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Chapter 813: 813

Chapter 813: Prescription for mold sores

Ke Tong was also happy when he learned that his illness could be cured . So he naturally no longer wanted to commit suicide . After taking two steps, he turned and cupped his hand to Bai Zhi: “Thank you, Miss . ”

Bai Zhi nodded: “As long as you can cherish your life, it is the best thank you to a doctor who saved you . ”

Ke Tong also nodded his head: “I’ve written it down!”

After Ke Tong left, Ke Shengming and Madam Ke once again bowed their heads to Bai Zhi and thanked her again .

Bai Zhi couldn’t accept it, so she jumped away: “If you do this again, I will leave . ”

The joy in the hearts of the husband and wife cannot be expressed in words .

Their lost daughter, their ill second son, the lifeblood of their Ke family, continued to exist because of the young lady girl in front of them .

Imperial Doctor Xu was very anxious to the side . He always wanted to find a chance to ask Bai Zhi about the prescription for mold sores, but the Ke family from the start until now seemed to have endless words with her . He couldn’t even say a word .

Until the second young master’s servant came and said that his young master had already taken a bath and was waiting for Bai Zhi to come for treatment .

Ke Shengming and Madam Ke finally ended the conversation . Imperial Doctor Xu finally had the opportunity to speak: “Miss Bai, you said that there is a cure for this mold sore, is it true?”

Bai Zhi nodded: “Of course it is true, can you still talk nonsense like this?”

Imperial Doctor Xu wanted to ask about the content of this prescription, but he felt that it was wrong . Last time, she had taught him the prescription and refining method of Niuhuang Pill . Now he wanted to ask for another prescription . Isn’t he too greedy?

Seeing him wanting to speak but stop and had a tangled expression on his face . Bai Zhi couldn’t help but smile: “Imperial Doctor Xu, if you want this prescription, I can give it to you . ”

Imperial Doctor Xu was surprised and delighted: “Really? Are you really willing?”

Bai Zhi nodded her head: “If I am the only one who knows this prescription, only a few people can be saved . But if more people know about it, more and more people can be saved, which is a good thing . ”

This was true, but who are the people doing this?

Don’t most of the old doctors can have a prestigious identity because of their undisclosed prescriptions?

Imperial Doctor Xu asked again: “This mold sore disease is not a native disease in our country . It has been transmitted from the outside . It only appeared 10 years ago . So many doctors tried treating this disease . I don’t know where Miss Bai’s prescription come from?”

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“I didn’t create it . I saw it in a medical book . I am teaching it to you now, it can be regarded as presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers . ” This was true . The medical skills she has learned were all the wisdom of ancient people from thousands of years ago . The ancient people spent thousands of years to discover, practice, and improve, and in the end, the best things remained . She was just lucky she was born in a good era .

“Is this medical book available now?” Imperial Doctor Xu asked urgently .

Bai Zhi shook her head: “I have lost it, but the things that should be remembered are all in my head . ” She reached out and tapped her head .

Imperial Doctor Xu admired her brain . This brain was not only beautiful but also rich in content, which made him jealous .

When they went to the Qingzhu Courtyard, Ke Tong was in the side hall . According to his current situation, he should be treated better in the bedroom . After all, he had to take off his clothes to check .

Ke Tong chose to be in the side hall because she was a girl . It was not good for a girl to enter a man’s bedroom casually .

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When Bai Zhi and Imperial Doctor Xu came in, Ke Tong quickly got up from the chair, looking a little cramped .

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