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Shua shua shua!

The few of them turned to look at the source of the voice.

Zhang Han's fingers had already started dancing on the piano.

In the beginning, it was a rather melodious prelude. Although it was a melody, its speed was much faster than that of an ordinary song. It was much more complicated, and all of them revealed their positions as one of the top ten difficult songs!

"This …"

Zhou Fei was dumbstruck.

Just a few minutes? Could he play the music just by looking at the score? How is this possible? He must have been fooling people before!

In an instant, all these thoughts flashed through Zhou Fei's mind. She simply could not believe that someone would be able to remember this piece of music in just a few minutes!

At this time, Zi Yan, Zhang Li and Zhao Feng had strange looks in their eyes as well.

Zi Yan and Zhang Li did not really believe that Zhang Han played it for crash course, because it was too unbelievable.

However, in Zhao Feng heart, he felt that the boss might really be watching the show from the sidelines. It could be said that his confidence in Zhang Han was the greatest on the scene.

The few of them were a little confused at first, but they gradually invested themselves into the music ceremony.

Zhang Han played the third piano concerto. It was melodious, even slower than the original, and when it was compact, his speed was ridiculously much faster, causing the song to have a soul-shaking effect.

It also seemed to give this piano piece a different color, making the room silent except for the sound of the piano.

Unknowingly, the piano piece came to an end and gradually ended.

"Wow." Mengmeng opened her eyes wide, staring at PaPa without blinking, with a face like a little chick. She cheered out loud: "PaPa, PaPa is too handsome, too awesome!"

"He is really powerful." Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han with amazement and admiration, and said: "I really didn't expect that your piano skills would already be at the level of a grandmaster; you're truly amazing."

While talking, Zi Yan's eyes shone with a strange light. She was really happy at that moment.

She was furious when Zhang Han said that actors were actually show people. But now, Zi Yan felt that it was just Zhang Han's angry words; since he understood music, he must also understand the dream of the musician.

'Hmph, this bastard. When he's angry, he'll say anything. What a bastard! '

'Hehehehe, he really knows how to play the piano. It looks like he's quite handsome.

'Master Piano, hmph, maybe we can even write songs together in the future! '

'No, that's not right. He'll have to beg me. Otherwise, I won't talk to him first, hmph.

At this time, Zi Yan's heart was actually as complicated and messy as a girl's, but at the same time, it was filled with joy.

All of this was because Zhang Han was too surprising to her. When that small knot in her heart was resolved, she naturally felt great, and it was understandable that her mood would become a little complicated.

Of course, it was normal for a weirdo like Zi Yan, who had children without having experienced love, to have a girl's heart.

"Oh my god! "What's the situation?"

Suddenly, Zhou Fei jumped up from her chair, she looked at Zhang Han in shock and fear; her body could not help but tremble, revealing her extremely excited emotions.

"What's wrong?" Zi Yan returned to her senses and looked at her in confusion.

Why did it seem like she was in a daze?

"Oh my god, Elder Sister Yan, oh my god, how long has it been? Oh my god, 20 minutes! Brother-in-law only used 20 minutes to play this piano piece. Damn, isn't this too inconceivable? "How is that possible? This is going to break the world record!"

Zhou Fei's face was filled with excitement, and she was at a loss of what to do.

When these words came out, the complexions of Zi Yan, Zhang Li and Zhao Feng all slightly changed.

"Are you for real?" Only twenty minutes? " Zi Yan subconsciously stood up.

"It's true. When we first started playing, it was 10: 50 PM. Now it's 11: 10 PM. It's definitely 20 minutes!" Zhou Fei pointed to the watch on her wrist.

"AH!" Zi Yan let out a soft cry as she covered her lips with her lily-white hands. She looked at Zhang Han with her eyes wide opened, and for a moment, did not know what to say.

As for Zhao Feng and Zhang Li, although they did not understand the specific meaning behind those words, they knew that Zhang Han's actions just now must have been too shocking!


However, it was Mengmeng who said with a proud expression, "PaPa is … um … the most powerful. "

"That's right; your dad is really crazy! Aiyaya, what a pity! I should have been recording it just now. Sigh, if I were to record it on the internet, it would definitely be able to cause a huge earthquake in the piano industry! "Why am I so stupid? I should have recorded it. Aiyo, my little darling …" Zhou Fei said with a frown.

Seeing her expression, Zi Yan knew that she was truly upset. She glanced at Zhang Han and coughed lightly to remind him: "The song was not recorded, but he is right there."


She quickly reacted and looked towards Zhang Han. She took out her phone to directly record a video and said at the same time, "Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, if you come again, with your skills, I'm sure you'll be able to beat everything up in the piano industry! When you get hot, I'll be your manager. No, I'll be the same manager for you and Elder Sister Yan, the husband and wife combination, oh god, it's a perfect match! "

Her words were incoherent, but her expression, tone, and words all expressed the excitement in her heart.

