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Chapter 1421 The Blood Source Incantation

However, Zhang Han needed many high-end treasures to cast the Blood Source Incantation.

The spirit treasures he wanted were at least sixth-tier ones, and the best ones were eighth-tier. He needed dozens of precious and rare spirit treasures. Fortunately, he was in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, and he might not get the things he lacked in other places.

“Big Brother, I remember you have a lot of spiritual treasures,” said Grand Master Chu in puzzlement.

At this moment, Zhang Han showed a gentle smile on his face.

“My treasures are in a different place. They’re waiting for me to find them.”

When Zhang Han said that, the listeners thought differently as he did.

They were not thinking about the same thing at all.

Zhang Han missed his family.

Grand Master Chu and the others believed that Zhang Han’s treasures were all left in high-end Galaxies, where the Tribulation Stage experts were rampant.

In those places, there would be extremely terrifying secret realms, as well as large ancient Relics.

At the same time, there were many dangers.

However, many experts at the Tribulation Stage had adobes in many secret realms.

“Presumably, Brother Hanyang’s treasures are all in those places, so he needs to find a way to get some treasures now.”

Grand Master Chu thought that he understood the situation very well.

He said with great enthusiasm, “We’ve got the detailed list. Let’s take action as soon as possible. I’ve read the list. I know who has the eighth-tier spirit treasures. I’ll go and talk to him in person. I should be able to get them with something. As for the rest, they’re not particularly rare, and we can eventually get them. But Big Brother, it will take some time.”

“Okay. That’s fine. Thank you for your hard work.” Zhang Han nodded.

They started getting this matter done, and some high-position officials were contacting everyone they could reach. The most important thing for the major forces was to put out the reward and the tasks of finding people.

When outsiders found the wanted and sent him to the Chu Family, they would receive 100 million crystal stones. If the ones from those sects found the person, they would not receive this reward. However, there were other rewards. As for what they were, the higher-ups did not mention it. It seemed that the rewards wouldn’t be shabby.

The only forces who had such a rule were the Red Snow Mountain of the Taoist Lord of Azurepeak, the Radiant Institute, Old Taoist Honghu, and the Chu Family. In truth, the Chu Family didn’t even count, and there weren’t many people in total.

Recently, a lot of juniors had gone out to have fun.

Even Chu Youyou was the same since her Grand Master’s Big Brother was staying at her place.

“Just the thought of it makes me crazy.”

Chu Youyou was having fun with a few friends on a prosperous recreational planet.

“Mei, you never would’ve imagined that when I recall it now, I find that the man is truly frightening. Even his gaze is extremely deep and unfathomable,” Chu Youyou said with a serious expression.

“Don’t tell me you’ve taken a fancy to him,” a woman in a long dress teased. “Youyou, you’re not young anymore. It’s normal for you to be in love.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. If my Grand Master hears you, he’ll break my legs,” Chu Youyou said carelessly.

There were a total of six people, including one man and five women.

Chu Youyou had a good relationship with the woman in a long dress next to her, so she spoke more casually.

“Mei, isn’t your family also very powerful on the All-peace Star? I haven’t gotten any news about the wanted ones here. Why don’t you send someone to look for them? If those people are found, you will get 100 million crystal stones. That’ll be a lot.”

“Okay. Send the information to me when you have a rest in the evening. I’ll ask someone to look for those people,” Mei said casually.

She didn’t really care about the matter. “Looking for dozens of people in the vast crowd? It’s simply too hard. It’s even less likely to succeed than winning the lottery.”

However, something out of her expectations happened after a whole day of having fun.

In the evening, Chu Youyou checked into a luxurious hotel.

She was next to the open-air platform on the top floor.

“Please get me a pot of fine ancient tea.”

Chu Youyou sat there and controlled her communication wristband, preparing to send a message to Mei.

“Hello, Miss. Here is your ancient tea.” A low voice came from the side.

It was a woman wearing a maid’s uniform. Her hair was a little messy. She held a tea set and placed it on the table in an orderly manner. When she poured the tea, she sprinkled some on the table.

This could be considered a mistake for a waiter.

“My apologies.”

The woman took out her tools, wiped the table, and turned to leave.

“I think I’ve seen her somewhere before?” Chu Youyou was a little confused.

She looked at the table, on which the common characters of the Cultivation World were written, “Save me.”


Chu Youyou was silent for a long time.

“Should I help her?

“I’ll go take a look.”

She got up and walked to the waitress’s workplace. When she entered the corridor, she saw the woman in a corner.

“Come here now!”

There was an old woman in the front who spoke in a stern tone.

“Wait a minute.”

Chu Youyou called out and strode over. When she saw the waitress’s face clearly, she was stunned and immediately checked her communication wristband to confirm the information. Then, she said in shock, “Are you Liang Mengqi?”

