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Chapter 1517 Why Are You So Arrogant

“The three sects have been destroyed, but they are still able to gather together and attack our headquarters.”

There were two people in the sky. One of them was an old man in black, and he had an extraordinary aura. He was Crimson King.

The other person was wearing plain cotton clothes. He appeared very old. It was unknown who he was.

At this time, Crimson King’s tone was extremely flat.

“Should I say that your three sects are impressive, or that the ones of the Crimson Sunglow Sect are losers?”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

It wasn’t just the people from the Three Sects Alliance who changed their expressions. Even the faces of the First and Second Elders of the Crimson Sunglow Sect changed as well.

“We apologize sincerely that we failed to eliminate all the remnants of the three sects,” said Youwu in a low voice.

The First Elder sighed deeply and said, “Sect Master, I was guarding the headquarters of the sect and arranged for Youwu and Heavenlight to carry out the purge operation. I just didn’t expect that the three sects’ survivors would gather so quickly. Heavenlight fell into the trap and got killed. The three sects attacked our sect silently. I thought that we would take them down before you came back, but I didn’t expect that you would see our failure. Please punish us.”


Crimson King’s brows carried a trace of mockery, and then he laughed indifferently. “If you can’t even kill a group of trash, what can you do?”

His words rendered the Crimson Sunglow Sect team speechless, and they all fell silent.

The Sect Master was truly strict.

On the side of the Three Sects Alliance, other than a small number of people who were upset, everyone else felt as if they had fallen into an ice cave, and their bodies went cold.

“It seems that having lived a comfortable life on the Vast Heaven Star for so many years has worn away your sharpness.”

Crimson King shook his head, as though he was sighing with emotion about his life. “The Astral Domain of Vast Heaven is still too small. You don’t have any great environment to temper yourselves at all. The truly wonderful place is the Silver Dragon Galaxy. None of you have ever been there. Fortunately, I can take you there to tour around. The Galaxy world is the most wonderful place.”

“Silver Dragon Galaxy.” The First Elder’s eyes were bright and full of yearning.

Many disciples were also excited.

Their Sect Master would take them to the Silver Dragon Galaxy. How wonderful would that world be?


Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and suddenly laughed.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said nothing.

“What does he have to show off?” Mengmeng muttered.

Not far away, Xu Xiaoqiang’s expression changed slightly, “What, what does Sect Master Zhang mean by that?”

Under everyone’s gaze, Crimson King was like a god who could decide one’s life and death. He was levitating in the air with his hands clasped behind his back.

“The Silver Dragon Galaxy is a place where both danger and opportunity coexist. My target is there. Except for me, the other three Sect Masters of Vast Heaven Star have died in a secret realm. Therefore, I will take action to unify the planet. I’ll make the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven be under my control. I’ll make the Vast Heaven Star become my backyard. Those who submit will live, and those who rebel will die.”


His ambiguous words made the others seem to have a glimmer of hope in despair.

Could it be that Crimson King wouldn’t kill anyone?

The First Elder immediately cupped his hands and said, “Sect Master, too many of our disciples have died. Hatred is unavoidable. The Three Sects Alliance must be exterminated!”

“We don’t need to keep them alive.”

Crimson King’s gaze finally swept across the Three Sects Alliance. “The Crimson Sunglow Sect will be the only one to reign supreme on the Vast Heaven Star and even the entire Astral Domain.”

“Sect Master.”

The old man next to him suddenly said, “I spent fifty years refining the Flag of Life. Now, I have everything except souls. I like the souls of the hundreds of millions of people below. Sect Master, please allow me to deal with the remnants of the three sects. I will slaughter them all.”

Hearing this, Crimson King waved his right hand slightly.

“The surviving members of the three sects deserve to die. Actually, when their Sect Masters died, the result was already decided. No one can stop the destruction of the three sects. Evilspirit, give them a decent death.”

“Yes, Sect Master.”

The old man in a cloth gown showed a cold smile and looked down with bloodthirsty eyes. His voice became low. “You…”

Before he finished speaking, someone suddenly rose into the air from the crowd below.

After taking a closer look, everyone found that it was Yue Wuwei.

“It’s, it’s him.”

The expressions of Hanlong and the others changed slightly.

“That’s right. We still have another trump card up our sleeves. Sect Master’s senior is most definitely very powerful.”

“Even if he isn’t a match for Crimson King, they should at least have an equal conversation. We’ll have a chance to survive. He’ll probably agree to our request on leaving the Vast Heaven Star.”


A few people from the Ling Sea Sword Sect, such as Elder An and Elder Hanlong, who knew one-sided information, were a little relieved, but most of them were nervous.

This was a moment that made one’s scalp go numb. Whether or not they could succeed would depend on the background of this old man.

“It seems that someone can’t wait to die.” Evilspirit stuck out his tongue and licked his lip.

“Go and kill him.” Crimson King said flatly, “Life will be plunged into misery and corpses will be everywhere. This is the end of the three sects. The great trend of karma is inviolable.”

The current Crimson King gave off an otherworldly aura. Together with his indifferent words, it immediately made him appear even more imposing.

The hearts of many elders and protectors of the Crimson Sunglow Sect trembled since their Sect Master was truly amazing.

