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Published at 29th of July 2020 12:25:35 AM
Chapter 992
992 Alive Or Dead?! She didn’t make a single mistake!

Feng Wu finished all twenty Level 6 inscriptions in one go without any interruptions!

And she did all that in less than 15 minutes, which was an unprecedented record in the entire Junwu Empire .

Record-breaking or not, Feng Wu wasn’t in the mood to care about that . Her top priority now was to set up the Taiyi formation as quickly as possible .

Feng Wu wished her master was still here as she busied herself with putting the inscribed stones in the right positions . She was sure that her master would know how to help Grand Secretary Fang .

And he would be able to think of more than one way .

That only made Feng Wu even more determined – she had to collect all five broken star pieces!

Jun Linyuan knew the whereabouts of the second piece, which meant that she would have to go to him later .

But Feng Wu had no time to think about that right now . She was fully occupied with the Taiyi formation!

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The eighth cycle arrived right on time!

The sheer power shook the ground, and Fang Manor threatened to collapse!

Feng Wu was thrown into the air by the impact!

She turned around to find Grand Secretary Fang covered in blood!

Blood was running out of his ears, nostrils, eyes… He seemed to have been rendered unconscious .

And the ninth cycle, which was supposed to be the most powerful one, had yet to come!

The energy it contained was the sum of the first eight cycles put together!

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Feng Wu was covered in electric burns, and she swore she could smell roasting meat…

If Grand Secretary Fang couldn’t withstand the ninth cycle… Feng Wu smiled bitterly . She would be killed, too!

So would everyone in Fang Manor!

Feng Wu only grew calmer in critical moments like these . Taking a deep breath, she chose to busy herself with the things she could control .

She would do what she could, and leave the rest to fate .

70%, 80%, 90%…

Despite her injuries, Feng Wu ran back and forth in the manor, placing the spiritual stones with Level 6 inscriptions in the right spots .

Three more minutes to go .

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Dark clouds covered the sky, giving it a gloomy appearance .

Many people in the imperial capital had climbed onto their roofs and were looking in the direction of Fang Manor .

“Nah, Fang Manor won’t make it . I saw the house shaking during the eighth cycle . ”

“I saw that, too . The house almost collapsed . ”

“Fang Manor represents Grand Secretary Fang . He’ll fail when the house collapses . ”

“Are you saying that Grand Secretary Fang won’t be able to withstand the lightning tribulation?”

“He’s an old man, after all . The rumor is that his days are numbered . A breakthrough at this point would be too much for him . ”

“If Grand Secretary Fang succeeds, he’ll become as famous as Mr Lu, but if he fails… it’ll be his end… sigh . ”

Some rejoiced while others worried .

In the imperial palace .

Emperor Wu had always been close to Grand Secretary Fang, and it was agonizing for him to see Grand Secretary Fang in this state .

Standing in the watchtower with his hands behind his back, Emperor Wu looked keenly in the direction of Fang Manor .

Dark clouds had gathered above the house, and lightning flashed .

“Your Majesty, look!”

Empress Dugu, who was keeping Emperor Wu company, pointed at the sky . “I think the lightning is gathering into a ball . ”

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