It was a shot in the dark.

She never thought about finding anyone. Unexpectedly, when she came out to have fun, she found a wanted person.

“Yeah,” Liang Mengqi responded, with hope in her eyes.

“Who are you?” The old woman walked over with a gloomy expression.

“It doesn’t matter who I am.” Chu Youyou’s tone was very harsh.

Her Chu Family was prestige in this place, not to mention that she had friends with her.

“You broke into the staff’s place for no reason. I haven’t held you accountable, but you’re talking back to me instead?” The old woman’s tone directly weakened.

She was also afraid of offending the other party.

“I am Chu Youyou of the Chu Family.”

Chu Youyou took out her token and said, “If I remember correctly, this hotel belongs to the Phoenix Stream Sect. I am friends with your Eldest Lady, Ling Mei, and you…”

Before she finished her words.

“I’m sorry for my mistake.”

Those who adapt to circumstances were wise.

Chu Youyou reprimanded the old woman and then left with Liang Mengqi.

In a few days.

In the Chu Family’s residence.

“What did you say?

“You’ve actually found a wanted person?”

Grand Master Chu just happened to be going to Chu Youyou’s house. Not far from the door, he met Chu Youyou, who had just returned.

“Yes, Grand Master. I inadvertently… Ahem.” Chu Youyou coughed softly and said, “I went out of my way to look for these people. I also knew that you and the senior were in a hurry to find them. When I was searching, I accidentally discovered her. Her name is Liang Mengqi.”

“Nice to meet you, Grand Master Chu,” Liang Mengqi said.

She was about the same age as Chu Youyou, so she addressed Grand Master Chu as Chu Youyou did.

“Don’t, don’t call me that.” Grand Master Chu immediately shook his head and asked, “What’s your relationship with my Big Brother?”

“He’s my boss,” Liang Mengqi said.

“I see.” Grand Master Chu let out a sigh of relief. “It turns out that she’s just an employee.”

“Also, my husband is my boss’s first disciple.”

Grand Master Chu was speechless.

He then said, “Just call me Senior Chu. Let’s go and meet Big Brother.”

He led the way into the courtyard. The Taoist Lord of Azurepeak and Old Taoist Honghu were locked in a stalemate as they played chess.

Zhang Han was sitting on the side, drinking tea. Chu Qingyi was making tea for him, while Zhou Fei and Chen Chuan were cultivating beside them.


When Liang Mengqi saw Zhang Han, her eyes turned red, and she couldn’t maintain her emotions.

“Mengqi?” Zhou Fei was a little surprised. “Come here.”

After Liang Mengqi took her seat, Zhou Fei listened to the narration of her experience.

She landed on a relatively savage planet. There were natives whose strength was not very high, and the place was filled with tribes. Liang Mengqi had lived in the wilderness for a month, and she had a tough time. Later, she was almost caught to be the wife of the brigand chief. When she escaped, she met a patrol team of some forces and was taken away. She had been trained in the hotel for two months. In fact, as a waitress, she was required to attract some powerful childes to strengthen the connections of the hotel.

As a result, a young master did take a fancy to her a few days ago. After the last resistance, she had been beaten twice.

She was being lectured these days. If she hadn’t met Chu Youyou, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

When Liang Mengqi spoke, sometimes she would cry, and Zhou Fei’s eyes were slightly red. She could empathize with her. It had been eleven months, and she was not doing okay.

“It’s no big deal to suffer a little. It’s fine as long as you end up well.”

Zhang Han also lamented.

When he met Liang Mengqi for the first time, she was still wearing a bikini and was very lively. At that time, she was interested in him. Later, she found that she only admired him, and what she had with Zhao Feng was true love.

Now Liang Mengqi had become much more mature.

“Little Zheng.”

Zhang Han’s eyes turned cold.

“I’m here, Big Brother.” Grand Master Chu immediately ran to his side.

Liang Mengqi was in a daze.

She found it quite strange that Grand Master Chu, who had white hair and a long beard, called Zhang Han Big Brother.

But she did not expect that Zhang Han would stand up for her.

Zhang Han said flatly, “Send your men to fill that hotel and inform them that the sect will come and apologize to her in five days.”

According to Liang Mengqi’s words, he knew that the sect was not very powerful. Since Grand Master Chu had high status and was in the Mastery Realm, as long as he didn’t hurt the Four Great Sects and the forces that had a strong relationship with them, there would be no problem with him doing anything else.

Zhang Han did this in order to calm Liang Mengqi down. After all, she needed to vent her anger after her terrible experience.

Grand Master Chu patted his chest as he spoke, “Okay. I’ll make the arrangements right away!”

He had completely become Old Demon Zhang’s lackey and his good brother.

“Chu Youyou, since you found Meng Qi, this is for you.”

