and imposing young man was looking at him. He wore a hat woven from golden threads, an exquisite long robe, a belt with dancing strange beasts sewn on it along with a piece of jade hung around his waist. He exuded an air of gallantry and nobility.

When Xiao Xiaolong saw the man, his expression changed, both his eyes and mouth widened in surprise.

"Third... Third..." Xiao Xiaolong stuttered for a while but was still unable to voice it.

The young man lifted up his hand to stop Xiao Xiaolong from speaking, then he faintly nodded and said, "You can just call me third young master. What are you looking at? Why are there so many people gathered here?"

"Third young master, that Sun Qixiang fellow is tyrannizing someone again." Xiao Xiaolong breathed a sigh of relief. He was still a little agitated, the identity of the young man in front of him was extraordinary.

"Sun Qixiang? Is that the playboy son of the finance minister, Sun Qing?" The third young master thought for a while before he replied.

Xiao Xiaolong nodded, then joyfully asked, "When did the third young master returned to the imperial city? I did not know at all... Does my sister know?"

The third young master chuckled and said, "I was specially summoned back this time, so there isn't much fanfare. Even Yanyu doesn't know, so there's no way that you would."

Xiao Xiaolong awkwardly fidgeted his body and embarrassedly smiled while blushing.

The young man glanced at the crowd once more, then walked forward while saying, "Xiaolong, keep up with me. Let's get closer."

Then the young man squeezed into the crowd, or to be more accurate, he walked into the crowd. That was because with every step the young man took, an invisible force would split apart the crowd in front of them.

"A fifth grade Battle-King is amazing, even a human wall can't stop him!" Xiao Xiaolong enviously muttered as he watched the elegant third young master, then he hurriedly followed after him.

The two of them quickly made it to the front of the crowd, they made it just in time to witness the scene of Sun Qixiang ordering his men to smash the store.

The warm sunlight shone on Bu Fang's body, it made him feel a little lazy. Even though over a hundred men in the alleyway were clamoring to smash his store, he, the owner, was behaving in a strangely calm manner.

He was genuinely calm and not worried in the slightest.

The calm expression on Bu Fang's face also enraged Sun Qixiang. At his order, several dozen men menacingly charged towards Bu Fang.

When Xiao Xiaolong saw this, he immediately became anxious and wanted to intervene.

However, he was confused when the young man beside him pulled him back.

"Young master, why are you stopping me?"

"That shop owner seems to be quite confident and he doesn't seem afraid at all, so I am curious about his trump card." The young man gently smiled and said.

Bu Fang was seated in the store as a dozen or so men came before him. When one of them stepped into the shop, he viciously swung his stick at Bu Fang's head.

These servants committed many wicked deeds under the orders of Sun Qixiang, so they were already used to it and did not feel any guilt.


The stick that was being swung flew up high and somersaulted in the air, then it fell onto the floor with a clatter.

The attacking servants immediately paused, they stared at the robot standing in front of them with fear and bewilderment in their eyes.

Whitey's mechanical eyes were blinking while its plump body was blocking any attempt against Bu Fang. Its entire body was emitting a metallic luster.

Whitey was a robot that the system created to manage the security of the store and waste disposal. Usually, there were no customers, so there were no security issues. However, over a hundred men came to create trouble, Whitey had to step out and stop them.

"Fighting is prohibited in Fang Fang's Little Store. Those who violate the rules, shall be stripped to make an example to others."

The mechanical voice came out from Whitey's mouth, it sounded slightly comical as it echoed throughout the alleyway.

The group of servants were speechless. "Where did this hunk of metal come out from? It actually dared to block the way of over a hundred men?"

Even though the average cultivation level in the group was weak, with the strongest only being a first grade Warrior, there were still a lot of them.

Although there was quite a difference between the strength of a Warrior and a Battle-Master, when there was a large enough difference in the numbers, Warriors could still overwhelm Battle-Masters.

Since the puppet-like robot in front of them did not have any true energy circulating within its body, they were not worried at all.

"That's the hunk of metal, tear it to pieces now!"

When Sun Qixiang saw Whitey, his eyes turned red and he instantly became furious. "How dare it even mention stripping!"

The servants got the order from Sun Qixiang, so they charged towards the store once more.

However, the next scene made them all slow down. The servant charging at the very front was thrown out and his clothes were torn off instantly, there was only a single piece of cloth left to cover his private parts.

Then the second, and the third...

One by one, the servants that charged into the store went in with their clothes but were thrown out without them, their almost naked bodies landed in the alleyway.

"How filthy." One of the female onlookers was blushing and covering her face with her hands. However, her hands were open wide and her eyes were looking through the gaps between her fingers... Her face was completely red.

When Sun Qixiang saw his naked servants flying out of the restaurant, his face was almost purple from anger.

"Bunch of idiots! Don't you know that you should all charge at once?! Why would you go in one by one!"

His enraged voice caused all of the servants to wake up, they looked at each other and suddenly charged towards Whitey while brandishing their sticks. Five people charged into the narrow store at once, but the results were the same.

No matter how many people went in, the same amount of people flew out. All of their clothes were gone, they were all collected into Whitey's stomach as trash.

In the blink of an eye, over a hundred men were wailing as they lay on the floor.

Sun Qixiang's legs were trembling, he could not understand how it happened...

Even a third grade Battle-Maniac would need to go the other way when encountering over a hundred men. He could never imagine that a little restaurant in such a god forsaken place would have such a powerful iron puppet.

Bu Fang calmly sat behind Whitey the entire time as he expressionlessly watched the scene unfold.

He only lazily stood up and yawned after all of Sun Qixiang's servants were defeated.

As Bu Fang stood at the entrance of the little store, he looked down at the sullen Sun Qixiang and faintly said, "Whitey, strip that guy as well. This guy affected my cooking mood today, I'll feel annoyed if he doesn't receive some punishment."


The mechanical voice of Whitey sounded out. Sun Qixiang's expression changed and he immediately turned around to run away. However, Whitey's arm suddenly separated from its torso, it flew over tens of meters and grabbed Sun Qixiang's clothes, then pulled him into the store.

"Troublemaker in Fang Fang's Little Store, you will be stripped as an example to others," Whitey said with a mechanical voice.

Sun Qixiang wanted to cry, he felt wronged. "Aren't you the one who dragged me into the store?"


Sun Qixiang's naked body once again flew out and landed into the alleyway. Over a hundred naked bodies huddled together, forming a beautiful... landscape

"Oh... This scene is too filthy!" That female onlooker was still looking through the gaps between her fingers, her face was blushing...

Sun Qixiang was too embarrassed to stay there. He brought over a hundred men to take revenge, but the result was...

It was a tragedy.

The large group of men that majestically arrived went back in an even more majestic manner, with nothing on them. This incident created a great ripple within the imperial city. When they went through the main street, it caused countless onlookers to gather around them and even caused a brief breakdown in the pedestrian traffic.

The crowded alleyway soon started to empty and the crowd dispersed. The only ones left were people attracted by the store.

"There was actually a restaurant in this alleyway? Even though I've been living in the imperial city for so many years, I didn't know about this!" A woman exclaimed in surprise.

"It looks like this restaurant has some backing, otherwise they wouldn't dare to strip young master Sun!" An old man remarked.

"That robot is very cute! Let's go in to see it!" A bunch of young girls were actually charmed by Whitey.

And so, a lot of people stepped into the store out of admiration.

Bu Fang had returned to the kitchen and was expressionless, but his mouth widened in amusement.

"I hope they don't get frightened by the price of the dishes."

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