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Chapter 793: 793
Chapter 793: Is she really a genius doctor?

Madam Meng sternly said: “Maybe what? Even if I die, I won’t let her treat me . If I can’t be cured, then don’t . You go out, you all go out . ”

How dare the maidservants go out? They just stood far away .

Not long after, the father and son came back . The father and son were talking about some things in the current political situation . When they were in high spirits, Wu Mama rushed to the two of them: “Master, young master, go and see the lady soon . ”

Meng Nan asked urgently: “What happened to my mother?”

“Madam is ill again . She’s in a bad condition . Several doctors and Imperial Doctor Zhang have come to see her, but they can’t help her . ”

The father and son hurried to Madam Meng’s courtyard . As soon as they entered the room, they saw Madam Meng panting heavily in bed . Her eyes were closed, and her complexion looked very bad .

Meng Yuande blamed the maidservants in the room: “How did you take care of your lady? How did she become like this again?”

The maidservants knelt and fell silent .

After looking at his wife on the bed, Meng Yuande muttered to himself: “Is Miss Bai’s medicine not useful?”

Meng Nan shook his head: “Impossible . Zhi’er’s medical skill is so good . How can medicine not work? There must be other reasons . ” He turned his head to look at those kneeling maidservants, and asked urgently, “Speak, did mother take her medicine on time?”

At this time, who would dare to lie? One of the maidservants stepped forward while kneeling, and told the story about their madam throwing the medicine bottle in anger and hurting her foot .

The other maidservants also stepped forward and told about their madam overeating meals and sweets .

Meng Yuande became furious . He pointed his finger at the maidservants and cursed: “You useless things . Something like this happens, but you don’t come to report it . You have to wait for your lady to become ill before you will tell the truth . ”

The maidservants trembled in fright and dared not look up for a long time .

Meng Nan turned to leave, but Meng Yuande hurriedly stopped him: “Where are we going now?”

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Meng Nan said: “I’m going to find Bai Zhi . She may have medicine left with her, I’ll go and get some medicine for these two days . ”

Meng Yuande nodded his head: “Alright, you go and get back soon . ”

Meng Nan hurried to Dongfang Family Mansion . When the guard saw that it was him, he immediately went in to report .

Dongfang Mu was very upset . “Why is this kid here again? Isn’t it over yet? Does he think Zhi’er is the on-call doctor of their Meng Family?”

“Master, Young Master Meng seems very anxious when I saw him . I’m afraid that his family is seriously ill . ”

Dongfang Mu sighed and waved his hand: “Go and tell this to Zhi’er . ”

The guard immediately went, and after a while, Bai Zhi appeared outside the gate with the medicine box .

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Meng Nan opened his mouth to speak, but Bai Zhi waved her hand: “No need to say more, let’s go . Saving people is important . ”

Meng Nan got on the horse, while Bai Zhi got on the carriage . The two rushed to the Meng Family .

When getting out of the carriage, Meng Nan subconsciously wanted to step forward to help her, but she pretended not to see his outstretched hand . She simply carried her medicine box in one hand and her skirt in her other hand . She stepped on the footstool and get down of the carriage .

Meng Nan withdrew his hand in embarrassment, full of loss .

When Bai Zhi arrived at Madam Meng’s courtyard, Madam Meng had fallen asleep, but her breathing was still heavy and her complexion doesn’t look normal . She reached out to her forehead and found that she was feverish .

Bai Zhi immediately asked the maidservant on the side: “Is the madam have an injury on her body?”

The maidservant was taken aback . How did she know? Did they you master mentioned it?

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“Yes, Madam hurt her foot yesterday . ”

Meng Nan frowned: “Is mother seriously injured? Didn’t you say that she accidentally kicked the leg of the table?”

Their young master didn’t mention it? Then, how did she know that their madam was injured just by looking at her? Is she really a genius doctor?

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