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Chapter 986
986 With Her Beautiful Master Around 100 inscriptions before nightfall…

Feng Wu sighed inwardly .

At her current speed, she would only be able to achieve that if she stayed very focused the entire time without taking a break .

However, she was happy to do it when her beautiful master was by her side .

Taking a deep breath, she settled her mind and started working on the inscriptions .

Because of her earlier injuries, drawing was a little more difficult than usual, but she gritted her teeth and ignored the pain .

When she finally finished all 100 inscriptions, she was soaked in sweat and her clothes looked like they had just been pulled out of water .

However, Grand Secretary Fang nearly fainted again when he saw what Feng Wu had accomplished .

She hadn’t just created 100 inscriptions, but 100 Level 6 inscriptions . That was almost terrifying!

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Feng Wu grinned when she saw Grand Secretary Fang . She then handed him a notebook, in which she had transcribed the text that her master had recited to her .

“What’s this?” Grand Secretary Fang asked .

Feng Wu said, “It’s a gift from my master . ”

Grand Secretary Fang was surprised . “Your Master?”

This wasn’t the first time that Feng Wu had talked about her master, but —

“Who’s your master?”

Feng Wu tilted her head . “I don’t want to scare you with his name…”

Grand Secretary Fang rolled his eyes at Feng Wu . “It has been a while since someone scared me, and I don’t think your master can do that, unless he’s someone as incredible as Mu Jiuzhou . ”

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“Mu Jiuzhou” used to be an awe-inspiring name on this continent, but so many years had passed since then that only the most capable cultivators remembered him now . Barely any commoners still knew who he was .

Feng Wu sighed inwardly . As a matter of fact, her beautiful master was Mu Jiuzhou himself .

Grand Secretary Fang left with the notebook, looking a little disgruntled since Feng Wu wouldn’t tell him who her master was .

“Master, what shall we do next?” Feng Wu looked up at her beautiful master with reverence .

With her beautiful master around, the air felt fresher, the flowers sweeter, and the evening glow more colorful . The world had turned into a fairyland .

Studying the dark circles under Feng Wu’s eyes, her beautiful master shook his head . “Go wash your face and have something to eat . ”

“Yes, of course . ” Feng Wu went back to Fallen Star Yard in a cheerful mood .

Qiuling was surprised to see Feng Wu back .

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“Miss, I didn’t know you were coming back . ”

Feng Wu nodded happily . “I’m back . Please set the table . I’ll eat with my mum after I take a shower . ”

She went to the bathroom right after that .

Qiuling and Chaoge exchanged looks in amazement .

They had expected that Feng Wu would stay in the house next door for the next seven days without eating or resting, and that thought had worried them!

To their surprise, not only did Feng Wu come back before dark, she even asked for food .

After the shower and dinner, Feng Wu talked to her master again .

“Master, master, what shall I do now?”

Her beautiful master said in a calm voice, “Now, you sleep . ”

Feng Wu didn’t want to .

She only had seven days with her master, and she didn’t want to waste the time on sleeping .

Feng Wu pleaded with her eyes .

“Come on . Go to bed . ” Her beautiful master sat down on the edge of the bed . His wide sleeves fell to the floor, and the look in his eyes was as gentle as the moonlight outside .

Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat .

“Yes . ”

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