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Published at 29th of July 2020 12:25:31 AM
Chapter 994
994 A Close Call Right at that moment, the lightning struck with tremendous force!

Everyone in the imperial capital thought that Grand Secretary Fang was doomed!

Even Emperor Wu looked sorry .

At that critical moment!

The Taiyi formation was completed!



The lightning struck the protective shield created from the formation’s inscriptions .


There was a blinding golden light, and the entire imperial capital rumbled!

The energy created by the impact was enough to shake heaven and earth!

It felt as if the sky was going to crack open!

Many were thrown off their feet, and fell to the floor .

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“Oh my god… Grand Secretary Fang isn’t going to survive this . ”

“What a pity… Our empire would have another supreme master if he makes it, but now…”

“Isn’t Grand Secretary Fang the acting principal of Imperial College? Who will take the position once he’s gone?”

“Zuo Ming, the head of the Zuo clan, I think . He almost got that position the other day . ”

The Zuo family .


Zuo Ming guffawed inwardly as he watched Fang Manor get struck repeatedly by lightning .

There was nothing for him to worry about anymore!

Grand Secretary Fang was dead before Zuo Ming had even made another move!

The Zuo clan had always been lucky .

When numerous people in the imperial capital were ready to mourn or celebrate —

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All of a sudden!

“Hey, look!”

Many people were still looking at Fang Manor from their roofs, and their eyes widened in disbelief!

The manor that they thought was going to collapse —

The manor that had been bent out of shape —


It bounced back with a strength that no one imagined it had!

The lightning kept exploding and sparks filled the air!


Fang Manor managed to block everything out!

And it was still standing!

That was it!

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Many people in the imperial capital watched this in amazement .

How could this be?

That wasn’t possible!

However disbelieving they were, this was happening, and it was a fact!

They were all witnesses!

“Holy crap! Fang Manor hasn’t collapsed?!”

“I saw it go down, but it righted itself!”

“Isn’t the manor made from brick? Can it bend like a spring?”

Many people were asking similar questions .

In the imperial palace .

Emperor Wu’s eyes lit up!

“Hahahaha —” He couldn’t help but laugh wholeheartedly . “Grand Secretary Fang made it! My empire has one more great master now! Send him my reward!

“Wait . I’ll deliver it myself! I’m going to congratulate the new protector of my empire!” Emperor Wu was in a great mood .

Next to him, Empress Dugu was in a foul mood .

Last time she checked, Grand Secretary Fang wasn’t on her side .

If she remembered correctly, that old man had stood up for Feng Wu on multiple occasions .

Empress Dugu clenched her fists . This wouldn’t do . She had to think of a way to win Grand Secretary Fang’s favor .

At that thought, she quickly went back to her room, wrote a letter, and had it delivered right away .

The Zuo family —

It was Zuo Ming whose mood underwent the most radical changes during this breakthrough tonight .

Right now, his face was livid and twisted . He was furious!


He smashed a table with his fists, turning the marble top into rubble .

The last thing he expected was for Grand Secretary Fang to make it out of this alive!

Fine, fine! We’ll see about that! Zuo Ming threw another table into the air!

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