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Chapter 991
991 Thrilled! Fallen Star Yard .

Anxiety overwhelmed the yard one wall away from Fang Manor .

Despite the lightning storm next door, however, Fallen Star Yard didn’t suffer any damage at all .

“What’s going on over there?” Qiuling was almost in tears . “Miss Wu is still in Fang Manor and hasn’t come back for days… What are we going to do now?”

Chaoge blurted out . “I’m going to get Xiao Wu back!”

However, as soon as she jumped onto the wall…

Countless electric currents ran through her body .

Poor girl . She cried out and fell off the wall right away .

Frightened, Qiuling ran to help Chaoge .

However —

Crack —

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Even Qiuling almost got an electric shock, and her clothes were nearly burnt .

She smelled something burning . Taking Chaoge’s hands, Qiuling saw that the latter’s palms had turned black .

That shocked Qiuling, and she was on the verge of tears . “Wait here, Miss Chaoge . I’ll go fetch some medicine . ”

However, Chaoge paid no attention to her injured hands . She only glared at the wall, the top of which crackled with streaks of lightning .

“I can’t go in there!”

Chaoge pounded her fists on the ground, which made her draw in her breath with pain .

What should she do now? Xiao Wu was still in there .

Would Xiao Wu be alright?

At the same moment, Feng Wu —

She was equally flustered .

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Staying in a house that was within range of the lightning storm, she knew better than anyone how intense it was!

The window to Grand Secretary Fang’s room was open, and she could see that the old man was on the verge of collapse .

Lightning tribulations usually occurred in nine cycles .

Six had taken place so far, but Grand Secretary Fang —

Feng Wu saw that the old man’s face was drained of all color, and he could barely sit up .

But each cycle was supposed to be more powerful than the previous one .

Therefore —

Feng Wu gritted her teeth . Grand Secretary Fang wouldn’t be able to make it .

If he could pull through, he would be like a phoenix reborn in fire . He would be one of the most powerful cultivators in the empire, instead of what he was now: a man with enough connections, but without a cultivation level high enough to convince the others .

But if he couldn’t… Feng Wu closed her eyes .

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Grand Secretary Fang’s breakthrough had to have something to do with that “Free and Easy Wandering” manual that her beautiful master had given him . Therefore, if anything happened to Grand Secretary Fang, Feng Wu knew that she would blame herself for it for the rest of her life .

She couldn’t let anything happen to Grand Secretary Fang!

But what could she do to help?

Just then, she heard the rumbling!

The seventh cycle had arrived!


Feng Wu saw the lightning strike the very room which Grand Secretary Fang was in!

Crack —

The house was in a ramshackle state, as if it could collapse at any moment .

However, something seemed to block the lightning before it reached Grand Secretary Fang, reducing its power .

It was the Taiyi formation!

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up!

The formation was working!

Feng Wu had finished part of the Taiyi formation, which covered the area Grand Secretary Fang was in at the moment . That was what was hindering the lightning!


Feng Wu saw the light!

Would she be able to help Grand Secretary Fang make it through the tribulation if she finished setting up the entire formation?

That thought excited Feng Wu!

She had finished drawing most of the Level 6 inscriptions, and there were only more than twenty to go .

Without hesitation, Feng Wu ran to her desk and started drawing .

Maybe it was because of how pressing the situation was, but Feng Wu worked faster than before as she drew smooth strokes on the stones with her pen .

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