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Chapter 1223: To indulge one’s enemy is asking for trouble

Chu An waited until dawn and saw no one come back to report. He finally started to feel anxious. His previous confidence had vanished at this moment. He should have thought about it a long time ago. That woman was the one Chu Yan holds dear in his heart, so how could he not set up protection around her? Especially, after what happened in Liu County’s assassination, he will naturally act more carefully.

He should have thought of it earlier!

The man in the blue robes came back sweating profusely. Chu An immediately stood up from his chair and asked him: “How is it?”

The man in the blue robes shook his head: “They are all gone, but fortunately, there are no survivors left.”

Chu An breathed a sigh of relief, and asked again: “Are you sure no one survive?”

The man in the blue robe’s shirt nodded: “I killed two of them with my own hands, and the others killed themselves long ago.”

Chu An felt relieved, and a smile appeared on his face: “It’s fine if he doesn’t live. He, Chu Yan, has no evidence, so naturally, he can’t touch me.”

The man in the blue robes said: “Your Majesty, I saw a carriage at the gate of Prince Jin’s Mansion. The carriage took a man back to the palace. I guess that person is the Emperor. The time when he left Prince Jin’s Mansion was exactly one hour before he went to court.”

Chu An raised an eyebrow with a sneer on his face: “That’s right, he even went to Liu County for the sake of Bai Zhi, let alone the Prince Jin Mansion right in front of him?”

“Send someone to watch. Once he leaves the palace again, we must not miss the opportunity again.” Only when Chu Yan was dead can he have a chance, so he must not let Chu Yan live.

At the same time, Chu Yan also gave orders to Zhou Awu and Fu Zheng, they must seize Chu An’s handle as soon as possible and strive to overthrow him once, so that he will never recover.

He didn’t want to kill his brother, but his brother kept trying to kill him.

He will not be soft-hearted anymore, letting the tiger go back to the mountain was tantamount to raising a tiger.

And no matter who sits on the emperor’s throne, this Chu An will be a disaster.

It’s good to clear the obstacles for the emperor in the future.

This year’s winter seems to have come very late. Seeing that October was about to pass, the wind blowing on her body has not cooled down yet.

Bai Zhi was teasing the children with Zhao Lan that day when the housekeeper hurried over.

“Miss Bai, there is a messenger boy outside the mansion, who says he is a servant of the Ke Family and has come to ask the young lady to come to the mansion to treat Miss Ke’s illness.”

Miss Ke? Is it Ke Xian’er? Bai Zhi panicked and was about to get up, but she didn’t think right.

Although many people know about her return to the capital now, there were very few people who know that she lived in Prince Jin’s Mansion. Except for Meng Nan who happened to meet, there was only Prince An who wanted to kill her with evil intentions.

The Ke Family couldn’t know that she was here.

“Are there more?” Bai Zhi asked.

The housekeeper shook his head: “There is no one else, only a boy who delivers the letter.”

This was even more strange, she has met members of the Ke Family. They were very polite, if they want to invite her as a doctor, how can they only ask a servant to invite her?

She Bai Zhi was not a barefoot doctor on the street, nor was she sitting in a medical hall.

Seeing that she sat back down again, Zhao Lan asked puzzledly: “Aren’t you going to see Xian’er?”

Bai Zhi smiled lightly: “If it’s Xian’er, I will naturally treat her. I’m afraid it’s not Xian’er, but someone is using Xian’er’s name to deceive me.”

There were many guards and shadow guards in this Prince Jin’s mansion, it can be said that it was impenetrable, and no one can hurt her there.

But if she leaves Prince Jin Mansion, things will be difficult. She can’t go everywhere with a large group of guards.

“You went back to him, saying that it was inconvenient for me to go out, and asked him to tell Master Ke to send Miss Ke to the palace.”

After the housekeeper left, Zhao Lan hurriedly asked, “How do you know that person lied to you? What if it’s true?”

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