Zhang Han took out a Space Ring casually.

Everyone knew without thinking that there were 100 million crystal stones in it.

“I, I, I…” Chu You Ran’s face turned red.

She did not dare to accept it since Grand Master Chu was staring at her with widened eyes.

“Big Brother, I can’t go back on my word. My family’s junior found the wanted person. How could she take your crystal stones? This is not okay. Take the Space Ring back now,” Grand Master Chu said.

“It’s normal to reward someone with merits. Are you trying to stop me?” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

“No. I wouldn’t dare to stop you. I just don’t want you to waste the crystal stones.” Grand Master Chu smiled awkwardly.

“Little Zheng, did I teach you in vain back then?” Zhang Han asked.

“Take the Space Ring now. This is the little something that Big Brother rewarded you.” Grand Master Chu immediately changed his words. “It’s not much. Big Brother has a lot of money.”

In front of Zhang Han, Grand Master Chu was not calm at all. In fact, he was much more lively than ever.

Chu Youyou took the Space Ring in a daze. Only after she left did she cry out in surprise, “Wow! I’m rich now!”

Zhou Fei, Chen Chuan, and Liang Mengqi, who were all low-level martial artists, came back, which made Zhang Han more relaxed.

What did this mean?

Since they were all in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven, it meant that the low-level cultivators in their team had been taken care of.

As expected.

On the seventh day.

Someone sent two people over.



Two voices rang out.

It was made by Zhang Li and Liang Mengqi.

Zhang Li and Liang Hao were so lucky that they ended up together.

They were very excited to meet Zhang Han, but Zhang Li was still very worried when she saw him lying on the chair. She asked about his well-being.

On the 10th day, Rong Jiaxin was sent over.

On the 11th day, Wang Ya came back.

On the 16th day, Wang Ming was sent over.

Zhang Han also offered a lot of reward crystal stones, but the more people that were sent over, the better Zhang Han’s mood was.

On the 20th, 23rd, and 26th days, some people were sent over.

Now, Zhang Han had 13 people gathered.

“Very nice.”

Zhang Han was very satisfied with this result.

More than half of the team’s lower-level members had come. As Elder Yue had said, the others also needed to explore the outside world on their own, so Zhang Han thought that they might as well go and experience.

They would display their powers when they were in danger. Zhang Han was also optimistic about those people on the team.

Everyone had their own abilities.

One month went by,

It didn’t take long, but Zhang Han’s patience had been worn out.

He did not want to wait any longer.

After Grand Master Chu and the other two arrived, Zhang Han asked, “Have you gathered all the spirit treasures?”

“We’re still short of three kinds. We’ve already bought the rest by using something to exchange them,” said Grand Master Chu.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded. With the Taoist Lord of Azurepeak and Old Taoist Honghu here, he said, “I don’t have many resources here now. I’ll give you two sets of cultivation methods later.”

“Oh my god!”

Old Taoist Honghu gasped.

He was utterly shocked.

But after the shock, the two were ecstatic.

“Hahaha! Thank you, Big Brother! Hahaha!” The Taoist Lord of Azurepeak couldn’t help but laugh from ear to ear.

They all had no powerful backing. If it weren’t for Brother Hanyang, they all knew that they might remain at their current level for the rest of their lives.

But now, everything was all different.

They had the chance to break through to a higher realm.

“Big Brother, as for the rewards, the news has been spread in about one-fifth of the surrounding areas, but we still can’t get to a large area and can’t inform some forces. If we want to be more efficient, I think we still need to ask for help from the people of the Four Great Sects,” said Grand Master Chu.

“We don’t need to do that yet.”

Seeing that the three of them were almost done with their business, Zhang Han revealed some news. “My physical condition is not very optimistic. Not long ago, a Demonic God launched a sneak attack on me when I was cultivating in seclusion. I was injured.”

“What? Then… Big Brother, why don’t we get you some healing medicinal pellets?” the Taoist Lord of Azurepeak asked.

“I’m fine. It’s just a short-term impact.” Zhang Han waved his hand.

When he refined the ninth-tier Soul Fixing Pellets later, he would be able to recover from his injuries. It was just that he had some problems during this period.

Upon hearing Zhang Han’s words, Old Taoist Honghu and the Taoist Lord of Azurepeak didn’t think much about his injuries.

An injured Immortal Master was still powerful.

Some people might even have some ideas about it in secret.

But they did not.

Grand Master Chu’s friends had similar personalities to him. They were all very honest people.

An hour passed.

Old Taoist Honghu ran out with an ecstatic look, “Hahaha. I can’t believe that there would be such an exquisite cultivation method in the world!”

The next hour.

The Taoist Lord of Azurepeak seemed to have drunk too much. He staggered as he walked forward, his face flushed.