He was worthy of being the Crimson King who had been to the Silver Dragon Galaxy.

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly shook heaven and earth.

Yue Wuwei said, “Why are you so arrogant?”

Yue Wuwei was both furious and amused.

“This little bastard Crimson King really knows how to put on airs here.

“I haven’t spoken yet. You’re just at the Peak Stage of the Mastery Realm. Why are you showing off?”


Crimson King frowned, and his gaze gradually turned cold. “You’re talking to me?”

“Die, die. I like your soul. Die, hahahaha…”

Evilspirit couldn’t suppress his desire to kill and wanted to attack Yue Wuwei.

“Just like a lunatic.”

Yue Wuwei didn’t even bother to look at Evilspirit. He just waved his sleeve.


A gentle breeze blew past.

The breeze, which seemed to carry faint starlight, directly devoured Evilspirit and made him disappear from the world.


Crimson King’s eyes gradually widened as he was stupefied.

“What kind of level is this?”

“Who, who are you?” he asked in astonishment.

There was no calmness on his face. There was no transcendent aura. There was only fear and panic.

“Who am I?”

Yue Wuwei snorted and said, “Do you think a person like you is qualified to know my Taoist title?”

“Senior, senior, please don’t attack!” Crimson King panicked. He quickly tried to think of a way to escape, and he begged repeatedly. “Senior, please spare me. I, I’m willing to….”

In an instant, hundreds of millions of people below were dumbfounded. The First and Second Elders of the Crimson Sunglow Sect were so shocked that their eyes almost popped out.

“WHAT?!” Youwu said in horror, “What is Crimson King doing?”

“What’s going on?” The First Elder was confused. “Is our Crimson King begging for mercy?”

That was the mighty Crimson King.

How could he possibly beg for mercy?

This group of people didn’t react for a while. Before their brains could react, reality told them the result.

“What are you willing to do?”

Yue Wuwei snorted and said, “You want to show off just because you know a little bit about martial arts? I’ve had enough of this for a long time. How dare you brag?”

“Senior, senior!”

Feeling the incomparably huge and suffocating pressure, Crimson King finally realized what kind of figure he had provoked.

“He’s a Tribulation Stage expert!

“Oh my god, I…”

Crimson King’s heart almost bled out.


Yue Wuwei suddenly took out a writing brush.

The brush shaft that was made of white jade and the tip of black fur showed a particularly mysterious aura.

“It’s actually the Yin-Yang Brush.” Zhang Han’s eyes showed a trace of surprise. “He even has this treasure?”

At the sight of the treasure’s aura, Zhang Han knew that the Yin-Yang Brush was a Profound-grade treasure, and its functions were at least those of an eighth-tier spirit treasure.

This was just a simple concept. The functions of a Profound-grade treasure were far beyond those of a ninth-tier spirit treasure.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Yue Wuwei stared at Zhang Han out of the corner of his eye.

Seeing the surprise on his face, Yue Wuwei was satisfied. He began to put on a show. Holding the writing brush, he quickly wrote down the word “death” in the void.

All of a sudden, a complicated seal appeared in front of Crimson King, locking down the space around him as he looked closer and closer to the cyan wheel, within which could be seen the word “death”.


Crimson King knew that he might be doomed.

“No, no, no, no!


Amidst an earth-shattering roar, Crimson King’s entire body was crushed by the unstoppable energy.

From far away, everyone could see that Crimson King had transformed into a bloody mist. His soul and Yuan Ying had been completely destroyed.

When the light dissipated, Crimson King died.

Crimson King, who had said so much and even vowed to take his men to explore the Silver Dragon Galaxy, died in a minute.

No one could accept this.

Youwu muttered in a daze, “Where’s Crimson King?”

A subordinate next to him said in a trembling voice, “If, if I’m not mistaken, Sect Master seems to have… died.”

The First Elder said blankly, “He died?”

He looked up at the sky.

It was the same for many people. They looked around and felt that Crimson King might appear at any moment.

However, he didn’t.

“What are you looking at?”

Yue Wuwei glanced around and snorted. “Continue to fight.”


Hanlong trembled with excitement, and even his voice was mixed with excitement. “Fight, fight, fight! Let’s fight. We’ve won!”

Elder An exclaimed, “Oh my god, he just waved his hand and killed Crimson King? This is not a reversal. It turns out that we have always been invincible. Oh my god, he is so powerful!”

“We won! Hahaha, we won!”

Gradually, more and more people came to their senses.

They seemed to have won.

No one from the Crimson Sunglow Sect could block them since the Sect Master Crimson King had died.

On the battlefield, momentum was extremely important.

At this moment, the Three Sect Alliance was in high spirits.


“Kill them!”

“Kill everyone from the Crimson Sunglow Sect!”

“Hahaha, Crimson King is dead. Their backer is gone, and so is the Crimson Sunglow Sect!”


The crowd surged over like an ocean, surging with an imposing aura.

Seeing this, the elders of the Crimson Sunglow Sect almost fainted.

“We’re doomed. We’re doomed!”

Someone asked in a hurry, “First Elder, what should we do? What should we do?”

After hearing the words, the First Elder looked at the sky in a daze. He felt like crying with a heavy heart.

“Poor me…”

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