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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:12:46 PM
Chapter 985
985 The Wonderful Crown Prince 4 “I can’t believe this! I must be dreaming!” Grand Secretary Fang stared at the stones in astonishment .

Was he really looking at Level 6 inscriptions?

How was that even possible?!

However, Feng Wu only looked up at Grand Secretary Fang and gave him a nod . She then closed her eyes and began to draw . Soon, she handed him another stone, the ink on it still wet .

Grand Secretary Fang almost lost his balance when he saw what was on it .

He never anticipated that Feng Wu could learn to draw a Level 6 inscription in such a short period of time .

As a matter of fact —

Feng Wu wouldn’t have been able to do it before .

But now, she had her beautiful master with her .

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Her master used to be the ruler of this continent, and was practically a walking library . The guy was omniscient .

Nothing could compare with a few instructions from her beautiful master himself .

Feng Wu’s swift progress was a hard blow to Grand Secretary Fang . He left the room with a hand on his chest .

Feng Wu watched as the old man left, then turned to her master, the ethereal beauty .

Feng Wu asked, “Was that too much for Grand Secretary Fang?”

Her master asked, “Are you worried about him?”

Feng Wu said, “It’s not like that, but Grand Secretary Fang has really helped me a lot . Without him, my life would have been so much harder . I still feel a little guilty for not being able to repay his kindness . He wanted to take me in as his pupil once…”

The last words seemed to stir her beautiful master a little . “His pupil?”

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Feng Wu raised her head, showing her smooth forehead and bright eyes . “That’s right . I’m a genius, and many people want me as their pupil! But —”

Putting down her pen, Feng Wu ran over to her master and made a gesture of tugging at his wide sleeve .

Although she couldn’t actually touch him, she still liked the feeling of that interaction .

“But, I have a beautiful master already and you’re the only master I’ll have for as long as I live . No matter how impressive the others are, I won’t have any other masters! Am I right, master?”

Feng Wu looked up at her master, waiting for his compliment .

“You naughty thing . ”

Her beautiful master was an incredible beauty to begin with . With that smile on his face, no one could resist his charm!

Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat!

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Her master then chanted, “Is the blueness of heaven its real color? Or does it look like that just because it is so far off…”

Feng Wu was confused . “What?”

Her master recited a long passage that contained thousands of words . Feng Wu realized that it was something profound, but couldn’t quite understand the meaning .

“It’s called ‘Free and Easy Wandering,’ a mental cultivation method to enhance one’s internal organs . It’s a gift to him . ” Her beautiful master stood there, tucking his hands in his wide sleeves behind his back .

He was as elegant and composed as ever, but Feng Wu seemed to detect an envious look in his eyes .

Envious? Feng Wu rubbed her eyes . When she looked at her master again, he was still that serene man that she was used to . That abnormal emotion was nowhere to be found .

Her beautiful master was always as unperturbed as the calmest water . There was no way he would feel envious . Such an emotion was for someone like Jun Linyuan!

Feng Wu looked at her master with sparkling eyes . “Master, what about me? I want to learn a mental cultivation method, too . ”

Her master glanced at her .

It was only a casual glance, but it was dazzling enough to take her breath away .

Feng Wu’s beautiful master rapped her forehead with his knuckles . “You’ll get one if you finish 100 character seals before tonight . ”


Her beautiful master was the best! He already had a gift ready!

Feng Wu was delighted and nodded her head repeatedly . She happily went back to drawing inscriptions .

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