“Wonderful, wonderful!”

He was naturally pleasantly surprised when he got what he wanted.

Five days later.

In front of Zhang Han, the spirit treasures he needed were all gathered.

It wasn’t easy to achieve this.

At the very least, the three forces had spent quite a bit, and at least half of their treasure vaults had been emptied.

“I’m going to cast a spell. All of you should leave now!”

Zhang Han got up from his wheelchair and slowly walked to the center of the yard.

“Can I stay?” Zhang Li asked in a low voice.

“No. You’d better go out. Don’t disturb me.” Zhang Han shook his head.


With a snort, Zhang Li pulled Liang Hao out.

But the more Zhang Han behaved in this way, the more worried she became.

After they left, Zhang Li was still worried and asked, “Why would he need so many spiritual treasures to cast magic? Can he do it? Why didn’t he ask you guys to help him?”

In fact, she was referring to Grand Master Chu and the other two when she said “you guys”.

The others weren’t strong enough, but the three of them definitely were.

“Miss, we’re clumsy and Big Brother wouldn’t dare to use our help.” Grand Master Chu bitterly smiled.

These people became anxious and waited.


A layer of light undulations swirled around the entire residence, tightly sealing off all probing.

“It’s about to start.”

Zhang Han stood in the center of the yard and looked up at the sky with a special soft smile on his face.

“Wait for me,” he muttered in a low voice.

The jade cauldron was taken out.

Dozens of kinds of spirit treasures, including sixth-tier, seventh-tier, and eighth-tier ones, began to float and shine in the Heaven-earth Formation set up by tens of thousands of top-grade crystals, and mysterious energy was released.

“With my blood!

“Blood Source Incantation!”

Zhang Han’s eyes suddenly burst into red light.

He placed his hands on the jade cauldron.

Less than a second later, Zhang Han’s hands turned blood red. Wisps of blood floated out and turned into blood mist energy. The energy was absorbed into the jade cauldron and merged with the Myriad Wood Chaotic Qi.

One drop of blood, two drops… They were like a stream.

Zhang Han’s palms were very red.

But from his arms to the rest of his body, he gradually turned pale all over.

He was afraid that his energy was not enough.

There was only one drop of blood essence left in his whole body.

If it weren’t for the fact that his Immortal Body of the Five Elements was strong, there would definitely be some problems.

“Blood Source Incantation!”

Zhang Han’s voice was soft. With countless wills, he controlled the Heaven-earth Formation and activated all kinds of spiritual treasures that served as the formation eye.

Wisps of energy, in all kinds of colors, along with the most important Myriad Wood Chaotic Qi and his blood, constantly flowed into the jade cauldron.

A spell was cast.


It was as if a clap of thunder had struck the courtyard.

The whole world had turned red.

In the unseen senses, Zhang Han felt that the two wisps of blood mist seemed to have cut through the void and were constantly shuttling in two directions.

Those were the places where Zi Yan and Mengmeng were.

The Blood Source Incantation was connected into threads, which meant that they were safe and alive.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Zhang Han continued to stimulate his energy.

He saw it.

One of the red threads showed that the location was in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven. It was neither too close nor too far away. As for the other thread, he didn’t know how far the location was away, but he could feel that it was in another Astral Realm, which was so far away that he could not even tell how far away it was.


The energy inside the jade cauldron was worn out.

The last bit of energy formed a red heart-shaped seal in Zhang Han’s right palm.

It was done. The Blood Source Incantation had lost the support of energy, and Zhang Han couldn’t afford to hold on any longer. Generally speaking, no one below the Tribulation Stage dared to use this kind of incantation.

“Wait for me.”

Zhang Han staggered, and he had to stop with every step.

He walked a dozen meters for a minute before he sat down on the chair, took two medicinal pellets, and fell asleep.

One day, two days, and three days had passed.

“It’s been three days. Why is it not over yet?” Zhang Li and the others were very anxious outside.

“Can I go in and check on him?”

“Don’t do it,” the Taoist Lord of Azurepeak said. “He has so many high-grade spirit treasures here. They must be incredibly powerful. It’s normal for him to cast magic for a month, much less three days. Let’s not disturb him for now.”

“Let’s wait a little longer. Don’t worry,” said Old Taoist Honghu.

Four days passed.

The fifth day was about to pass.

Almost everyone was waiting silently outside the yard.

“Are you all waiting here?”

Zhang Han’s voice came from inside the courtyard.

The Bounded Domain on the outside had dissipated.

“Of course, we have to wait. None of us knows what’s in there, and you don’t let anyone stay there,” Zhang Li said resentfully.

They didn’t dare to stay inside. When Zhang Han cast the Blood Source Incantation, the scene would be rather miserable.

But in fact, everything was all under Zhang Han’s control.

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