Zhang Han looked at Zhou Fei, slightly speechless. This girl was a little crazy. Did Zhang Han still play it after recording just a moment ago?

He wasn't in the mood to play with her, but just when he was about to refuse, Mengmeng who was at the side already opened her mouth and refused:

"En hmph, PaPa played it twice, it is time for Mengmeng to perform."

"Come on, Mengmeng." Zhang Han ignored Zhou Fei, smiled at Mengmeng and then hugged her in his arms.

"Hey, Mama, are you ready? Mengmeng is about to begin." Mengmeng reminded her before she played the music.

"Mama, get ready. Let's begin."

"Hmm, it's starting."

Mengmeng replied happily as she pressed down on the piano key.

A clear and melodious sound of a zither rang out, accompanied by Mengmeng's childish yet pleasant voice:

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You Are …"

After singing for two minutes, Mengmeng retracted her hand, and asked with a face full of anticipation: "How is it?"

"It's too nice!" Mengmeng is so powerful. " Zi Yan clapped first.

Zhao Feng, Zhang Li, and Zhou Fei also clapped together as they praised:

"Even Mengmeng can play the piano at such a young age."

"Mengmeng will definitely be even more powerful in the future."

Mengmeng's treatment in the restaurant could be said to be the highest.

Because she was a cute and beautiful little girl, and also because she was Zi Yan's daughter, but also because she was the treasure in Zhang Han's hands.

Hearing the praises of the few of them, Mengmeng was extremely happy as she laughed non-stop.

"Hey hey hey, brother-in-law, don't put it down. Do you want to play that song again?"

Seeing that Zhang Han was about to put down the lid, Zhou Fei hurriedly said.

However, Zhang Han didn't even bother to pay attention to him, as he directly put down the zither lid and returned to the dining table with Mengmeng in his arms. Only now did he look at the dumbfounded Zhou Fei, and said: "Next time then."

"Next time …" Zhou Fei's expression froze as she said somewhat vexedly.

"Un humph, PaPa only plays twice every time." Mengmeng added.

"Yes, the boss can only play two piano pieces at a time, and it might not even be at every meal. Every time we hear it, we don't hear enough." Zhao Feng said with a chuckle.

"Huh?" Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han strangely, and said: "You even have such a rule?"

"It's not really a rule. After eating dinner, you can take a rest and play two piano pieces at the same time." Zhang Han replied.

"Then Brother-in-law, can you play it again?" Zhou Fei said again. She was thinking of recording this video for Zhang Han now, and she knew that once this video was uploaded to the internet, it would cause a huge wave that would fill the entire world's piano industry!

But Zhang Han still shook his head and said: "I don't want to play."

With these words, he rejected Zhou Fei.

Seeing Zhou Fei's vexed expression, Zhang Han said in amusement: "It's almost 11: 30, I should be preparing lunch. I think the customers will all be coming up soon."

"Alright, I'll record the video for you next time." Zhou Fei nodded obediently.

"Bro, what are we having for lunch?"

Hearing that Zhang Han was going to cook, Zhang Li immediately became spirited. She was truly a gluttonous foodie!

"There are a few potatoes, as well as beans and cucumbers. What would you like to eat?" Zhang Han said casually.

In this world, these ingredients are already considered top in the world. But in the end, Zhang Han had tasted the rare delicacies of the myriad heavens and earth before, so his standards were much higher than normal. Even when he ate, he felt that it was only ordinary food, but others didn't think so!

Hearing Zhang Han's question, Zhao Feng was somehow excited in his heart. He felt that if he got to know the boss, he could probably order dishes!

"I want chicken!" Zhang Li said very happily.

"I want meat too." Zhou Fei quickly added.

"I also... "I'm fine." Zi Yan said softly.

"Eh …." I'll eat whatever the boss cooks. "

Zhao Feng felt that he didn't have the right to speak, and at the same time, he felt that the boss would eat whatever he cooked, so he replied accordingly.

"Chicken can't be done at noon, but it can be done at night." Zhang Han replied.

"Oh yeah, Brother-in-law, is there any noodles?" Zhou Fei glanced at Zi Yan and reminded him: "Elder Sister Yan likes to eat noodles, for example, wonton, noodles, hand-rolled noodles and so on. Oh yeah, there's also hot pot. Elder Sister Yan especially likes to eat hot pot. Brother-in-law, I gave you all this news for free."


Zhang Han looked at her and replied indifferently.

Seeing that, Zi Yan was secretly relieved.

What do you mean?

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