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Chapter 983
983 The Wonderful Crown Prince 2 Grand Secretary Fang was a master in formations himself, and had already examined everything once .

Sure enough, Feng Wu was thrilled when she saw the room of materials .

She said, “Grandpa Fang, that’s everything . You must have spent a fortune to get them . ”

Grand Secretary Fang said grumpily, “Don’t you talk about money with me . I didn’t pay a cent, actually . All I did was dig out a few dozen spiritual stones from under my house . ”

Feng Wu chuckled .

She and Grand Secretary Fang had grown quite close over the past few months . Since the old man treated her like his own pupil, she didn’t mind reciprocating this friendship .

“To return this favor, I think I’ll prolong your life . ” Feng Wu winked at him .

Once the Taiyi formation was completed, one would be able to enjoy a longer life just by staying in it . The formation was that awesome .

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Feng Wu had finished designing the formation and was ready to move on to the actual work .

There was no time to waste, and Feng Wu went back to tell her family the news .

She would receive no visitors for the next seven days .

Qiuling cried out, “But, miss, school starts in three days . ”

It might be a problem for other people, but Feng Wu was working for the principal of the college himself . All she needed was a word from the old man .

Feng Wu waved her hand . “Don’t worry about it . Tell no one . That’s it . ”

She took Feng Tutu out of her pocket after that, then gave the infinity storage bag to the cub, so that it could dig the tunnel for her .

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Feng Wu had everything planned out . Although the two manors were only a wall apart, she still needed a tunnel between Fallen Star Yard and Fang Manor as an escape route .

As expected, Feng Tutu moved as quickly underground as on the surface . It worked quickly, stuffing all the dirt into the storage bag .

As for the mouths of the tunnel, Feng Wu had decided that one end would start under her mother’s bed and the other in the dry well in Grand Secretary Fang’s yard .

The dry well would be the core of the formation, making it the safest spot in Fang Manor .

“You want to ask for leave for four days?” Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu in disbelief . “Will that be enough?”

“Seven days is all I need,” Feng Wu said confidently .

However, Grand Secretary Fang wasn’t fully convinced .

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He wouldn’t be able to do it if he were to set up the Taiyi formation himself .

In Feng Wu’s case… Grand Secretary Fang had made some calculations . No matter how expectional the girl was, she would still need three to five years to complete the task .

But the girl had just told him that seven days was enough?

Grand Secretary Fang couldn’t believe it .

“It would usually take years, but now, seven days will be enough . ” Feng Wu grinned .

Grand Secretary Fang eyed her suspiciously .

The girl seemed different today . She looked more alive and radiant, as if little fairies were popping out of her head .

She was almost in an euphoric state .

Almost everyone out there had turned against her; anyone else would have been crushed by the pressure, but this girl was glowing . That wasn’t right .

“What aren’t you telling me? Why are you so happy?” Grand Secretary Fang asked .

Feng Wu chuckled, but didn’t reply .

Qiuling told Feng Wu earlier that quite a few beggars had gathered outside their house . They had heard that a member of the family had gotten first in Imperial College’s entrance exam, and were here for some good luck money .

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