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Hu Changlin nodded his head and turned to go to his room to get some money.

Bai Zhi turned her head and said to Hu Feng: “You go and let them in.” Then, she looked at the delicious foods on the table and smile: “I am really angry at them. I want them to see, how I and my niang live when we left the Bai Family.”

Hu Feng frowned, was this little girl treating him as her servant?

Although there was dissatisfaction in his heart, Hu Feng still obeyed and got up from the dining hall.

Hu Feng stood in the courtyard and swept his eyes to the Bai Family. Then, he said: “Come in and talk.” After spitting out simple words, he went back inside the house. He wanted to eat hot dumplings, he doesn’t like eating cold foods.

When he entered the house, he saw Bai Zhi pouring dark vinegar in a small bowl. Then, she put it next to the dumplings.

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “The dumplings and vinegar are a perfect match.”

“Is it?” Hu Feng sat down, took his chopsticks and picked a dumpling. Then, he dipped it into the vinegar and put them inside his mouth.

While his teeth chewing the dumpling, the tip of his tongue tasted a sour taste mixed with pork. He doesn’t know how to describe it, but it was an unimaginable taste.

Seeing Hu Feng in a daze while looking at the dumplings, Zhao Lan couldn’t help but ask: “Does it taste bad?”

Hu Feng shook his head: “No, it’s very good, it’s better than anything I have ever eaten.”

Zhao Lan had long wanted to taste it. So, seeing Hu Feng eating with a watery mouth, she couldn’t help but also want to swallow a big one. It’s just, the Bai Family will enter the house, so Zhao Lan no longer moves her chopsticks.

Bai Zhi picked a few pieces in a bowl and put them in front of Zhao Lan. Then, she smiled and said: “Niang, you can eat them quickly, I’ll deal with them. I, alone are enough for them. You only need to watch the play, you don’t need to join in.”

Zhao Lan knows that Bai Zhi now has the ability to deal with the Bai Family. If she said she can, she must have already thought about countermeasures. So, she was pleased and said: “Well, niang will listen to you.”

Zhao Lan picked up a dumpling and took a bite, she only bitten half of it, but she almost bites her tongue because of the good taste.

The Bai Family happened to enter the dining hall. When they entered, they looked at all the foods on the table, especially the half eaten food in Zhao Lan’s chopsticks, who has a white cover with green vegetables and delicious meat. The fragrance can really hook a person’s soul.

Everyone in the Bai Family swallowed a mouthful of saliva. What kind of life was this? They have big fish and meat! Even if it was the Chinese New Year, they never ate such delicacies.

Originally, they thought that, after Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi left the Bai Family, they will become miserable. After all, they don’t have a house to live and foods to eat. They will become a big joke in the village and would disappear completely in front of them.

But who knows why they didn’t become miserable like what they were expecting.

They have a house to live in, and they will soon have their own piece of land. They have foods that were a hundred times better than what the Bai Family were eating.

Old Lady Bai, who was very surprised in the beginning, gradually became angry: “Dead girl, tell me, did you stole my money?”

Bai Zhi picked up a piece of dumpling and put it inside her mouth. Then, she slowly turned her head and smile at Old Lady Bai: “Grandmother, so, you lost your money?”

Old Lady Bai raised her chin and said: “Of course, that’s why I came to you, don’t try to even deny it.”

Bai Zhi opened her mouth again and asked: “How much did you lose?”

Old Lady Bai swept her eyes over the dishes on the table. Thinking about the prices of those foods, it will at least cost 1 or 2 silver coins. Plus, the amount of the land, which will cost at least 20 silver coins.

“30, I lost 30 silver coins.” Old Lady Bai secretly calculated. Since they were going to buy a lot, they must have money to build a house.

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