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At that moment, Xiao Zhi was lying at the bedside looking at the Nan Yan.

When he heard this, he immediately ran out and shouted: “Little uncle, that beautiful sister woke up.”

He shouted all the way out, making Nan Yan felt embarrassed. Madam Jiahe could not help but laugh.

But, since that Jian gongzi is coming, naturally, she could not continue to lie in bed. So she readied herself to get up immediately. Madam Jiahe also came to help her. At this time, when she moved, she only felt that her chest pain actually did not hurt so much.

This Madam is not only beautiful and gentle, but also skilled in medicine.

Nan Yan was about to thank her when Madam Jiahe once again said: “Ah… I don’t know what the young lady name is.”

"My name is Si Nan Yan but Madam can call me Nan Yan.”

“Nan Yan.” Madam Jiahe spoke: “Just now, that distinguished guest came with you, saying that you were suffering from cold and weak body. But I looked at it and you are not suffering from a cold, you are injured.”

Nan Yan was suddenly stunned.

No, as a matter she forgot that.

In any case, she could not let His Highness Yan Wang know that she is suffering from bruises. She was afraid of letting him know that they are fighting in the Lateral Court and will suffer from this calamity.

Madam Jiahe then said: “I do not think your actions are correct. However, I was worried that you were hiding it, so I did not tell the truth to the distinguished guest.”

Nan Yan listened and she immediately said: “Thank you, Madam.”

Jiahe smiled and said: “Miss Nan Yan, you look young, maybe less than twenty years old ?”

"I will be twenty this year.”

“Alone in this Palace… Take good care of yourself.”

“If you scarred yourself like this, then, your father and mother will feel bad if they knew about it.”

Her gentle words were like a gentle hand, gently licking the wounds in the heart, making the eyes of Nan Yan hot. She could not stop the sudden burst of sorrow and grief and softly said: “Thank you, madam.”

Madam Jiahe patted her shoulder.

Just then, outside, came a burst of footsteps. Moments after that, she saw at the door, in blue robe, a gongzi, “Sister in law.”

Nan Yan hurriedly stopped the tears and sniffed in her nose. Madam Jiahe also smiled: “Ruocheng, you are here. Miss Nan Yan wants to go back to the distinguished guest.”

Nan Yan rose and made a courtesy to Jian Ruocheng, the second son of Jian Fu.

“Jian gongzi.”

Jian Ruocheng also saluted her and raised his hand. A faint ink fragrance came out of from his thin sleeves. It felt very comfortable.

Ruocheng said, “Miss, you are not in good health. You should take more rest.”

Nan Yan softly said, “I have had a good rest. Madam Jiahe's medicine is very effective. So there is no need for her to serve me any longer."

Jian Ruocheng looked at her and softly said: "Are you afraid of being punished ?”

Nan Yan was somewhat embarrassed. Although His Highness Yan Wang was different from the past. She was, after all, a low slave who serves him so she could not speak ill of him in front of others.

At this time, the little lady standing beside Jian Ruocheng smiled and said: “Do not bother the girl in telling you what she cannot say. Since she is a guest of honour, she should return to the side of the distinguished guest."

When Ruocheng heard her sister-in-law remark, he realized that his remarks were wrong: “I apologize. Miss Nan Yan, please follow me.”

Nan Yan nodded her head, turned around and bowed to show her gratitude to Madam Jiahe. Afterwards, she followed Jian gongzi out of the room.

Outside was an elegant little yard with many bamboos. Jian Ruocheng wore a black long robe, he was a few steps ahead of her, leading the way. He looked quite the gentleman with an elegant smell of bamboo spinning around him.

A moment later, they walked across the courtyard in direction of the front hall.

As soon as they approached, they heard a thick voice saying: “If Your Highness' strong military force seized Jiangshan, could it be that you expect this old man to say something praising ?”

End of the Chapter

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