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Nan Yan listened and clearly understood what she mean, saying with a hurried smile.

“What Older Sister Fulan said is correct, this is my first time coming here and I have only brought you troubles. How can I, again, allow you to exhaust yourselves ?”

Fulan smiled.

“Nan Yan, you are very considerate. No wonder His majesty is so nice to you.”

This sentence made Nan Yan’s heart sank.

Fulan patted her on the shoulder, then turned and walked away.

Nan Yan stood beside the bed for a long time before she moved her two numb legs and slowly tidied up her things.

By the time she managed to finished everything, it was already the afternoon.

Her legs and butt, she was almost unaware of the pain. Nan Yan's brow was beaded with sweat. Originally she wanted to reluctantly lie on the bed on her stomach for just a moment, but closing her eyes resulted in her falling into a deep sleep at once.

She slept until the early morning of the next day.

Nan Yan was awakened by the growling of her stomach and when she opened her eyes, the entire Chun Xi Palace was already bright. She quickly rose to stand up.

Yesterday, she had been busy all afternoon. The injury which had started feeling better was aggravated again. She had just stood up, but she at once felt her two legs swelling up and almost fell down.

She stood still for a while until she recuperated her strength and then moved around to freshen up.

By the time she finished washing up, it was already getting a little late. Still, her hunger was starting to become unbearable. At that moment, Fulan pushed the door in. When she saw her, she said.

“Hey ! You finally woke up.”

Nan Yan hastily uttered,

“Older Sister Fulan.”

“I came to bring you breakfast, but you weren't waking up, so I had to take it back. Now—— Ah ! It is cold.”

Nan Yan bowed her head to look down at the porridge and vegetable dishes that Fulan and Xique held. Sure enough both were already ice cold.

She forced a smile.

“I blame it on myself for sleeping in. It doesn’t matter. I will eat it.”

“How can we allow this ? If Concubine Zhaoyi knew she will blame me.”

“Do not worry older sister Fulan, I will not tell Concubine Zhaoyi. Besides, I am in the wrong. “

“In that case, all is right.”

Fulan let Xique put the things on the table, then, she patted Nan Yan's shoulder.

“Do carefully eat your fill, so as to avoid looking so pale.”

Then she left.

Nan Yan smiled and nodded. She watched them as they left before looking back at the cold dishes on the table.

She picked up and held the bowl with both hands, drinking a mouthful before immediately frowning.

But her stomach was hungry and like this she could not do anything about it. She could only force herself to eat it and go on.

The little servant girl Xique followed after Fulan leaving Chun Xi Palace. Once again, she cannot help turning around and glancing back. She murmured, "Older Sister Fulan, why did you deceive her ? Those things were left behind from last night. They were completely cold. She was injured and I am afraid it is not good to eat those things.”

"It is not important.” Fulan said coldly,

“Do not worry. Anyway, she slept in and other people will not find it strange.”


“Say no more.”

Fulan looked back at the Chun Xi Palace once more. Then, encouraged, she added.

“Do not be so honest. That Si Nan Yan's intention is hidden very well. Otherwise, how would she have been able to sleep in the Emperor’s dragon bed ?"

Xique eyes widened with fear.

“She… she slept on His Majesty's dragon bed ? Is that true ?"

“I saw it with my own eyes, how can I speak lies ?”

While Fulan was speaking, she glanced again at the Chun Xi Palace. She consequently shot back.

“Now that we have followed Imperial concubine Zhaoyi closely, we must serve our master wholeheartedly with complete devotion and let her be favored by the Emperor. Only when she gets the favor of the Emperor can we have a good life. A vixen like this—— Come on, let us sort this one out !”

Xique nodded,

“Yeah !”

End of the Chapter


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