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Chapter 1732: The ending

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“What are you looking at? why aren’t you talking to me?” Gu nianjia asked Lin Yiqian unhappily as they stopped chatting.

“I saw Jiang Mo’s drawing on his social media. It seems like he won an award,” Lin Yiqian said.

As she spoke, Lin Yiqian turned the phone screen toward Gu nianjia.

“I think I haven’t seen your Jiang mo for a few months. Where did he go?” Gu nianjia asked as she suddenly remembered Jiang mo.

Lin Yiqian raised her eyes to look at Gu nianjia’s innocent face. She could tell that Gu nianjia was curious.

She pursed her lips and replied,”he went back to school last month.”


“Which school did you go back to?” Gu nianjia was a little surprised.

“She’s back at her school in country M,”Lin Yiqian replied.

“Didn’t you say that you were going to A University?” Gu nianjia frowned.

“You’re joking, right? he’s doing very well in his old school.” Lin Yiqian chuckled.

Hearing this, Gu nianjia pouted.”It’s alright. If that man with no class were to go to A University, we would definitely fight when we meet.”

Lin Yiqian asked as she looked at Gu nianjia’s mischievous expression.

He reached out to grab Gu nianjia’s hand.

Gu nianjia was a little curious about Lin Yiqian’s sudden action.

“Steamed bun, be happy with Zhang Jingyu.” Lin Yiqian smiled.

“Of course. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely be happy.” Gu nianjia nodded without hesitation.

Lin Yiqian pursed her lips as she turned to look out the window.

Then, he picked up his phone and opened the photo that Jiang mo had just posted on his moments.

His eyes were a little red.

It was November in Sea city, and the weather had just turned cold.

The cries of a newborn came from the hospital’s delivery room. The people waiting outside the delivery room all heaved a sigh of relief and hugged each other in celebration.

Gu nianshen removed his mask and kissed Lin Yiqian’s sweaty forehead.”Dear, you’ve worked hard.”

His heart ached so much that his voice trembled a little.

“Congratulations, master Gu, for getting another chubby boy.”


The doctors and nurses all gave Gu nianshen their blessings. When Gu nianshen heard the words ‘chubby boy’, he was stunned.

He looked at the nurse who had spoken and frowned.”Are you mistaken?”

The nurse’s mouth was wide open in shock.”Ah?”

“Are you sure it’s the chubby boy?” Gu nianshen asked.

He looked like he couldn’t accept the truth.

The nurse suddenly laughed.”Oh, wrong, wrong. It’s a little princess, a Princess.”

The look of relief on Gu nianshen’s face made Lin Yiqian, who was still weak, laugh.

With tears in her eyes, she weakly called out,’idiot’.

When Gu nianshen heard that it was a daughter, he was so excited that he did not know what to do. “Dear, I finally have a lover.” He bent over and kissed Lin Yiqian’s forehead.

“Honey, you’ve worked hard.”

He was as excited as a child.

In front of the medical staff, he had completely forgotten that he was Gu nianshen, the CEO of mega.

A month later, aunt Zhou finally allowed Lin Yiqian to come out of the house to enjoy the sun.

However, she was still wearing a hat, a mask, and a scarf.

It had just been noon, and the handsome man was dressed in a suit and leather shoes with a thin down jacket on the outside. He was holding a bouquet of red roses in one hand and a document bag in the other. He walked towards her with a smile.

It was already winter, but she could feel the spring breeze in March.

She leaned lazily on the chair and looked at the man who was walking over with a smile.

“Qian Qian, marry me.”

As Gu nianshen walked toward Lin Yiqian, he knelt down on one knee and handed her the roses in his hand.

Lin Yiqian’s eyes were slightly red as she looked up at the sun and took a deep breath.

“It’s a dream I had when I was young.” She then wrapped her arms around Gu nianshen’s neck and kissed him on the forehead.

It had finally come true.

As she closed her eyes, tears began to flow down her face and land on Gu nianshen’s forehead.

Gu nianshen raised his head as he wiped the tears from the woman’s eyes.”I’ll love you forever,” he said as he handed her the document.

“What’s this?” Lin Yiqian rubbed her eyes as she looked at the folder that Gu nianshen had passed to her.

He took it and opened it.

When she saw the skincare patent, her eyes instantly became misty again.

She looked at the man in front of her, touched.”You …”

Gu nianshen reached out and stroked her hair affectionately.”Our mother’s last wish and your dowry. I’m willing to give you everything I have as a betrothal gift.”

He then took out a ring from his pocket.

“Lin Yiqian, I’ve loved you ever since I was young.”

“Me too,”

[The show is over. Please forgive me if it’s written well or not. Thank you for your support all this time. I will continue to write. The new book has been released,”tsundere hubby, I’m super sweet!”

[Description: three months later, lover Gu cornered su qingying against the door.] “You’re the only one in the world that I like, so either you marry her or I marry her. I can accept either!”

Su qingying sneered,’didn’t you say that you only want to sleep with me? Don’t even think about the rest?”

Love Minister Gu slapped himself on the face and explained calmly,””I like to hit people’s faces, can’t I?”

Su qingying was speechless.

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