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Chapter 5: First Battle Against a Spirit Beast 2

The Giant Ape Bear angrily roared, "Get the fuck off me damn human. See if I don't roast you to death."

After yelling angrily, a mysterious Qi suddenly spread all over its skin all throughout its body.

Naturally, Mu Yunzi did not understand a single word of the Giant Ape Bear's curses.

She only heard it screaming like a retard.

Burning heat emerged from the pores of beast seemingly scorching Mu Yunzi.

"Is this the Spirit Force of the world? I wish I have a Spirit Meridian, just they wait….I'll let them know who is the trash." Mu Yunzi said quietly in her heart.

Pain! Intense pain!

It felt like she was riding a fireball, slowly burning her skin, torturing her body inch and inch.

What is this pain?

During a mission on her past life, she was surrounded by a pack of wolves and managed to survive with a sliver of breath left on her body.

She punched and punched the head of the Giant Ape Bear.

Whether you are beating a beast or hitting a person, attacking on the same place will greatly increase one's chance of winning.

Her fist had already been burned beyond recognition, even revealing a white bone underneat. The skin on her body has mostly been scorched. But, as long as she still has a single breath left, she won't back down.

The little fox was also frightened when seeing the situation. If it had its Spirit Force, it wouldn't be so timid like this, only staring helplessly at the little girl being slowly roasted atop the Giant Ape Bear.


The Giant Bear Ape was speechless in extreme anger. This damnable person has been hitting its head for all this time, always at the same place, which made it really furious and mad.

Rolling on the ground, it shook off Mu Yunzi from its head, and sent a rampage towards the girl.

However, the moment the Giant Bear Ape stared at Mu Yunzi, it was instantly petrified.

What did I just see?

She has differing pupils? Red in the left eye, and purple in the right eye?

This is……a combination of gods and demons.

Gosh! What kind of bull crap is this?

But why does she not possess even a single bit of Spirit Force?

The monster sneered…..nevertheless, this human is still a trash….

Mu Yunzi knew nothing about her current appearance, she only felt pain, terrifying pain.

The outcome of the fight resulted in her body being burned like this.

Mu Yunzi's murderous intent suddenly gushed out from her frail body. A pair of eyes shot like sharp weapons into the Giant Ape Bear.

The Giant Ape Bear shivered staring at those merciless eyes.

It kept moving backwards in fear, meanwhile Mu Yunzi was moving forward in ferocity.

The Giant Ape Bear suddenly saw a phantom of a shadow flashed as its eyes immediately went dark.

As it turned out, its eyes were already dug out.

The Giant Ape Bear fumbled around, "Fuck, I'm going to kill this girl. My eyes…!"

The surrounding woods were sizzled into ashes by the flames of the Giant Ape Bear.

Mu Yunzi was like a devil from the deepest parts of hell, those terrifying eyes shot towards the Giant Ape Bear once again, "I told you to roll out of here. If you want to die, then don't blame to make your wish a nightmare reality."

Grabbing a branch, she rushed forward towards the belly of the Giant Ape Bear and used all the strength in her petite body to mercilessly stab into the chest of the beast and straight into its heart.

The Giant Ape Bear died without expecting it would die in the hands of little girl without even the slightest hint of Spirit Force.

The little fox was completely stunned at the side.

Then, Mu Yunzi remembered the little fox she left in the jungle, Damn it….I wish that little fox wasn’t hurt by the flames.

Mu Yunzi liked the little fox from the bottom of her heart.

With only a single strand of strength left, she moved towards the side of the little fox.

"It's good the flames did not hurt you." Mu Yunzi lovingly said then fainted.

Little Fox,,,,

Looking at Mu Yunzi, the little fox was very moved.

Although she was practically half-dead, she was still thinking about the purple fox.

No matter what!

I should be very happy to have such a master right?

It gently bit Mu Yunzi finger. In order to prevent her for having more injury, the fox bit just enough for the wound to excrete a drop of blood.

"Heaven and Earth Contract, this Nine Tailed Amethyst Heavenly Fox, has agreed to become Mu Yunzi's companion beast." The little fox quietly said in its heart.

An ancient contractual array appeared below the bodies of the Mu Yunzi and the little purple fox.

With the completion of the contract, the bond between the two was complete.

Out of nowhere, fear suddenly crept all over the little fox as it stood rooted in the same place, paralyzed in fear. its eyes opened wide. 

Knock yourself out guys!!! Cheers!!!

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