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Chapter 791: 791

Although the maidservant persuaded her to eat less, she didn’t listen . She stuffed the sweets one by one into her mouth . As if she wanted to make up for the sugar that she ate less these days .

The same was true for dinner . Without her son watching over her, she ignored the maidservant’s advice and ate double the usual amount she takes .

The maidservant was relieved to see that there was nothing unusual after their lady had finished eating .

Madam Meng put down her chopsticks and snorted coldly: “Look, I ate sweets and big meals again . Am I not good? What Miss Bai? She is obviously a liar, she only deceives your master and young master . So what if she’s Dongfang Mu’s daughter? She is nothing but a commoner’s child . She is not worthy of my Nan’er . If she wants to enter the door of our Meng family, she can’t get through me unless I die . ”

The maidservants didn’t dare to answer . After a while, one of the maidservants came into the room to report that Meng Nan came .

Madam Meng waved her hand: “I don’t want to see him, just say I am sleeping . ”

The maidservant went out to report . Meng Nan knew that his mother was not asleep . She simply didn’t want to see him . He didn’t force it, and asked the maidservant: “Did she take the medicine?”

The maidservant lowered her head and said with a low voice: “She has taken it . ”

Meng Nan didn’t doubt anything . When these maidservants talk to him, most of them look like this . He has long been used to it .

“How about dinner?”

The maidservant said again: “It’s about the same on an ordinary day . ”

Meng Nan nodded: “I heard that my mother hurt her foot, what’s the matter?”

The maidservant’s back had a cold sweat . Her voice became much smaller: “Madam accidentally kicked the foot of the table . ”

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Meng Nan gave a cry and did not ask any more, and then left after saying a few more words .

The maidservant was relieved and turned back to the room .

The next morning, Madam Meng woke up feeling uncomfortable, dizzy, hungry, and weak . She had no sense of taste in her mouth . So she wanted something sweet, so she asked the maidservant to get it .

The maidservant thought she was not completely awake, so she didn’t take it to her heart, and just tool food according to her instructions . Madam Meng fell asleep after breakfast . This sleep lasted until noon . The maidservants felt something was wrong . Since their lady got better, she didn’t sleep this long . Even if she occasionally went back to sleep, it wasn’t this long .

The two maidservants who were waiting outside came inside the room to ask Madam Meng to have lunch, but they saw her expression was unusual and her breathing was very rapid . Madam Meng opened her eyes and looked at them, then closed them again before asking: “What’s the matter?”

The two maidservants couldn’t hide the panic in their hearts and hurriedly asked: “Madam, are you sick again?”

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To prove that she was not ill, Madam Meng struggled to sit upon the edge of the bed and said slowly: “I’m just sleepy, I’m okay . ”

But she doesn’t look okay at all .

“Madam, let’s ask the doctor to come and see you . ”

Madam Meng waved her hand: “No, I’m not sick . What call the doctor? Don’t talk nonsense, let alone tell the master and young master . ”

She didn’t eat much at lunch, but not long after, she vomited .

This scared the maidservants . When their lady got sick before, this also happened . She vomited soon after eating .

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Madam Meng felt very bad, especially bad . She seemed couldn’t breathe well . She was dizzy and exhausted . She gets annoyed when hearing something .

The maidservants know that if they continue to drag on, their lady will get worse .

But at this moment, neither the master nor the young master returned . One was in the Ministry of Works, and the other was in the Ministry of Rites . It would take at least two hours to wait for them to come back .

“Call the doctor!” Madam Meng has finally given up .

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