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Chapter 982
982 The Wonderful Crown Prince 1 “Grandpa Fang, what did you say?” Feng Wu didn’t hear what he said .

Grand Secretary Fang cleared his throat . “Well, I just think that if you want, there’s a shortcut you can take . ”

“A shortcut?” Feng Wu glanced at Grand Secretary Fang in bewilderment .

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . “To be honest, although His Majesty is still in the prime of his life, His Royal Highness has become an indispensable figure . Just imagine what will happen once he takes the throne… That is to say, this empire will be under His Royal Highness’s control for a very long time . ”

Feng Wu frowned a little .

Grand Secretary Fang said, “So, in layman terms, if you can become a friend of His Royal Highness, it’ll make your life much easier . ”

The frown on Feng Wu’s face grew bigger .

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Grand Secretary Fang said, “No one would dare touch your family, and you can stop worrying about the Zuo family . You don’t have to live such a hard life . ”

Feng Wu smiled . “Grandpa Fang, are you saying that I should bat my eyelashes at him and show him a little leg?”

She shook her head . “I know that His Royal Highness finds me attractive, but all beauty shall fade . No one can guarantee that he’ll stay interested in me forever . I can only protect my family when I’m strong enough myself . Everyone and everything can change . At the end of the day, I can only count on myself . ”

Feng Wu had considered turning to Jun Linyuan for help, but it was too risky .

The guy was too capricious . He did everything on a whim . He could dote on someone one moment, and yell at them for no reason the next .

She never knew what she did each time to set him off .

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The idea of entrusting her and her family’s safety to the care of Jun Linyuan… Feng Wu shook her head . She could only trust herself to do that .

“And there’s more to it . The main reason the Zuo family set me up back then was because of my marriage contract with Jun Linyuan . I’ll only bring trouble on myself if I hang out with him,” Feng Wu explained .

Grand Secretary Fang darted a glance at Feng Wu . “You can be so silly sometimes . ”

“Huh?” Feng Wu was bewildered .

Grand Secretary Fang said grumpily, “Take advantage of his influence . ”

With how smart Feng Wu was, she saw the light right away . She began to mull over Grand Secretary Fang’s suggestion .

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Grand Secretary Fang was reassured when he saw that Feng Wu was considering the possibility .

Jun Linyuan had more influence than he could use, and she could borrow that, which would make her future much more promising .

He just hoped that the girl wouldn’t offend Jun Linyuan deliberately anymore .

Feng Wu scratched her head . “Well, I’ll think about that . Jun Linyuan might not let me, anyway . He’s stingy like that!

“Wait —” Feng Wu smacked her forehead .

After the long chat, she almost forgot what she was here for .

“Grandpa Fang, do you have everything now?” That was why she had come here today .

Fearing that her family would be in danger, she decided that she would set up the Taiyi formation as soon as possible . It would keep her family safe as well as help with their cultivation .

Grand Secretary Fang had started to gather the materials after Feng Wu entered Proud Snowfield .

Luckily, Grand Secretary Fang had pupils and old friends all over the continent, and he was very well-connected . No matter how rare the material was, someone would be able to send it to the imperial capital in a matter of days .

Grand Secretary Fang showed Feng Wu a list .

It was from Feng Wu herself, and everything on that list had been circled with red ink .

Grand Secretary Fang said, “Everything is here, and I placed them in the vault . Come, let’s have a look and see if they’ve gotten everything right . ”

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