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Chapter 984
984 The Wonderful Crown Prince 3 Feng Wu was so happy .

Not because she had been accepted into Imperial College, but because she could talk to her beautiful master again .

Moreover, this time, she had regained her ability, as well as gotten first in Imperial College’s entrance exam .

Thus, Feng Wu had instructed that every beggar who came to their door be rewarded generously .

Grand Secretary Fang glanced at Feng Wu . The girl really was acting strangely today . Was she going to be alright?

However —

Grand Secretary Fang soon realized that he really didn’t need to worry .

Feng Wu started working on the formation —

The hardest part wasn’t positioning the spiritual stones, but drawing the inscriptions on them .

The more complicated a formation was, the more difficult it was to draw the inscriptions .

However, Grand Secretary Fang watched Feng Wu in amazement as she drew .

Before each stroke, she would look to the right, as if she was receiving instructions from someone .

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She only paused for a few seconds each time before she nodded and started drawing .

The extremely intricate inscription was completed in one smooth stroke!

Such an inscription would take ordinary formation masters months to finish, given how many details it contained . One mistake, and one would have to start from scratch again .

But —

It only took Feng Wu less than a minute to finish the inscription .

Moreover —

“That’s a Level 5 inscription!”

Grand Secretary Fang’s eyes popped out!

Inscriptions came in different levels, which in turn determined the level of the formations . Most existing formations were Level 1 or Level 2 . Level 3 formations were hard to come by, and Level 4 was almost unheard of!

Take the formations which Imperial College used as an example; the cultivation formation which they provided to first-year students was a Level 1 formation .

The more talented Year 1 students would live in the dormitory that had a Level 2 formation .

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However, Feng Wu had gone straight for a Level 5 formation!

This was something that Imperial College provided to their top tutors .

What was more, Grand Secretary Fang also noticed that —

The Level 5 inscription was only a base, and Feng Wu was moving on to a Level 6 inscription already!

Level 6?!

Grand Secretary Fang opened his eyes wide and held his breath, fearing that he would accidentally disturb Feng Wu .

Ten minutes later, Feng Wu was finishing up a Level 6 inscription .

However, when she was on the last stroke —


Her hand slipped and the spiritual stone shattered .

Feng Wu was utterly frustrated .

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Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu in disbelief .

What was the girl frustrated about? As far as he knew, less than a handful of people in the empire could actually create a Level 6 inscription .

And one could probably only find them in some reclusive ancient family .

No famous formation master that he knew of was able to create a Level 6 inscription yet!

She should have anticipated this failure .

Feng Wu looked to her right again with flickering eyes, as if she was listening to someone . She gave it some thought before she started drawing again .

But she failed once more .

And she started on another one .

But she failed once more .

Grand Secretary Fang sighed . The girl was too young to create a Level 6 inscription .

Shaking his head, Grand Secretary Fang went to take his afternoon nap .

He came back after he woke up, and was astonished by what he saw!

He was speechless!

For three stones with inscriptions on them lay on the table, every single one covered in a golden glow that was unique to a Level 6 inscription!

He couldn’t believe it!

The old man lunged toward the desk .

He moved so fast that one wouldn’t believe that he was an elderly man!

Grabbing one of the stones, he turned it over in his hands with wide open eyes!

He even forgot to blink!

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